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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Is preparing a major tour of Putin around the Caspian sea

Conflicting reports arrive about the possibility of Vladimir Putin’s trip to Iran

25 Jul 2013, 17:25

Text: Madina Shavlohova


In mid-August, the Russian President is expected to tour throughout the Caspian sea. It is not excluded that Putin will visit the Iranian port of Anzali, where he will meet with the new head of the Islamic Republic of Hassan Rouhani. The upcoming meeting is called iconic. Meanwhile, as it became known newspaper OPINION, a full-scale visit to Iran with visits to Tehran is still in question.

On 12 August the President of Russia Vladimir Putin intends to visit the Iranian port of Anzali, where he can meet with the new head of the Islamic Republic of Hassan Rouhani.

Information about the upcoming visit on the eve confirmed the Iranian side. As the head of Iran-Russia parliamentary friendship Committee Mehdi Sanaei, the Russian leader will arrive in the country on the Caspian sea. “During the visit, Putin will discuss international, regional and bilateral issues,” he said, adding that the two countries should boost coordination on Iran’s nuclear problem.

According to Sanai, will be also discussed changing the agenda of negotiations between Iran and countries of “six” intermediaries, Trend reports.

In Moscow on the visit say evasively. “I can not yet confirm this. Many visits are being prepared, but as soon as they are agreed, these will be reported on”, – said earlier to RIA “Novosti” press-Secretary of Russian leader Dmitry Peskov.

According to the General Director of the Center for the study of modern Iran Rajab Safarov, it was planned that it will be a tour of the Russian President for the Caspian countries, not an official visit to Iran. “In the framework of this visit he intends to meet with heads of state in the ports. The same proposal was received and the newly elected Iranian President is to meet at the port of Anzali”, – he said.

According to Safarov, currently not all legal questions are settled, because the Iranian side insists on Putin’s visit to Tehran and meeting with the spiritual leader Ayatollah Khamenei. “For this he can send the presidential plane. On the Iranian mentality is such a fleeting visit of the high guest, without a visit of the spiritual leader is on the verge of insults. While the Protocol of the Kremlin from this step refuses, because it disrupts the schedule of other events,” he added.

Recall that in August at the same time, Putin expected in Baku, where he is scheduled to meet with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev. Then, according to the newspaper VIEW, will be signed some agreements between the two state oil companies Rosneft and SOCAR.

In Baku simultaneously with Putin arrives and the head of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. If you hold a trilateral summit could be an important step in the preparation of the fourth Caspian summit, to be held before the end of the year in Russia (it will also be attended by the heads of Turkmenistan and Iran).

There is no doubt that the preparation for the Caspian summit will discuss the negotiations of Putin in Iran. Safarov believes that the visit of the Russian President to Iran can be regarded as Putin’s desire to build relations with the country’s new President, Hassan Rouhani. “Putin understands that Iran is an important player in the region, and he intends to clear the way for dialogue from political garbage, which appeared between countries. The fact that Putin’s initiative to visit Iran comes from the Kremlin, just designed to induce positive Iranian leadership,” he said the newspaper VIEW.

The primary subject of possible negotiations, according to experts, will resolve issues related to deliveries to Iran the Russian systems s-300 and Iran’s lawsuit against Russia for the sum more than 4 billion dollars. The second issue will become a nuclear power. “Both Russia and Iran want a serious breakthrough in this matter. The Bushehr nuclear power plant is an important example of fruitful cooperation between the two countries, but this project has a heavy fashion loop because it was implemented for 14 years. Russia has expressed its desire to prove to Iran that it is prepared to build new facilities not 14 years old, and for three or four years. Cooperation in the nuclear sphere is not less profitable than in military-technical terms. And the third issue is the question of regional security. The parties have something to discuss. It and Syria, and Egypt,” he concluded.

It is noteworthy that this will be the first meeting of Russian President with newly elected Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, which will take place a week after the scheduled on August 3 inauguration. They have met before, in 2007, but then Rouhani was the President: he held the post of Secretary of the Supreme national security Council and led negotiations on the nuclear program.

For Putin, this will be the second visit to Iran as President of the country. In 2007, he participated in the second Caspian summit. Then he met with the spiritual leader of Iran Ayatollah Khamenei and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. It is noteworthy that until Vladimir Putin, none of the Soviet and Russian leader was not in Iran since the Tehran conference of 1943. In 2007, the intensified Russian-Iranian relations, which, however, has deteriorated sharply again after the cancellation of the contract to supply Iran with s-300.

It should be noted, the majority of Russian experts believe that Iran’s new President ready for change and lays hopes on Russia. “The election of the new President Rouhani, the representative of the Iranian clergy, a man of liberal reformist views, new way to affect the lives of Iranians and foreign policy. In his speeches he repeatedly indicated that he is ready to change both in domestic and foreign policy. Now the key problem of Iran, not only Iran, but also around the world is the nuclear program, which have stalled thanks to the efforts of Ahmadinejad and his negotiators. You can say that with the arrival of Hassan Rouhani begins a new stage of development of the Islamic Republic. It is indicative of the fact that the new President has high hopes for Russia, because Moscow’s role in the negotiation process on the nuclear issue is extremely high,” – said the newspaper VIEW, Professor, member of the Institute of Oriental studies Vladimir Sazhin.

The most correct solution of the question, as the expert believes, is the proposal of the foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov, who believes that it is necessary to gradually solve the problems. “Against Iran put forward by the weight of sanctions, and only a gradual mutual concessions will help to move the problem. This will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the economy of the country and not only,” said Sazhin.

He believes that Iran and Russia have common interests in the region, and to find a common language the two leaders can. However, any serious documents between the parties will not be signed. “We should not forget that Iran’s spiritual leader Khamenei for talks in all areas. With him Vladimir Putin is likely, too will meet. No documents will be signed, since Rouhani time to form his Cabinet. The Cabinet will be formed within two months. But this is a very important visit for the beginning of new relations between Russia and Iran, seeking a new course in political and other bilateral relations,” – said the expert.

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