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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Iran and Russia are doomed to convergence

Iran and Russia are doomed on the present strategic cooperation

October 15, 2014, 08:51

Text: Peter Akopov


As ever, the probability that starting in Vienna, the consultations may finally lead to the closing theme of the “Iranian atomic bomb” will cease to be one of the main items on the global agenda, shaped by the West. Instead, the actual will be another question – where will the Iran after the lifting of sanctions? For Russia the answer to this question is very important.

On Wednesday in Vienna to begin tripartite consultations of the foreign Ministers of Iran, the US and the EU – they will be assigned the date of the negotiations of the international “six” on the Iranian nuclear issue. Negotiations, which can be the last and finally close this very topic.

On the eve of the Vienna consultations, the Iranian President Rouhani said that the sides are close to reaching an agreement. Disagreement remained only on specific details – and that means that the agreement guaranteeing the peaceful nature of Tehran’s nuclear program, could actually be ready before 24 November, as planned. If this happens, and “six” (including Russia) will sign an agreement with Iran, then after a month will be significant geopolitical transformation is one of the key countries of the world will come out of the blockade.

In contrast to the anti-Russian sanctions introduced against Iran at the international level they are UN-approved. The formal reason is Iran’s nuclear program, but it is a formal occasion. Iran has long and repeatedly said that will never produce nuclear weapons, and nuclear studies are needed only for the development of nuclear energy. But the West pretended he did not believe him, demanding not just guarantees, but almost complete transfer of all nuclear programs under international control.

The main reason for the attack on Iran was not even the fear that a nuclear-armed Iran will be a threat for a long time already have such weapons of Israel (it’s more of an Israeli Scarecrow), and the fact that the Islamic Republic is one of the few countries in the world with real sovereignty. The independence of Iran is manifested in everything – in the unique form of government in which the Supreme power is in the hands of the clergy, and in a fully independent foreign policy.

So Iran emerged after the Islamic revolution of 1979 and immediately became a bone in the throat of the West – and after the collapse of the Soviet Union rightfully took the place of the main obstacles on the way of globalization of the world. Iran does not have global interests, but he as a major regional power has big regional ambitions. And given that the middle East is a region of vital US interests, the very existence of an independent and strong Iran considers America the “great Satan” and, in principle, rejection of Western model, Washington’s unbearable. The overthrow of the Iranian regime was the cherished dream of the US – but even they could not handle a military solution to this “problem”. But much of what the USA did in the region of the greater Middle East – in particular, the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq – was aimed at including preparations for an attack on Iran.

It never happened – but US attempts to block Iran was much more successful. In 1980 they introduced their own sanctions, and in the zero years hyped the buzz around the “Iranian nuclear program” and has achieved the imposition of sanctions on the international level. In addition, there are separate and sanctions at the EU level. In his time, Russia missed the UN resolution on sanctions, in the interests of building relations with the West. Simply put, going toward US – which, of course, was contrary to our national interests.

As if in mockery, we then received from the Americans a kind of “Iranian hi – NATO began to explain the deployment of a new missile defense system in Eastern Europe, is uniquely anti-Russian, the need to defend against Iranian missiles! But you have taken our game to the Iranian nuclear threat – now will agree with the fact that it exists, and we defend from it. Russia before all of the gap with the West openly said that this mocking explanation – but on the Iranian “problem” we continued to pretend that it exists.

And here with Iran, the United States is now ready to make peace. Barack Obama this year, even talked on the phone with President Rouhani and the negotiations of the “six”, previously used by the West only as a means of pressure on Iran, really close to an agreement. What happened?

Actually Obama is trying to build bridges with Tehran for several years. The basic version of the new behavior of America after the failure of its policy of reformatting the greater Middle East, the United States decided to change the region together with Iran, not in spite of it. Iran is directly involved in three major conflict in the region – the Arab-Israeli, Syrian and Iraqi. In the first case, Iran supports the Lebanese Hezbollah, the second is the most important ally of Damascus, and the third helps came to power after the overthrow of Hussein Shiites. In addition, the Shiite Iran as the main center has a major impact in Bahrain and Yemen. And now, after the Islamic Caliphate officially recognized as the main threat to the United States, contain it in Syria and Iraq is physically impossible without Iran’s participation.

Earlier, the US strategy was based on deterring Iran, trying to undermine sanctions and the internal contradictions of the power of the ayatollahs. But, convinced of the futility of these attempts, Washington is inclined to seek mutually beneficial ways of collaboration. As a consequence, worsen US relations with Israel (in every way tried to push US to attack Iran) and Saudi Arabia’s main regional adversary and rival of Iran in the Islamic world. Jerusalem and Riyadh felt that the former main ally preparing to change the partner.

But even if Washington earnestly hoped not only to reconciliation with Tehran, but also in joint mutually beneficial projects,” it is unclear – why on earth would Iran have to believe in the reliability of such a “partner”? And it’s not that 35 years of hostility does not go unnoticed – the main thing that the Iranian theocratic power, that is based on the absolute superiority of ideas over matter. And from an ideological point of view as the US was and remains the “great Satan”, which is simply impossible it was nothing to negotiate.

Iran, of course, is reluctant to he lifted the sanctions (and also returned tens of billions of dollars frozen in Western banks), but not at the price of a change order, refusal of independence and friendship with those who hold fundamentally contrary to its values globalization.

So or in Washington do not understand the Iranian rulers (hoping that sooner or later there will come to local authorities Gorbachev), believe that Iran harassed, and now he’s in the form of gratitude for the lifting of sanctions will sit down to play in the Atlantic game, or simply realized the futility of butting and want to “close the Chapter”.

Iran is not carried away by the behavior of the United States – furthermore, they openly say that they are not going to pull their chestnuts out of the fire. The more that the fire had been divorced in order to burn just the Persian house. Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei recently said bluntly that “the Western superpower purposefully created “al-Qaeda” and “Islamic state” with the use of these terrorist groups against the Islamic Republic. But in the end it was a problem to them.” That is, Iran in any case will not become an ally of the West. But can he become a dependable ally of Russia?

Our peoples and countries are very ancient and diverse relationships – was war, was and mutual assistance (for example, the first Romanov, Mikhail Fedorovich, received during the Russo-Polish war, so Russia needs a loan is from the Persian Shah). Now we border just across the Caspian sea – but the inevitable return of Russia to Central Asia and the Caucasus (via the Eurasian Union) again makes us all neighbors. And neighbours, as interested in each other and work together in the geopolitical arena.

After the fall of the Soviet Union Iran was partly picked up our banner. He is our example, and its foreign policy, defended the right of every nation to its own path, showed that the ancient Persian civilization capable not only preserve their identity but also develop in terms of pressure and boycott of the West. Iran fought for a multipolar world, when it has not yet become a common slogan. In the zero years, Russia and China began in a loud voice to talk about multipolarity – and Iran has been moving closer to Moscow and Beijing. But support for Western sanctions, Russia and China undermined the credibility of the Iran – although we continued to trade, to build nuclear power plants, to sell weapons (albeit with limitations), it is clear that the complete confidence of the speech could not be.

But in the last year itself the geopolitical situation pushes Iran and Russia to each other – as well as Russia and China. Now both Russia and Iran have been under Western sanctions – the West still tries to play the Iranian card against Russia, vbrasyvaya information that the Iranian gas can replace Russian for Europe. It is clear that this will not happen – the Iranian President Rouhani almost plain text said this, but the game is to prevent the rapprochement between Russia and Iran, of course, will continue.

Rouhani’s recent meeting with Putin in Astrakhan was important, but insufficient to establish a strategic partnership. Iran has long wanted to join the SCO – and recently finally this solution was eventually adopted. In the last year has been the visit of Putin to Iran – he was supposed to meet with the newly elected Rouhani on the Iranian coast of the Caspian sea. Then this trip did not take place – including because the Iranians really wanted to see Putin in Tehran that he met with Supreme leader Khamenei. The two leaders spoke only once – in 2007 when it was the only Putin’s visit to Iran – and now they definitely have something to talk about. And to discuss with Khamenei will need to not just bilateral relations and geopolitics, and the main, essential issues.

Khamenei heads the Iran since 1989, when he succeeded the leader of the Iranian revolution of Imam Khomeini. The man who shortly before his death, urged Gorbachev to seriously approach the study of Islam – “to destroying the building of Marxist illusions, you were not in the thrall of the West and the Great devil”, “your difficulties are the lack of true faith in God, and this leads and will lead the West into the quagmire of vulgarity, in the end.

It is clear that Gorbachev did not understand what he writes Khomeini, and in fact, he rightly predicted that “if you wish at this stage to unravel the tangle only of the economic problems of socialism and communism, referring to the centers of capitalism in the West, not only heal their society from diseases, but will also come to the fact that others will be forced to correct your mistakes, because if Marxism is now stalled in their economic and social aspirations, and the Western world mired in the same problems in another form, and other areas.” The Imam in his letter explained to the Secretary General that Iran “as the most powerful stronghold of the Islamic world can easily fill the vacuum created in the ideological system of the society” – then it is perceived as an attempt to convert to Islam atheist.

But since Russia already paid for the charm of the “Great devil”, and the worship of mammon – and the beginning of a return to the basics of their own civilization, their own faith and your own path. What causes terrible resistance of the West – which will only increase as our movement for justice in world Affairs, and within the country. “Land of the Aryans” tried to block and isolate exactly the same – which means we are doomed to convergence.

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