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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Film festival “Window to Europe” is filled with Amateurs

On passing in Vyborg XXIV festival of Russian cinema “Window to Europe” was attended by dozens of Amateurs. Russian cinema, apparently, to remove anyone. If I had money and ambition.

Dmitry Pevtsov son Elisha. Photo courtesy of the press service of the festival “Window to Europe”

Each contest watching there are fewer illusions. The question is: who are all these people making a movie? Some host young and not so young maidens, poor knowledge of the profession. “The second happiness, or a Movie for 40 hours” Katya Paradise, the apotheosis of amateurism. The film throws in dashing 90-e it would seem, irretrievably bygone times cooperative movie. To present the film came out, the crowd of non-professional actors with flags. They specially arrived from St. Petersburg by train. The Director appeared in a dress with the image of the Cathedral, and at a press conference — with studs on chest. After the premiere, the people rapidly walked in the restaurant until 6 am with the nunchucks was injured. Came strolz, and easier riders, from St. Petersburg, having heard about the Banquet. Kate Paradise — television Director, makes a show is a reasonable school bitchiness, teaching women to properly communicate with men and going to make a serious project with Natalia Andreichenko. And while gathered from non — professionals businessman, who came to the site with the words: “I Have 15 minutes to negotiate. Take it off!”, banker, dreaming of a role of the plumber. Along the way rich people made money on the movie. Filmed deputies, Advisor to the President, singer, President of the world Academy of kindness, the world Boxing champion Nina Abrosova, professional artist Boris Smolkin, who has a rich filmography. Kate Paradise was his student, so the question is, to participate in the project or not, for it was not. He urged everyone: “Before you write something, look how beautiful a clean sheet of paper”. As he himself has managed to get into this project? “If every time I thought about it, it would long ago have gone mad,” — said “MK” Boris Smolkin.

And the festival began with the opening of the exhibition Museum workshop Lyudmila Gurchenko. Husband of the late actress, who became a symbol of the current festival, Sergei Senin addressed the audience: “Come in, touch, feel!”. “The window to Europe” is different from other festivals with involvement in all the activities of the audience. The exhibition Gurchenko they came noisy crowd, was trying on a feather boa and a headdress of feathers, touching the costumes of the actress. Even frightened collection. And then began the procession of citizens and filmmakers on the streets of Vyborg. On motion, the procession acquires new companions. This feature of the “Window to Europe” makes a strong impression on neophytes.

The Chairman of the jury of game competition, the film Director Sergei Ursulyak. Photo courtesy of the press service of the festival “Window to Europe”

Did the show with the movie “were we,” Anna Chernakova who entered the competition “feature film. Autumn premiere. I put it on the story “the Crystal key, or Scarafaggio” Anna Chernakova and Alexander Adabashyan — writer and artist of the painting, as well as the contractor’s small role. Parents of six of the heroine’s nose fell out. Mom left home in an unknown direction and the girl waiting for her return, comes up in the course of history that lead already in the XVI century. The actors agreed to work, cost them only to hear the word “fairy tale”. Then the conversation was not about the money, but solely about creativity. The fabulousness was not created due to computer technologies, and directly at the site, as in the good old days. Actor Vladimir Ilyin has taught the art of gilding, for which invited of the Gilder. Operator Vladimir Klimov remember the movie “Ilya Muromets Alexander Ptushko, when Hollywood and our movie stood parity at the level of the combined surveys, and decided to retire from the computer world.

Art solution, according to Alexander Adabashyan, born from poverty. “Even if we poured in billions to implement his plan would be unrealistic. How to remove Petersburg from the contamination of the XIX–XX centuries? We could be in 3D to recreate the city of Peter the great’s time, but it twisted the story.” Therefore, all conditional: Peter hangs on the chest of the boy a medal with the inscription “Sports”. His idea about the past of the young heroine is that draws from modern life. Actor Michael Zhigalov reminded of my nieces who attempted to restore the family tree. It turned out that on the second or third generation it is not. And then the children think that their grandfather was also the grandfather. One of the roles played by Dmitry Pevtsov, whose short concert preceded the show and tired of many viewers. Not possessing a powerful vocal, he loves to sing, boldly assuming Vertinsky and Vysotsky, and on the screen mimics the johnny Depp from the movie “Alice in Wonderland”. Although in practice character Pevtsov will be a petty crook who stole the car.

You can blame everyone and everything in that children’s movie not at the box office speed, but who goes to watch such a vague film in which the adult is not to understand, not that baby. That’s half of the room and left. As the Director of “not for a moment ashamed of her work”.

“Love pret-a-Porte” by the Italian Director max Nardari opened the contest “co-production. Window of the world”. Was represented by its producer Alexey Pimanov, his wife — actress and also producer Olga Pogodina and Italian actor Andrea Preti, the face of Dolce&Gabbana. His character, in order to find a job in the fashion industry, stretching the truth about his sexual orientation, and then meet a girl from Russia. “Fashion is not aroused my enthusiasm, and I went to America to study acting and directing. It is possible that I would ever marry a Russian. Your women smart and beautiful,” said Andrea “MK”.

“This is hooliganism on our part, a gamble,” says Olga Pogodina. Producer Pietro Innocenzi, who worked on all films with Celentano, invited us to participate in this project. I am a person absolutely crazy. Because of my bullying and we have been drawn into the story. When the world is on the brink of a world war, then the time to create such films. We discussed the topic of homosexuality, and are not afraid to talk about it with humor. He distributed the animals, ciliates shoes and birds. All actors who played gay, are straight. All have wives, four children. There is the concept of “deferred success”. I’m 39 years old, and I always call a spade a spade. You can say that you took full… And 10 years later you can hear a different opinion. Pending success in our country — a national trait. Our picture is played in Italian, then dubbed into Russian. We with Larissa Udovichenko speak Italian. For three years in Italy I learned it and opened his Studio”.

Removing a monstrous movie with the Italian group, Alexey Pimanov is working on a film about the Crimea, and Olga Pogodina is producing the film on the tank. Vyborg sessions are preceded by images from the film “Flights in dreams and reality” Roman Balayan with the participation Gurchenko and Jankowski. They — an unattainable height for all those whose opus we look with anguish in Vyborg. And all this, according to experts, is the result of inept policies in the field of cinema.

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