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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Relatives of those killed in Libya, the Americans decided to sue Hillary Clinton

The parents of the two Americans who were killed in an attack by militants on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya, has filed a lawsuit against the candidate in US presidents from democratic party Hillary Clinton. They believe that former Secretary of state is directly responsible for the death of American citizens, among whom were the Ambassador of the United States.

photo: facebook.com

In its lawsuit, the parents of Sean Smith and Tyrone woods, accused Clinton of misconduct, which resulted in the death of their children, and in lies and causing moral harm, informs television channel Fox News.

The plaintiffs insist that Clinton, occupying the position of head of the state Department, used for official correspondence personal mail server (later she was able to avoid liability for this violation because all charges against her personally directed the Minister of justice and the U.S. attorney General Loretta Lynch).

According to the parents of the dead Americans, this is the mistake Clinton has led to the fact that the terrorists were able to set the location of Ambassador Christopher Stevens. By the way, after the attack on the Embassy, the media reported that Hillary Clinton personally took responsibility for the deaths of the Embassy staff.

The appearance of this suit right now can hardly be called an accident. Most likely, in this case, “the wind blows” from the camp of another candidate in presidents of the USA — Donald trump. Just recently, the Republican found himself in the epicenter of the scandal: in July at the democratic Convention in Philadelphia was made by the American of Pakistani origin khizr Khan, whose son had earlier been killed in Iraq. During his speech he lashed out at trump (the one in the past year, we recall, has proposed to ban the entry of Muslims into the United States).

In response, the tramp inadvertently stated that the standing during the Congress near Khan wife did not utter the words, thus hinting at the position of Muslim women in the family. These trump’s words caused an uproar, not only from Democrats, but prominent Republicans. Among them was Senator John McCain, famous for its cave Russophobia.

Note that the fewer days remain before election day, the more exacerbated the passions in the presidential race. Warring parties often do not stop to strike each other blows “below the belt”.

For example, recently the New York Post published an “exclusive” photos of Nude wives trump Melanie made 20 years ago and then published in the French men’s magazine.

The answer of the supporters of the Republicans not kept itself waiting: in the media and social networks appeared information that the exchanged seventh ten Clinton allegedly seriously ill and not be able to fully perform the duties of the President. Based on these hints were taken, the Reuters six months ago, where Clinton walks up the stairs with the help of two assistants (according to some, before that, she stumbled on the stairs).

Read over a few more signs in social networks have begun to wonder about the state of health of Clinton

But if trump took stuffing dirt on his wife quite calmly, Recalling that the Melanya at the time was really quite a successful model and, by the way, is not becoming to recall what at the time was engaged in spouse Clinton and miss Lewinsky in the oval office, politoloska media and Hillary supporters worldwide, including in Russia, have apprehended the suspect in the infirmity of his idol, almost as a personal insult, vehemently accusing opponents of the proliferation of fakes”.

Election of the President of the United States. Chronicle of events

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