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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

One, Hillary Clinton adopted the “heart” gesture

On the first issue of this title to answer is simply impossible. Perhaps it began with the moment when people decided that the heart is the main organ of the body. He began to address him, vowing love, honesty, decency… the Second question is less complicated, but more awesome. First Hillary Clinton put his hand on his heart at the National Democratic Convention in Philadelphia. (Only four times.) It happened when she said she thanks her audience for the trust. (The weak point of Hillary. According to polls, don’t trust her 67% of voters.)

photo: AP

One bill MacGowan, head of Clarity media group and trainer for “human communication”, reveals great truths that, putting his hand on his heart, we send a subconscious message of our sincerity. (Oh, what a vision!)

Here is what this Archimedes of human gestures: “the Voters have wised up. They began to understand that the speech of candidates is carefully crafted and verified texts. And they want candidates with the highest degree of authenticity. And now the candidates are looking for something that makes them sincere. From the heart, not from the verified documents.

The Americans put his hand on his heart when they play the national anthem. In addition, their rich body language applying the hand to the heart is not observed. That’s why they have a “legitimate” question — someone ripped off the gesture, Hillary? Some believe that example was for her canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. During last year’s election campaign he so often put his hand on his heart that this was his “trademark”. Columnist for the canadian newspaper the national post’s Tristan Hopper observes that “Trudeau is not, however, just puts his hand on the heart, but also moisturizes the eyes with tears”, This is how aerobatics, on which candidates the White house is not capable. Trudeau these things much easier. Because he is a Frenchman by birth!

“If you’re a cynic, you can say that Hillary Clinton is trying to convince the audience the idea that she’s a warm, fuzzy available. But I’m not cynical. For me it’s a great shorthand of emotion, gratitude and humility. It is in times like this reminds me of a baseball player, who, carrying the ball, lifts a finger to the sky as if to say, “Oh, God,” rants Ann Greenberg, a specialist in conducting public opinion polls. Compare anywhere, because baseball players only observe the tradition. God is neither in them nor in their thoughts and never happened.

The same Ms. Greenberg believes that the attachment of the arm to the heart much more efficiently obtained from women politicians. “Men are rewarded for their feelings. But women are judged a little differently. They are the demonstration of emotions without tears,” she says.

Among the versions of “hand on heart” there is. It has infected American politicians to Hollywood movie star Angelina Jolie. At the Sarajevo film festival 2011, she was awarded the humanitarian award. And here she is, excited this several times put his hand to his heart. By the way, in Hollywood, “hand on heart” if not on the screen, also not in favor. For example, at the Oscar ceremonies the winners of the fear for the integrity of their chest.

Another version is associated with a position of Secretary, which he fulfilled Clinton for four years. When visiting Asian countries especially the Middle East, she allegedly imitating their owners, too, put right hand on heart. For example, during the visit of Hillary to Saudi Arabia in 2010. However, the “inquiry” has shown that gesture Clinton had followed after king Abdullah asked her about the health bill’s wife, to which she replied, pointing at his chest.

There is such a version: the hand is applied to the heart like a dumb version of phrases that unexpectedly become “ubiquitous”. And do not mean “thank you” and “I’m good(th)”.

Sociologists “hand and heart” is also interested. Professor Michael Parzuchowski conducted an “empirical study” of this “phenomenon” and came to a stunning conclusion: it turns out that this gesture makes the speaker more truthful and more persuasive! Eureka!

In his work “From the heart: hand on heart — the personification of honesty,” Professor Parzuchowski argues that the above mentioned gesture leads to “increased perception of fairness and decrease cheating. (Doctrine 4). Allows man insolently to lie. (Doctrine 3).

And here is another “doctrine”. On the website of Fred Nicholas, a specialist in gesture, “hand on heart” is the sixth number in the list 13 of “the most revelatory gestures.” This gesture, said Fred “as it reports on the human desire to be accepted and recognized. Although this gesture should convey sincerity, it absolutely does not mean honesty. It means “I want you to believe me regardless of whether I’m telling the truth.”

The teachings of Fred, especially number 6 in the list 13, most accurately reflects the attitude of Hillary Clinton to the position of the hand on the heart.

And what about gesture in America may not be surprised. Recently was published the six rules of hand washing! I tried to follow them and of course confused. Hands remained unwashed, like American politicians, prikladyvaya to their hearts.

Melor STURUA in Minneapolis

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