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Monday, February 19, 2018

Britain is experiencing a “black revolt”

Negro movement “Black life is important” “occupying” the UK is planning a March in continental Europe. Despite the formal rhetoric of human rights, activists set themselves a very radical goals. But where did the “black revolt” in a country where, unlike the USA, there is no systemic racism or police abuse?

The most loud action movement, “Black life is important” (JV) were held in the UK at the end of last week. Protesters in identical black t-shirts with slogans “Britain is a racist country” blocked the entrance to Heathrow airport, blocked the city centre in Nottingham and highways in Birmingham. The shares were planned by the pattern: some protestors chained themselves with handcuffs to the tram or concrete blocks, and the rest of them were waving around placards and chanted chants. The media covered this event so widely that many have seemed as if the movement JV appeared in the United Kingdom only now.

“To hell with them! Believe me, very soon we get to the handcuffs all the Gestapo, statesmen, tyrants!”

This, of course, wrong. A month before the described events – July 10 – the crowd numbering about three thousand people blocked Oxford street in the heart of London. Black Protestants chanted “Black life matters!” and “no peace, No justice!” as well as carrying placards “the Streets belong to us!”. On the same day, a colored youth occupied the Central square in Brixton, blocking traffic until midnight, and the main slogan was “the Police are racist!”. Paradoxically, this action followed a tragedy in Dallas, where five policemen were shot by a black sniper.

And on July 19 a strange incident involving chanting “Black life matters!” took place in Hyde Park. A gathering of black youth were shooting each other with water guns, when suddenly for some unknown reason among them began a massacre – two people were hospitalized with stab wounds. Hurt and the police – one officer was hit with a bottle, the second is stabbed with a knife, and arrived on the scene, the car was pelted with stones. An eyewitness wrote on Facebook: “these 16-17 year old boys was a huge knife-type machete”. At the end of the incident there were no arrests and the local press filed the incident in the style of “youth fun”.

But what kind of people are behind the stock JV in the United Kingdom? Procession July 10, collected 18-year-old black a “model student, traveler and blogger” Capres willow. Journalists insistently asked her, how did an unknown young lady managed to gather so many people on the March. The young lady explained that “created the event on Facebook, then wrote in “Twitter” and actually thought that would come thirty people, my friends.” The founder of the British branch of JV was Mariam Ali, another 18-year-old student. She’s from London, grew up in wealthy family and drives to the police has not. But writer Adam Elliot-Cooper, responsible for PR JW in Britain, much better known to the General public: he writes his thesis at Oxford and is working on a study of “the Nameless”. In their articles, Cooper argues that all schools, universities and institutions of Britain are “essentially racist.”

It is noteworthy that this dark-skinned young man does not extend his origins. In this regard, it is worth remembering that the leaders of the black movement often contend that if the protests are trying to lead are not “real blacks” and Arabs and other peoples of North Africa, “attach themselves” to the black radicals.

Finally, the organization of the action 5 Aug actively participated Joshua Virasami, and it is a very popular person – a poet, writer, journalist, traveler, blogger, revolutionary. In 2011, he staged rallies “Occupy London” movement, copied from the “Occupy wall street”. In 2014 he acted as a promoter of sexual minorities that support the fight against climate change, and floated with them on the boat on the Seine in protest. In 2015, created the organization “Black dissidents”: she had to fight for the rights of black men, black women and members of sexual minorities – also black. One of the actions of the “Dissidents” was the blocking of trains “evrostar” in London in protest against the colonial oppression. In his account “Twitter” Virasami writes: “All power to the people!” and “fuck them! Believe me, very soon we get to the handcuffs all the Gestapo, statesmen, tyrants!”

From public figures JV actively supported the head of the National students Union of great Britain Malia Beattie. But she has problems with black radicals: they believe that the born in an Arab Algerian family Bautte just used the rhetoric of colonial oppression to get on the head of the NSS. However radical this lady will handicap themselves “Black Panthers”. Outspoken anti-Semite, she repeatedly called his home the University of Birmingham “the citadel of Zionism, spoke in support of ISIS* and demanded the destruction of the criminal state of Israel.” Today, she is as warmly commended the work of JW.

A natural question arises: what makes Britain the movement of “Black life is important”? Because it originated in the US as the response of society to the mercy of police officers who really suspiciously often make their targets African Americans. But in Britain the cops don’t kill blacks. In terms of police brutality, this is one of the most prosperous countries in the world.

This question in interview Bi-bi-si said the Arab-British human rights activist, Toyin Agbetu. In his opinion, racism in Britain is “more insidious” compared to USA, and after Brexia this “latent racism” “increases”. But in fact, the only crime for many years, which activists JV were able to show a British police officer, it’s murder in 2011, a black Mark Duggan, which led to racial unrest and riots. Duggan was a drug dealer and belonged to organized crime groups. Police officer shot and killed Duggan when he saw in his arms. The court acquitted the police officer. One of his stock JV was timed to the fifth anniversary of the death of Duggan.

In turn Joshua Virasami in an interview with the same bi-Bi-si has promised that JW will try to expand its influence in continental Europe and throughout the world. Everywhere there are black lives that need to be protected. The movement has already participated in a gay parade in Toronto held a rally in Germany, chanting the names of black people killed by police in the United States.

Purpose JV long been formulated deliberately vaguely. Something like “to stop the tyranny against blacks and to live in peace, love and harmony. The activists promised to protect the rights of just blacks, blacks, LGBT people, black disabled people and black people without papers” (read illegal migrants). But just two days before the most notorious of their actions JW published six new requirements. And they look quite radical.

The first – “the end of the war against blacks. Second – the payment of black compensation for past and continuing injury. The third is the deprivation of the investment those organizations that diskriminerad black, and increase in investments to companies that support black. The fourth is the restructuring of the economy so that black communities have been provided them with social assets in property. Fifth full control of the black community over the police, the legislature and state agencies. Sixth – “the independent political power of the black community in all spheres of society”.

Observers were confused not only the language but also the fact that JW’t stopped their promotions after the murder of police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge. Used for all political activists of the rule was to curtail the protests in that case, if they degenerated into violence. But for JV law does not apply.

Formally JV has positioned itself as a peaceful social movement. But their shares are August 5, literally pissed off the English people. Heathrow airport was forced to delay dozens of flights, while in Birmingham, protesters are not allowed to drive the ambulance with the sick patient, who needed to urgently get to a hospital. One of the videos captured by highway, well conveys the atmosphere of confrontation: who was expensively and fashionably dressed girl with model looks screams: “no peace, No justice!” – stepping on drivers who got out of the vehicles, trying to calm her. It’s coming right for them, and a middle-aged white men in shabby shirts helpless shrug, retreating step by step.

“It’s not your comfort, and justice!” this is one of the slogans JV, annoying the British in the largest extent.

Particularly inappropriate action JW looked, considering that just a few days ago in London armed with a knife Somalian killed a woman and wounded several people. The white population was sent two signals at the same time: black life is important and white life, not so much. And many fear that the regular terrorist attacks in Europe, the promotion of such movements as JV, can lead society to a full-fledged racial conflict.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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