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Saturday, February 17, 2018

I’m tired, I’m the Emperor of Japan addressed the nation

Japanese Emperor Akihito has addressed the nation, which although not stated directly about the renunciation, but indirectly said about the desire to retire in the coming years.

photo: AP

Recall that the last time in Tokyo was rumored that 82-year-old Emperor intends to break the age-old tradition and refuse their office, replaced by his 56-year-old son, Naruhito.

The problem was that the abdication of the Emperor is not provided by the laws of Japan. Moreover, the right to speak about such a decision, the Emperor can not, as in this case, it can be regarded as interference in the political life of the state, and after the Second world war the emperors of the country have no real power, as “a symbol of state and unity of the people.”

In this regard, in his address, Akihito was forced to choose streamlined language.

So, he stated that, although “so far, fortunately, is in good health, but fears that soon will not be able to perform the duties of symbol of the state “with all my being,” as it did previously. He recalled that in previous historical periods the health problems of the monarch has always had an impact on the country, and he doesn’t want a repeat of that situation.

At the end of the speech, he said that considering the establishment of the Regency, although the Emperor still needs to remain in his post until the end of life.

It is expected that now for Akihito will be adopted special law, which in the coming years will develop a special government Commission.

The Japanese Imperial house considers its ancestor the sun goddess Amaterasu (after 1945 the rulers of the country, however, lost the official status of “God-man”) and is considered the most ancient at the present moment in human history: the dynasty has its existence supposedly from the year 660 BC, although the historical sources referred to as another date — the fifth century ad.

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