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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Yuri Loza:”Imagine Zyuganov and Mironov with rings in the nose”

Art, as we know, always in the paddock. With the exception of those periods when politicians can use it to their advantage. In the last quarter century of arts policy prefer advanced music. So, 25 years ago, in August, on the barricades of the White House rock musicians supported the President of Russia in the struggle against the putsch, and he won. And the August study and domestication of music has engaged participants in the race for seats in the state Duma of the seventh convocation. However, have adopted is not a rock, and rap. For example, the debate Zyuganov and Mironov in the style of “rap debate can watch everyone Internet users. Live video “rupavati” still shy, so party, make animated videos, but Lehigh trouble — the beginning. Practices regarding the use of music in political debates and other tactical interests “MK” talked to the idol of several generations, the composer and singer Yuri Loza.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

– Debate in the style of rapbattle to be a good experience, will rock it show our “political quagmire”?

It’s just ridiculous. Of course, there is a movement towards trends, idols and youth. But still a politician is a politician. I don’t think that if policy wear pants with a low fly, will make your fingers like a fan, and would pretend to be African Americans, that they will gain more respect. I think it will be more like a clown. I don’t know the expression “old — small”, maybe old men like to fall in childhood and young we have a policy of no more. But it seems to me that a politician is still the authoritative is the person who says clever things from the perspective of the elder, not the kid down the street. REP is the little boys ‘ street culture… If our politicians should move in the direction of culture, it is probably not in the direction of the REP, and closer to high poetry to the people to pull to the culture, and not to descend to street level.

– During your youth on the crest of the policy was rock music, then almost forbidden. Maybe it is the rock today may come to the aid of politicians?

– Ever Russian rock was not involved in politics, because politics, ideally, is a science, which involves the creation of positive change. If it breaks something old, something politicians must understand that the new appear on this place. And our rock was involved in picking your themselves at best, and at worst — only destruction, without trying to create something in return.

Of course, rock and today can be used by policies, but only for destruction, as shown by the Maidan. Come, to destroy, to break, to say that we are waiting for change. And then what? At least one constructive suggestion from the rockers did?

– I have no right to argue with you on this subject, I will notice only that your songs had a lot of creative

– So my rockers and do not call at your “Invasion”. I don’t know what kind of invasion? Is the invasion of locusts, or the Mongols to Russia. In my understanding the word “invasion” negative. And to that name, especially now, when it is difficult — this is again trying to destroy. But the time to ruin is over in Russia for a long time to create something to go.

– Back to the political pragmatics: whether craze (of course, fake) rap to help party leaders to gain a younger audience? At least the frames themselves is forced to vote for a particular party?

In the USA such attempts, as I understand it, was. But why do we again try to imitate Americans and mock them? Why are we going over their experience and culture, and ceased to create something yourself? On our television from the time of the murder listeva not appeared in almost any authoring program. We buy used formats, such as “Island”, “Vote” or “one to One”. Nothing trying to come up with yourself, and only copy the American way of life.

Guys: politicians, musicians, and others, do not forget that we — Russia. Do we rap once existed? We had limericks, chants, epics… Why none of the politicians not invited to compete in writing limericks? Let every politician will write one ditty will create one epic. It will be Russia. And pretend to be black Americans — why? Well, let’s go on, we begin to portray the savage, dressed in feathers, insert rings in noses and ears, paint my body with tattoos and present the resulting work to the public. Imagine Sunnova and Mironov in tattoos and with rings in their noses. It’s cool, really! Why take only part of the culture of another hemisphere, let them show themselves completely!

I’m not talking about the fact that Russian language does not fit well into the rhythm of reading rap. To get into it — Russian language must ultimately be reduced, to simplify, to speak only half the words, give distorted stumps and more interjections. “Tin”, “finally”, and so on. And all this – instead of having to speak the language of Pushkin.

It seems to me that politicians should not turn very educated people in a normal and cultural, and not Vice versa: cultural in cattle.

You, as a musician, would agree to support before the elections some political power? Of course, not in the genre of rap, and his poems and songs…

– I’ve never worked with politicians that they could not reckon me to my movements, and I continued to be able to say what they think. Any entry into the party or electoral campaign, under the banner of any immediately causes a person to live according to the laws of party discipline, and I don’t want to. No money is worth it to you then thought and spoke not as they see fit, but as you dictate from above. The artist should appreciate their independence and ability to say what he wants, what he believes in.

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