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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

China has defeated Russia in the race of industrial espionage

A lot of noise in social networks has done a publication that appeared in the American edition The National Interest, which the author argues that China has managed to achieve its military might solely because of industrial espionage — “a long-standing habit of stealing military technology from Russia and the United States.”

photo: pixabay.com

The author cites five weapons that the Chinese have stolen from Russia and the United States.

First on the list is the Soviet MiG-21, documentation on which the Soviet Union itself gave the developers from China, in the hope of improving, shaken at the time, relations with the neighbor. China on the basis of these drawings have constructed a sample J-7.

The second is the example of multi-purpose fighter su-27, the technology of creation of which Russia again, she gave China back in the 90-ies, when its MIC was in dire need of finances and potential buyers of Russian weapons. However, Chinese manufacturers have violated the agreement, created on the basis of the Russian model own J-11, placing him on its electronic stuffing.

Another three examples named in the article — it’s all samples of American weapons, including fighter 5 th generation F-35, which Chinese engineers have turned to J-31.

According to the author, China became so successful in the theft of military technology, in the field of armaments has already overtaken Russia and literally comes on the heels of the United States. Soon, concludes the author of the publication, China would have to protect itself against the encroachments of military intelligence services of other countries.

“MK” asked for comment about this article, Russian expert in the field of armaments, the Director of the Center for analysis of strategies and technologies, member of the Public Council under the Ministry of defense, the Executive Director of the Union of Russian gunsmiths Ruslan Pooh:

– I think that this apocalyptic picture painted by the Americans immediately will get a different, brighter tone, if you admit that stealing always the leaders. The losers do not steal. So what stealing is — it’s just a recognition that we are the leaders in the field of defense industry.

Besides, if to be completely honest, at the time, while the US had some decent technology, they themselves have borrowed a lot from Europe. And Russia — first Imperial, then Soviet — throughout its history in the field of military technology was also borrowed from other countries.

Then, China not only stole from Russia and the United States, he always collected with the world on a string. For example, the French air defense system “Krotal” and the Dutch “Goalkeeper. It is impossible to imagine this is so that the Chinese, say, took an exclusive only we and the Americans — no, where could, there and take.

Next: the Chinese, unlike us, quite willing to transfer its own technology, perhaps because they are not yet the best in this area. In particular, the Chinese have repeatedly offered us their unlicensed copy of the French thermal imaging camera “Katrina”, which we install on your T-90 tanks.

We have licensed the SKD Assembly of this French system is carried out in Vologda, but after the introduction of EU sanctions against us, she had problems. Own development in this area to mind are not yet completed. And here’s the Chinese we have repeatedly said we have stolen from the French “Katrina”, it works perfectly (and they can’t be accused of outright theft is exactly bezlitsenzionnoj copy, they somehow successfully bypassed the French patents, and now this system is Chinese).

However, we are still, despite the European sanctions, all trying to play by European rules. Although he could bypass them and buy a similar system, is not worse than French — Chinese copy of their original, besides more and more cheap. Why not? Everyone has the right to defend its national interests.

In addition, we should not forget that the Chinese are not simply steal the armaments, they are still either cloned, or do some kind of hybrid system: something stolen, and something came up with her own.

In this sense the aircraft of the 5th generation, which the American experts refer, as supposedly stolen from them, is thus a hybrid. The Chinese could not have any kind of a party, to steal all that information on it. They stole only part of it. So their J-31 is a hybrid, where something is taken from us, something from the Israelis, Americans and all involved on “gloomy Chinese genius.”

In any case, it is certainly progress, and all these hand-wringing over whether someone who steals, not baseless. Well, go pack someone, if you can, and then clone! It is not so easy. We and the Americans at the time, too many things could steal, and did so, but unfortunately, to reproduce some of the analogue never could.

For example, in 70-e years, our industry and science were at such a low technological level, and so far behind that, relatively speaking, a stolen sample we could only to disassemble-collect, but to reproduce a copy of it did not work.

So industrial espionage is not a panacea. When one of the experts tells you: right now our intelligence we will deliver the task and it is all for us to steal — don’t believe them. It’s in the 50-60-ies it was possible to steal a Kalashnikov rifle, to collect, analyze and then produce. Now technology has stepped so far that just have a hard time to disassemble-collect, now it’s all too hard.

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