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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Politicians: Prime Minister Kudrin does not add sympathies to President Putin

On Monday, Alexei Kudrin, told the electronic media that began to write a new program for the development of the country, which will present to President Vladimir Putin in the spring. Moreover, according to the best of the former Minister of Finance, Putin himself is involved in writing the document: “the Mechanism of formation of the program involves meeting with the President, where we will gradually clarify objectives — by the end of the training largely should reflect the position of the head of state,” Kudrin said. On the question of whether he plans to become Prime Minister, Kudrin said: “All decisions are decisions of the President.” And how to order on the same day, “Levada-Center” has published the data of the latest sociological research: with sympathy to the head of state are 29% of Russians, while in March of 2015, their number was 37%. The researchers explain this by the fact that the euphoria of the reunification of the Crimea is completed and now people want to increase the economic well-being. This is what Kudrin promises. Will there be any sympathy for Putin, if he will adopt Kudrinskaya program, and whether the return of Alexei Kudrin in the government? This “MK” asked the scientists.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

Kudrin believes that by the end of 2017, all outstanding reserves will be spent and, to make ends meet, will have to raise taxes and the retirement age. But, says the economist, this will not do, if the time to implement structural reforms. And it is dedicated to the upcoming program, which is to maneuver public resources”. Kudrin proposes to increase investment in people, increasing spending on education, health and infrastructure for 1-3% of GDP. These investments, he said, pays off in 3-4 years: the economy will start to grow annually by 4%. At the same time, the economist is suggesting to cut military spending and to optimize the law enforcement system, strengthening the role of the courts.

Is there any chance that Putin would accept Kudrin, and he himself would appoint the head of government?

Alexei MUKHIN, Director of the Center for political information:

Every soldier dreams of becoming a General, and Alexei Leonidovich Kudrin is no exception. Of course, it is extremely excite and stir up rumors that he is one of figurants of shorts-sheet for the post of Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.

The fact that Putin delegated Kudrin to create one of the possible variants of development of the Russian economy in the short term, still did not mean that Alexey Leonidovich will become Prime Minister. For the simple reason that the expert working with the management can not be mixed. The fact that German Gref have developed programmes not led him into the Premiership. If Kudrin claims to be the Medvedev — it is necessary to prepare your document in no time. And he first outlined — at least a year, now changed testimony is reduced to the spring. This is illogical: if the speaker is really in a position to become Prime Minister — he should be ready for it right now, not sometime later in the spring.

So talk about the premiere of Kudrin, I think we are more of a pre-election character. Opponents of “United Russia” want to weaken the electoral Chapter of the party and government with rumors of his replacement and stuffing of the names of the various candidates for the post, base their campaign on the motto “Medvedev should go.”

— That is, Kudrin just use it?

— Alexey Leonidovich, of course, the best Finance Minister of all times and peoples, but not the best politician. The fact that he is offended by rumors of his imminent appointment high, allows itself to use in other people’s campaigns and to substitute, for him not very good.

Stanislav BELKOVSKY, Director of the national strategy Institute:

— I don’t know why Alexey Kudrin is going to write a new program if over the past 15 years he has written already a lot of them. Most likely, we are talking about the remake and compilation of old programs. They are well known and is, as a rule, to the necessity to save budgetary funds and stick to budget rules.

I do not believe that Kudrin will become Prime Minister, despite his personal affinity to Vladimir Putin and that the President, of course, trusts him as a financier. Kudrin does not meet standard parameters of Putin’s Prime Minister, among which full political independence, a dependence on Putin.

Moreover, if Putin wanted to put Kudrin as Prime Minister, he has had plenty of opportunities, would be prescribed and instead Kasyanov, and instead of Zubkov. Once he did, it had reason.

— Adoption Kudrinskaya concept of economic development and the appointment of his Prime Minister would increase sympathy for Putin?

Stanislav BELKOVSKY: “85% of citizens from the appearance of Kudrin in the Premiership sympathy for Putin will not increase just because the interest Kudrin does not exist. On the sympathies of the remaining 15% who do not like Putin, Kudrin’s appearance also will not affect.

Alexei MUKHIN: “Kudrin is not the only one who develops the program of development of the Russian economy. As far as I know, their concept is prepared, the presidential aide Andrei Belousov and presidential adviser Sergei Glazyev. These processes watching Elvira Nabiullina. I understand that Putin is no final vision, how will be equipped the Russian economy in the postcrisis period, that is why he put this task in front of such diverse experts. And the result will be the combination of these concepts. In this logic, to designate the post of Prime Minister is possible and go ahead and Glazyev. They are worse than Kudrin in the end?

Of course, Putin is interested in the fact that the economic program was effective. And if this happens, and the life of the population will begin to visibly improve — and it will respond with sympathy to the head of state”.

Watch the video on “Alexei Kudrin about the release of Khodorkovsky and the reasons for the decision of Putin”

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