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Monday, March 19, 2018

Expert on the battle for Aleppo: “to Speak of the advantage is difficult”

Syrian government forces and armed opposition groups continue the build-up of forces near the city of Aleppo. Previously, fighting the army of Assad, militants said that they managed to break through the blockade of the city, however, the Syrian military leaders deny it. The attack on the insurgents-held city of key importance for both official Damascus and the opposing groups he has been in place for a few days – with the active assistance of the Russian space forces. Can you talk about the turning point in the fighting, and why you cannot crush the militants? This “MK” talked to an expert.

photo: AP

“At the moment we know that the militants of different movements – first of all, “Jaish al-Fatah”, which includes several motions, including a former “Front EN-Nusra” (banned in the Russian terrorist group), has launched a number of attacks, and they managed to oust the Syrian army and capture territory, through which they can release group. – said in an interview with “MK” senior researcher at the Centre for Arab and Islamic studies, Institute of Oriental studies Boris DOLGOV. But so it was a partial success. To say that a group of militants released now. Are intense fighting, the Syrian army is trying to regain lost ground. In the Aleppo still have civilians – according to various estimates, from several tens thousand to two hundred thousand people. Part of them managed to leave the city for humanitarian corridors. To talk now about the superiority of any party is difficult, but the fact that release group action failed”.

Russian HQs have a significant support to Syrian government forces, providing such an important factor, as air supremacy, the expert emphasizes. But why not have the major success of the Syrian army?

“The question is rather political than military. – said Boris Dolgov. – It’s no secret that a number of Islamist groups affiliate with al-Qaida, and the so-called “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist group. But the US and the West in General, I think a number of these movements – “Ahrar al-sham, the “Free Syrian army”, etc. – the moderate opposition. And it’s really a problem, as Western countries have repeatedly asked Russia not to cause impacts on these groups. Russia has its own list of terrorist groups does not coincide with the list of the Americans and their allies. Compromise on this issue has not yet been achieved, so the VCS don’t step up their actions on “moderate”, according to West, the opposition. In my opinion, it would be possible to act more actively, but part of the Russian leadership for some reason do not want to quarrel with foreign partners”.

In addition, said the interlocutor of the newspaper, an important factor is the continued supply of fighters across the border with Turkey: “While this issue is not resolved, it is impossible to speak about a major success. This issue can also be resolved, especially now that the Turkish side is interested in restoration of relations with Russia, when it is expected the visit of Erdogan. This question should be put, so that Turkey finally has fulfilled its obligations in the fight against radical Islamism and stopped to close my eyes to the fact that through its border is the supply of fighters”.

Watch the video on “the defense Ministry released a video of airstrikes HQs at the reference point of the province of Aleppo”

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