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Friday, March 23, 2018

50 prominent Republicans against trump: “He’s putting America at great risk”

Monday, August 8, in the United States issued a statement 50 high-ranking Republican politicians. Many of them are former senior executives in the Cabinet of President George W. Bush. They all signed a letter in which the Republican candidate Donald trump declared “a person who does not have the character, values and experience to the office of President.” A man who “endanger national security and prosperity of our country.”

photo: flickr.com

If elected, Donald trump, say the authors of the letter, “is the most irresponsible President in American history”. The letter also notes that trump would weaken the United States and its moral authority. He write “the signatories”, do not know the Constitution and do not believe in it. In zaiavleniia said: “trump demonstrates constantly that he a little that understands in the most important national interests of the country, in the complex diplomatic challenges, it is absolutely necessary unions and democratic values” on which to base American foreign policy.

The authors of the letter complain that “Mr. trump has not shown any interest to educate themselves… None of us will vote for Donald trump”. However, the letter says that many Americans “have doubts about Hillary Clinton, like some of us.”

The foreign policy elites of both parties quite often bikeroutes behind closed doors or on the pages of “Foreign Affairs” magazine, but very seldom they act in the political arena with public and aggressive statements. Some former foreign-policy figures in the average level has already issued a letter in March during the primaries. However, the current message is signed by many high-ranking former officials, who until now remained silent on the public, even criticizing the policy of the trump for lunch, and a small Republican conclaves.

On the same day, trump launched a counterattack against the authors of the letter. The signatories to the letter, he says in his statement: “are the Americans people should demand answers as to why our world is such a mess. And we owe them because they acted openly. Now we know who deserves the accusations in the transformation of our world in such a dangerous place.”

The candidate said that the authors of “nothing but a failed elite in Washington are seeking to stay in power”.

Donald trump accurately identified many of the signatories of this statement, as architects of the invasion of Iraq and its consequences. But he accused them and the fact that they allowed Americans to die in Benghazi” and responsible for the rise of ISIS (not a terrorist group). In the example of the attack on the American mission in Libya in 2012 and the deployment of the “Islamic state” during the presidency of Barack Obama.

However, at this time, many Republican critics of the foreign policy trump were not on the official positions and worked in private consulting and law firm. In addition, many of them were advisors to trump competitors in the Republican primaries.

Among those who signed the “letter of fifty” we see former CIA Director Michael Hayden and John Negroponte, who was the Director of national intelligence; Robert Zoellick, former President of the world Bank. The letter was also signed by two former Secretary of homeland security Tom ridge and Michael Chertoff. The statement appears the signature of the national security Advisor to Vice-President dick Cheney, Eric Edelman, who was also the assistant Secretary of defense Robert Gates.

Letter 50 highlights the ongoing rift in the Republican party, in particular, within the foreign policy establishment. Many of the signatories refused in March to join the letter antitrombinom figures average. But many of them said in a recent interview that they changed their minds after learning about how Mr. trump “invited” Russia to jakartovice against Hillary Clinton. (Now trump said that it was only a sarcastic remark.) They are also concerned about trump’s statement that he will not provide assistance to NATO members, if they do not pay their contributions to the Alliance.

During his election campaign, Donald trump has repeatedly stated that he would change the Republican foreign policy and its Orthodox approach to issues such as relations with Russia.

A deep split in the Republican party raises the question of who to contact trump for “institutional memory” if he is elected President of the United States. Officials, which he criticizes, really made a lot of mistakes, which they now acknowledge or downplay. But on the other hand, this establishment is a “repository” of the Republican party, its experience in economic, diplomatic and military strategy. This experience is ambiguous. In addition it is marked and profound failures. As for the present trump’s advisers on foreign policy, they have much less experience.

It is easy to notice that among the signers of the “letter of the 50” none of the five former Republican secretaries of state — Kissinger, Schultz, Baker, Powell and Condoleezza rice.

Trump met with Kissinger and Baker a few months ago and said the newspaper “new York times” that the meeting gave him “great knowledge”. But none of these two former secretaries of state who represent different approaches to foreign policy, has not yet said that he would support trump.

Today it is still unknown whether former secretaries of state-Republicans to publish your own statement. But the statement 50 we see a lot of close aides of Mrs. rice at the job in the White house and the state Department.

“We agreed to focus on the failure of trump to be President, not on his foreign policy positions,” says John Bellinger, who was legal adviser to rice at the national security Council and state Department and made the statement 50. He said that among the signers, “some will vote for Mrs. Clinton, and some even refuse to vote. However, all agree that trump has no qualifications for the presidency and will be very dangerous on this post”.

Camp Hillary Clinton was apparently prepared for publication “letters 50”. He supported him, but did not participate in its drafting.

However, many places from the statement 50 is very similar to the reasoning of Hillary Clinton against trump. It concerns his temperament is not suited to the person, encroaching on the presidency. One such problem is that Trump can’t be trusted to control nuclear weapons. “Trump is unable or unwilling to separate the truth from the lies, — the letter says. — It does not encourage different views. He lacks self-control. He acts impulsively. He can’t stand personal criticism. He has excited our allies with his strange behavior. All this is a very dangerous quality in the person that seeks to become President and Commander in chief of the United States, in whose hands is the us nuclear Arsenal.

Donald trump responded to the statement 50 that his views on foreign policy, “not one of those who are the ruling family dynasties. This vision of America in the first place which is fighting against foreign dictators, rather than supplying them with money. Fighting for peace against war, is restructuring its armed forces, and demands that other countries pay their share for their own defense.”

It’s hard to say what impact the statement 50 representatives of the Republican foreign policy establishment will have on the election fight between trump and Clinton. However, this statement is certainly quite effective weapon in the hands of as Republican rivals trump, and in the hands of the Democrats.

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