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Monday, March 12, 2018

The state Department protested the swearing of the President of the Philippines addressed to the US Ambassador

USA expressed protest in connection with the scandalous statement of the President of the Philippines to the American Ambassador. Rodrigo Duterte called Philip Goldberg son of a bitch and gay chiding of meddling in the internal Affairs of the country. Upon closer inspection, the President Duterte, accused human rights defenders in the tough disregard of human rights, is not so anti-American.

The US finally reacted to the offensive behavior of President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte. “We’ve seen these inappropriate comments about Ambassador Goldberg,” – said on Monday, state Department spokesman Elizabeth Trudeau. She added that the state Department has already summoned the chargé d’affaires of the Philippines in the United States Patrick Chuasoto, “to clarify these statements.

“The Philippines is not in a position to afford such anti-Americanism, in addition to rhetoric”

Recall that the statements were uttered on Friday, August 5. Duterte then stated that the U.S. Ambassador in the country, Philip Goldberg – “son of a bitch” and “homosexual”, which interfere in the internal Affairs of the Philippines, reports TASS.

Rodrigo Duterte is not known for its tolerance or respect for US. So famous was the shocking pre-election speech Duterte about the gang rape and murder of missionaries from Australia. The crime occurred during a riot in a prison in Davao in 1989, while Duterte was the mayor. As reminds Daily Mail, when asked about this, he said that the woman was attractive, and so “the mayor was supposed to be the first among those who raped her. This statement caused outrage among the representatives of the United States and Australia, in response to which Duterte offered them “shut up” and in his campaign headquarters called the words a joke. When asked about a possible rupture of diplomatic relations of the Philippines with Australia and the United States, he said, “If I become President, go ahead and break them.”

Duterte became President of the Philippines at the end of June 2016 at the age of 71. As the first major decision he promised to return the death penalty, and called on people to Lynch and violence against those who are involved in drug trafficking. “If they live near you, please call us or the police, but if you have a gun – kill them… You can count on my support. If he dares to resist or try to attack you, just kill. Shoot him and I’ll give you a medal,” he said, reported The Independent.

Duterte also said that will pay for the corpse of any drug five million pesos – about 107,5 thousand dollars, and for a living promised for a thousand pesos less. “If you’re involved in the drug trade, remember: I will kill you. You son of a bitch, and I will kill you” – said the newly elected President, who does not scruple to swear words.

Duterte went into power with the support of the left parties, the voices gave him 39% of the electorate. In spite of the rigidity of his statements, people were inspired by his promises to end crime in six months. The list of those killed during the years of his tenure as mayor of Davao varies – reported of death from 500 to 700 people, and many were killed of the so-called “death squads”, composed of volunteers, without trial. It’s Duterte was criticized by human rights organizations.

Interestingly, the US authorities consistently turn a blind eye to harsh measures of the new President, and the current statement Elizabeth Trudeau as such deserves special attention. The state Department spokesman said that the United States is concerned about possible arrest of former officials on suspicion of involvement in drug trafficking, which requires Duterte. He said that more than 150 different officials, including the mayors of several cities and police officers involved in illegal schemes and have a day to surrender. Requirement fulfilled about 50 people. “Forget the laws of human rights. I go to the presidential Palace, I’m going to do what he did as mayor,” said Duterte, reports Euronews.

Political commentator Dmitry Kosyrev, who spent several years in the Philippines, emphasizes that local nationalism has several guises. And one of those masks – mad love for America. For example, in the country there is still a party that stands for the country’s transformation into the new American state.

“Filipinos do hate myself for the humiliation of love for America. So from time to time, local nationalists picking on someone from the time tucked under the arm of the Americans. A direction of nationalism has its epic representatives and typical of an action – type bit to phosphinate the American Ambassador,” Kosyrev said the newspaper VIEW.

The expert explained that the current President Duterte very clearly feels the mood of their voters and decided to play along with him. Thus, Goldberg became the target of attack tarnobrzegu from Duterte.

“The problem is that in the Philippines, it happens all the time since gaining independence, in fact since 1945, after the liberation by the same Americans. I’ll be very surprised if Trump (in the case of the election of the President of the United States) will be able to make the Philippines not a Pro-American country, the country where the Piper calls the tune datarescue the same majority that elected him. All this is fun to watch, all of this is repeated from year to year. And how will it end? It is possible that nothing”, – the expert believes.

The Kosyrev also noted that territorial disputes in the South China sea, the US has always acted on the side of the Philippines. He recalled that all members of the family of Akimov, who for many years ruled the country, was a typical American puppets.

“But Duterte is absolutely not Aquino. Duterte never showed that he was really going to do about the territorial dispute. On the one hand, all the Filipino nationalists say: it is our home water, we want to catch fish there. On the other hand, Duterte understands that his country has received nothing from the fact that the American fire filed a lawsuit, which came complete farce… Nothing but propaganda action, which is beneficial to America, but it is not beneficial to the Philippines, did not happen. Duterte – not a professional. This man knows nothing about foreign policy. Here we can expect another frantic statements to the delight of the audience”, – predicts Dmitry Kosyrev.

Leading expert of ASEAN Center at MGIMO Catherine Koltunova agree that Duterte is a very flamboyant person, for his very offensive words to the American Ambassador can stand only rhetoric and nothing more. “Previously, it allowed a lot of different statements. It is non-standard worker,” said Koldunov the newspaper VIEW.

She also believes that the Philippines simply can’t afford to take the anti-American actions. “Philippine dependence on the United States at all levels. Perhaps Duterte gaining political points. But the electorate he is now not needed, he was recently elected. Hard to imagine that in practical terms, his words will find some implementation. Structurally, the Philippines is not very permissible. They are not in a position to afford such anti-Americanism, but rhetoric. But what Duterte said, – it is an amazing fact for the Philippines” – the expert believes.

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