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Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Japanese Emperor wants to leave: he will be succeeded by crown Prince Naruhito

Japanese Emperor Akihito, in his address to the nation was delicately hinted that he’s thinking of retiring from the throne. Directly said about this was not, however, 82-year-old monarch has expressed his concern about the possibility of fulfillment in the future the role of the symbol of the nation and the state.

photo: AP

Rumors that the Emperor can leave the throne, appeared in the media in mid-July. And now, spoke the monarch. The current ten-minute video message from Emperor Akihito to the Japanese – the second during his stay on the Chrysanthemum throne. The previous was made in connection with the March 2011 disaster, when Japan was struck by disaster in the form of earthquakes, tsunami and the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Not surprisingly, the speech of the monarch appeared attracted the attention of not only residents of the Country of the rising sun, but also in other countries.

Directly Express their will to leave the throne, the Emperor could hardly – the law does not allow him to do political statements. But the head of the government Shinzo Abe said that the Cabinet is discussing what can be done in new conditions, given the age of the monarch and the heavy burden of his duties.

Inherited the throne after the death of his father Hirohito in 1989, Emperor Akihito has health problems – he was operated on coronary artery bypass surgery have been treated for prostate cancer.

“Being on the post of the Emperor, I shall refrain from any comments about the existing Imperial system, at the same time, I would like to tell you about what I think, as a person, said Akihito. – Since my accession to the throne, I realize the work of the Emperor in state matters and at the same time, I spent time looking and thinking about the role of the Emperor, which under the Constitution of Japan is the symbol of the state. As someone who inherited a long tradition, I have always felt a deep sense of responsibility to protect this tradition. At the same time, in a constantly changing country and world, I kept thinking about how the Japanese Imperial family can put their traditions in the modern era and to be an active and integral part of society, responding to the expectations of the people.”

In fact, the abdication of the monarch from the throne is not unusual – witness, for example, the Spanish king Juan Carlos renounced the throne in 2014 in favor of his son, Prince Felipe. Dutch Queen Beatrix, who lost in the 2013 year, the place of the head of state to his son, the current king Willem-Alexander. Yes there are “normal” royalty – Pope Benedict XVI and he left the Holy see!

But in Japan the last time a monarch abdicated the throne for a very long time – 199 years ago, when the Emperor Kokaku gave his position and the Royal regalia son of the Emperor, Ninco, and he withdrew from politics, having been engaged in the research of Palace ceremonial… Since then has flowed a lot of water, while Japan received the 1947 Constitution, the Emperor is defined as the symbol of state and unity of the Japanese nation, but it is almost deprived of the right to intervene in state administration.

Existing laws do not regulate the withdrawal of the monarch from the throne. But we know that Emperor Akihito inherits his son, 56-year-old crown Prince of Naruhito. But, Naruhito has only a daughter, and Hrizantemovym to inherit the throne can be only men. So next in line to the throne is his younger brother Prince Akishino.

– Akihito passes the throne following the Emperor, who according to the law and his position is the first and only candidate for the post, says “MK” , leading researcher of the research center Japan Institute for Far Eastern studies Viktor PAVLYATENKO. – That is, he not only leaves the throne, but gives it to the reliable hands of his son. Just for the first time in a long period of the history of the country we are talking about the transfer of power still with us today the Emperor another Emperor. No shocks is not responsible. Only – since this is the first time, the authorities don’t know how it will affect the society. So first stuffing was made in the press, was subsequently made the present application. I think that by the autumn it is possible to be clear how the society reacts to it – and the fact that come to pass.

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