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Sunday, August 20, 2017

At the exhibition of his project show gold Myanmar

Travel photographer Sergey Kovalchuk has traveled South East Asia far and wide, did a lot of vivid and unexpected imagery, introducing Muscovites from such exotic countries like Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Brunei… in the South-Eastern Alliance of ten, the same age Kovalchuk traveled with camera in hand. In the end, each dedicated to a separate block at the exhibition of his project, where Moscow first saw the work, reflecting contemporary realities of the South-Eastern region, its tourist places and corners, which are difficult to reach not only the foreigner, but to the indigenous inhabitants.

Photo — Sergey Kovalchuk

To large format (2X3 meter) photos are flocking like just walking in the Park, and those who are tired to stand in the queue at the Aivazovsky exhibition in the Tretyakov gallery. Ten countries — ten triangular structures with images where in all its glory brought gold Myanmar funny straw hats of Vietnam, pointed, cutting through the skies temples of Thailand... Brunei find out on the endless neftekachalok, Cambodia — home, the roof of which is “populated” with trees, as Indonesia — the costumes of the locals who dress up in silk, inlaid with gold. And in Laos people dress is easier, but walking around with umbrellas because of the frequent rain. In Malaysia, on the contrary, almost all year round the sun is blazing, but the country still manages to wallow in the green, as the Philippines — in the trash.

Of the total number of Singapore stands out with its innovations. Singapore Kovalchuk disproves the stereotype about the impossibility of the concentration of two worlds at one point — East and West, melt these giant cultural layers in one pot. A photographer showed how the country has gone from a fishing village to a major international port. From the pictures looks at us the Singapore of 20 years ago: it’s “banana-lemon port with huts and dark-skinned peasants, who sells rugs in the market. Quickly it turns into a progressive state with skyscrapers and a subway that runs without a driver…

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

A few days ago, Kovalchuk opened the show, and today is already exploring the beauty of Indonesia. Barely through him, on the island of Nias:

— Sergei, well you have not kept? Is it possible to fly almost every week?

Nothing to do with it — pull in Southeast Asia and all. It’s peaceful here, no one bothers. Here you accidentally get through, as I am now high in the mountains — getting. And yesterday was off the island of Nias, 150 km from Sumatra, the sixth largest island in the world. After the tsunami in 2004, one side of Nias fell into the water, and the other rose from her. So now see the cliff that for many years was seen only by divers. Until recently the island was seldom visited, but today has become a popular destination for surfers from around the world. They also took off: the dynamics of the guys are cool, charges.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

Surfers a photograph. And you are famous for exotic frames. He has already managed to take pictures of the local tribes or the jungle?

— Here, on the island of Nias, has witnessed the custom, when boys are to become men, jump over a stone sculpture. At this time women and children jumped and danced around them. A posed, someone shy, but nobody rushed with insults.

Often you get into photography?

— In Indonesia — ever: the people here are friendly. But in some parts of Africa, Laos and Myanmar photographers often beat. The local population believes that photography is dying part of their soul, so you have to make shots quickly. Incidentally, the best pictures are when people do not see the camera. Will try to discreetly photograph the people, centuries living in homes with thatched roofs. Someone from their village because of usability and urbanization goes on a metal roof, so another 20 years — and straw sheds will remain. Want to catch a historic moment.

Photo — Sergey Kovalchuk

— You ten years not tired of the South-East Asia? They are not going to change for future projects?

— I travel a lot through all continents (except Antarctica), but the local traditions, nature, people fascinated me for many years. The more deeply immersed in their study, the more understanding that you know nothing about them. There’s a whole layer of history, which I want to tell to the Russian people

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