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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Nikita Mndoyants: “you want the piano Hello

The victory of the famous Russian pianist Nikita Mndoyants at the prestigious competition in Cleveland (Ohio) — and this is no less than $75 000 plus concert-a gift in the Chamber hall of Carnegie hall — randomly coincided with the fifth anniversary of the death of his teacher Nikolai Petrov (with which MK was very friendly). I think Nikolai Arnoldovich applaud Nikita for a brilliant performance in the final Fourth “lark” Beethoven’s Concerto for piano and orchestra. We, of course, immediately decided to congratulate Nikita, though confused in the time zones; however, it is not up to sleep.

photo: youtube.com

— Nikita, the first question is about the teacher — Nicolae Petrov (although in parallel with Petrov teacher was your father, the Professor of the Conservatory. This is a rare example of when an artist was a person with a capital letter as for the piano, and outside…

“I remember my first acquaintance with Petrov in his apartment; you instantly feel what the master came, but at the same time experience incredible comfort in communion with him. What integrity! I would not even share his performing and the hypostasis, that is, the existence in the world.” At the session, we visited him at the cottage, felt next to a man of the broadest views, and it concerned not only occupations. It forced me to think — what steps to make in life?

— You were cruel?

— Cruel, Yes. Often chided me in a sort of stubbornness. But in the end he was right! And his departure is a great loss for everyone, it support was. To him for advice running. It’s only two words could explain what to do in a particular essay. Every concert was a celebration for me, to take his brilliant duet with Gindin: they did not take the broken pieces and always something new digging…

— But immediately the question about hackneyed. For example, Tchaikovsky’s First piano Concerto. He probably sounds every minute on this planet. So how to avoid duplication?

— There is a professional secret, how to play classic hits. To avoid common clichés, you take notes as if for the first time in the history of them myself just discovered. Reset the history. And what is written in the music, and play in its purest form. Don’t think. Just the notes. And often it produces the effect of a new treatment. You follow the author, for his dynamic guidance, a rate that is in the original. And this is the only way to achieve freshness. And then semilunate disappears.

— Nikita, now you have finished the Central music school, the Conservatory, he won the Van Cliburn in Fort worth, now in Cleveland… What’s going on after all these achievements: music you begins to obey or, on the contrary, you obey her?

— I’ll start with the fact that each contest is another opportunity to act in good halls. Actually, what we go by these reviews… I see that I want and recognition, and wins, that’s wonderful, but the main goal is to have access to the concert venue. To finally do what has to do by sharing my ability to teach music. And as my relationship with music… on the one hand, you control the process, trying to subdue the musical material. But the music will certainly have you to capture. You have to obey its laws. And if the subject correctly, and occurs much desired effect of the Trinity: the composer — performer — listener.

— That is, the soloist does not have to put yourself in the process?

— Yes in any case. The result will be false.

— You win with the Fourth Concerto of Beethoven. You have this music already laid out on the molecule. You heard it from other hands, just to enjoy it?

— Of course! Therefore I have chosen that this is one of my favorite concerts, which I gladly willing to listen to repeatedly, not just to play. This sincere love of the audience only helps at the concert…

— What gave you all in Cleveland (held once in two years)?

Victory in Cleveland is certainly a step forward, new opportunities need to properly use. I confess that without competition it is very difficult to have a regular concert schedule. To get a decent management needed a major victory. You have to notice. Because cool pianists today very much.

Without the competition of sacrifice anywhere?

— I would not say that this sacrifice (although a lot of stress — definitely), the contest is an incentive, when you during preparation, set themselves a benchmark. Reach or not is another question. Very rarely, when talented pianist can receive regular concert life without competition…

— In life you have a second passion, manifested in childhood, is composing. And did you have a wonderful Alexander Tchaikovsky. As you are still adjacent to the piano?

Because I really passion… even when I entered the Conservatory, spent more time on it compositions; and now every year I get either a chamber or orchestral piece… I can’t stop writing, despite the workload in performance. Ideas come and demand implementation. Not only that, many artists (my friends or senior colleagues) are asked to write for them, and the recognition inside the shop — a powerful incentive. Here recently received first prize at the Sochi Bashmet competition…

The life of composer thorny. If you weren’t a pianist, how would you do?

— Yes, it would be a sensitive issue… If we talk about style, it is now moving to the area in which the work of Courland, Nevsky… as a listener I find it interesting, but as a professional I do not belong to this style, write more traditionally. That is to the road would be closed. Had to rely on friendships with artists, how else? In fact, my teacher, Alexander, Tchaikovsky through life seeking like-minded people not among fellow composers, and among the soloists is the most optimal way.

— So, now you will concert in Carnegie hall?

— Yes, it will be through the summer. A very significant thing here and the attention and press… Solo. I after the contest, the Cliburn had the opportunity to travel to different American cities, including small and what struck me — they all have huge rooms (I don’t even know who they are they are filled). But they strongly draw attention to classical music. And all built without government intervention on private donations. Very generous to the classics.

— Last point: on competitions is given 10 minutes to choose a piano. As soon as you understand it is your or your?

— Suitable for all, two minutes on one play, on the other… and suddenly one of them will greet you. “Hello.” And that’s all. You take him, and with him practicing. It’s yours. Professional feels the contact instantly. I try to choose the Hamburg (not American!) Steinways…

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