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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Medvedev was jealous of the cows: “I would on this farm remained”

In the Sunny Krasnodar region, Dmitry Medvedev waited with great impatience. The first item on the working visit of the Prime Minister was to visit a farm for SP Ilchenko V., the largest in Dinskoy district. Located in an area of 742 hectares of the company continues to gain momentum and dreams of expansion.

photo: premier.gov.ru

The pride of his herd of cows in the 416, of which 206 dairy. Cows are simply created resort conditions of existence. The head of household is Yuri and his team personally harvested forages – from organic herbs own farm. Moreover, Yuri himself is trying out the taste: “If they are sour, the cow won’t eat”.

Here apply a strictly scientific approach to the content of the herd. Handbook of head of a farm, his children and all milkmaids – “the Mystery of the milk. From it, farmers have learned many useful things. How to moisturize feed, when to bring animals to graze freely how to arrange them drip watering in hot weather, how to clean stalls and compost manure. In General, Dmitry Medvedev was so impressed with the conditions in which cows live, even said: “Maybe we could stay here?”

Cows pay farmers handsomely – give 6.5 thousand litres of milk from the nose every year. And organic – no artificial additives and growth hormones in agriculture will not change. “Natural taste,” said the Medvedev they tasted farm products

The yield is constantly growing. Cost to improve the technology of fodder – ladybugs immediately began to give 2-3 litres of milk a day more. And yet the yield increases music. But unlike Europe, here the cows do not give birth to the classics, and Russian pop music. I especially love local Chicks Stas Mikhailov – you hear pet ladies from the Russian hinterland, immediately produce milk with megaliths. “They have Mikhailova from the gum increases, – proudly says Yuri. cows after all, as women. Of course, the yield we are not as European, but there is something to strive for”.

Of course, the problems of the farmer are many. For example, in Russia there is an absolutely stupid rule that cow dung is attributed to waste 4 classes of danger. And to be treated with this poisonous substance it is necessary to issue a special license. Moreover, it takes a lot of time, and cost a fortune. Farmer Ilchenko gave such 500 thousand rubles. “Anyway, I then bring the manure to their own fields! Well, who said that fertilizer is a toxic substance? Such measures do not contribute to the development of agriculture in the country. Vel if no license, the fines are huge,” he says. The farmer complained to the Deputy Prime Minister and “manure problem”, and a high-interest credit for agriculture and Medvedev took all of these complaints “the pencil”.

But support measures on the part of the state farmer almost happy. For example, the purchase of cattle, his farm has received 40 rubles in subsidies for each kilo of live meat (when meat cost 140 rubles per kg, now 240, and the subsidy remained almost unchanged). Even Ilchenko received from the state’s almost 5-million grant for the development of livestock farms. We have purchased modern equipment, improved profitability poizvodstva.And teaches annually subsidies of 2 rubles per liter of milk produced.

Ilchenko sure that agriculture must develop – without it the village would die: “We have created 60 jobs, and people go to work with joy. But, unfortunately, such farms are still little”. In turn, Medvedev together with administration of Krasnodar territory went to discuss agricultural issues, the GA meeting.

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