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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

MFC takes away the powers of the traffic police

Dramatically increases the value of the Multipurpose centers (MFC) (called services one stop shop. Soon they, among other things, will perform the functions formerly performed by the traffic police and passport offices. They will get a driver’s license, passport and a foreign passport. Thus the practice of issuing such documents in Russia will be close to the world.

Disposal of the new features of the MFC was signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. As indicated in the text, all innovations come into force on 1 February 2017.

MFTS, even though they appeared relatively recently, today much more than the offices of the traffic police”

From this date throughout the country through the DCP will be issued by civil and foreign passports. Including a decade with biometric data, which are now required in the countries of the Schengen agreement, as well as a second passport (with December 2015 you can have two of this document).

And most importantly, through the MFC will change a driver’s license in case of loss or expiration, and issuance of international driving permits.

As reported by the newspaper VIEW, the press service of the Ministry of economic development (office, where she prepared the Ordinance), the introduction of new services originally intended to the earlier period. The Cabinet meeting, which discussed the necessity of putting the new features of MFC, it was back in January. And extension functions of the centres was planned for April 15. However, on 5 April, Vladimir Putin signed a decree about liquidation of the Federal migration service. Therefore, granting new powers to the MFC has been postponed to 1 November.

And finally came the decision of the government. A curious and very important detail: the MFC has the right to take the examinations for operators of vehicles. However, this right centers will be used in exceptional cases. Indeed, in the case of loss or expiration of the rights, to get a new similar documents exams don’t give up. To get an international rights if there is a national law exams, too. Here if you get international law right, exams are required. Probably, they and will pass the IFC.

However, LOOK phoned a few driving schools Moscow. All of them told us that know nothing about what they will soon have to cooperate with the traffic police and the MFC.

It is not clear whether there were any plans in the future to continue the reforms. Indeed, in most countries (e.g. USA) and the results of the primary rights is not a prerogative of the traffic police. Engaged in this service under local bodies. That is, the approximate counterparts of the IFC. But how to pass to the centers, have the function of traffic police, as the issuance of rights, officials have not yet spoken.

Anyway, the innovation will significantly increase the speed of receiving documents. This is especially true of a driver’s license.

First, the IFC, even though they arose relatively recently (in 2010) to date, much more than the offices of the traffic police, at least in major cities. Second, the service there is being regardless of the place of registration of the applicant. That is, the person can obtain the rights not only at the place of their residence. In addition, the removal of traffic police functions for the issuance of driver’s licenses, may increase the efficiency of the service. It is no secret that police officers complain about the excessive bureaucracy of their service, the need to do numerous paper work, not directly related to law enforcement.

State Duma Deputy Vyacheslav Lysakov said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW that the practice of obtaining a driver’s license is all changing. “Now the requirements for prospective drivers, to their knowledge, become tougher, and in fact bureaucratic rules for obtaining the driving license easier. I think this is the right trend,” he said.

Indeed, in February was cancelled a medical certificate is needed to re-obtain a driver’s license. And from September 1, entered into force the new regulations of traffic police, which complicates the process exams. All this is done in the fight for road safety. According to TASS, the number of road fatalities for the year 2015 in Russia has decreased by almost 15%, but still remains quite high – about 23 thousand 114 people, more than anywhere else in Europe.

It should also be noted that the DCP will be transferred right to the issuance of certificates of presence or absence of administrative penalties for the use of drugs or psychotropic substances without a doctor’s prescription. Receipt of such certificates are also time-consuming for those who needed them – the same drivers.

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