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Thursday, March 15, 2018

At the Center of drama and directing new artistic Director

On Monday, the Department of culture of Moscow announced that the former head of the Center of drama and directing of A. Kazantsev and M. Roshchin Dmitry Palaguta left the post at own will, and becomes artistic Director actor, Director, musician, ideologue of the synthetic genre of SounDrama Vladimir Pankov (a multiple winner of the Theatrical award “MK”). We first managed to take his comment about the first steps in a new status…

Photo: Studio SounDrama.

Vladimir, and what the problem actually is? To make the center of the drama — what?

— One task: to make a normal functional repertory theatre. With the company. And synthetic, which can operate in a wide range from the psychological to the music theatre. The more different areas — and at the center of three of them — allow you to create different directions-that’s an incredible flight of fantasy, though the fantasy itself, it is important to limit. The guys from “SounDrama” will integrate into the troupe, which already exists in the Center. And without any hard measures; on the contrary, the integration of one group to another can lead to positive creative results, will breathe new life into the Center of drama… there’s a mystical moment: “SounDrama” was created by Alexey Kazantseva on his grounds; and it turns out that we like here and back. Where was born there and handy. It’s nice.

— That is the Department of culture framed your shoulder?

— We just saved, for which I’m extremely grateful, because theatre Studio “SounDrama” was on the verge of collapse, all have wanted to scatter in different directions… Twenty years we wandered about! Twenty! But now the business moved from a dead point. Thanks to everyone who paid attention and supported — among them Alexander Kalyagin, Valery Shadrin…

But with the arrival of your Center will not only turn into a “SounDrama”?

— “SounDrama” is not so much theatre, how many a genre, a direction that may be taken or not taken on Board. The play can be staged in any style. “SounDrama” is primarily people. But of course, there are your artists and for me it is extremely important to treat them as their own.

— The name will remain the same?

— Of course. It is the memory of Kazantseva. Now I need six months to settle. And then the refurbished Centre should open with a play by Alexei Kazantsev “Old house”.

— What do you mean “updated”?

— The center needs to be reorganized. Moreover, it is necessary not only to establish the whole system of the theater, but to “fix” a little bit of the soul inside us.

— But the site says that the season will open with the premiere of “Joan of Arc”, is true?

— Relevant. All is going normally, I have to look around. No sudden movements until. It takes time.

— What are you personally ambitious aspirations — what you want to do, to put, who to invite?

— Of course, the Center of the drama was confined to the arrival of a young generation of playwrights, musicians, Directors. I think you always have to give way to young. It professed Alexei Kazantsev, and I believe him to be their teacher, and will the line continue.

— It always will be staked on the experiment?

— I wouldn’t experiment or not an experiment, because it can be attached to this word — and everyone will understand it differently. It is important to support young talented people. But as it will be called — does not matter. At the time I was so supported, given the road. And now it is time to give.

— The Centre has remained a repertoire that was created before you. He is somehow “thinned”? Something does not suit you…

— It’s all technical. Each play has its time. View. I’m just going into town, going to watch the premises. This week I meet all of the artists and services, and we will, hopefully, make friends. The theatre is home. I confess such a formula that all the important people first and foremost. Artists are different, I have enough experience… I Hope everything will be fine.

Center is very old fashioned, uncomfortable…

— Will be fully rebranded and the website and the programs, and posters… Now the work begins. Time goes forward, there haven’t been updated, and this needs to be addressed.

— If viewed from the side, the Center has not before been pronounced the person; want to see it now there…

— On this note in the first place. It is too early to talk about the number of premieres in the season, after all, theatre is not a plant for the production of performances. But, on the other hand, always has its limits, it is impossible to put the play on for ten years. We are just normal repertory theatre, which will give performances not at the expense of quality.

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