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Friday, March 16, 2018

The phone numbers of commanders of the Ukrainian “Tornado” found video of rape of minors

Verkhovna Rada Deputy Tatiana Chornovil, speaking on Ukrainian television, said new shocking details in the case of the company “Tornado”, whose fighters are now on trial in a Kyiv court. The defendants allegedly withdrew videos of rape, including of minors.

His statement the Deputy made a broadcast of the Ukrainian TV channel “112”. “When he was arrested the commanders of the Tornado, they seized mobile phones. Mobile phones turned out to be a terrible video. Really terrible video that is now in the file. This video different sexual orgies, rape. And I will say that there were even infants. I understand that the mother of this infant were forced to do under threat of death of her child. There was rape underage girls,” she said.

“This video different sexual orgies, rape. And I will say that there were even infants. I understand that the mother of this infant were forced to do under threat of death of her child”

Case 12 fighters “Tornado” is seen in court in April this year. This company (often incorrectly referred to as a battalion) was part of the Ministry of interior and was created in late 2014 on the basis of disbanded for looting the militia battalion “Shahtersk”. It was headed by someone named Ruslan Onishchenko, later confirmed by the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s office, previously convicted five times and, according to the operative data of militia, who was a criminal authority of the city of Torez.

Arrests of members of a company began six months after its creation, and the criminal matter was transferred to court in April this year. It is known that, when the defendant is charged with a whole bunch of different crimes, from arbitrariness to torture and kidnappings.

In early August, around the process has deteriorated the situation. To protect the “Tornado” got other representatives of the so-called volunteer battalions of Ukrainian power structures, dominated by one of the founders of the battalion “Donbass”, now the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada semen Semenchenko. August 2 at the building of Obolon court of Kyiv, where case was heard, they staged a noisy rally that escalated into a fight with law enforcement officers, who used tear gas even. “Volunteers” believe that the process of “Tornado” – is a blow to the whole movement, accusing prosecutors of bias and require process in the open and not behind closed doors, as it is now. According to defendants and their counsel, the case was initiated after the company “Tornado” stopped the train with illicit metal from Alchevsk metallurgical plant. Thus, according to them, she was the victim of corrupt officials.

On Friday, prosecutors decided to go on the attack on the information front. Prosecutor Anatoly Matios has posted a video of the process, where the defendants insulted the witnesses and prosecutors and provides evidence in the episodes of the case, including the rape of men are committed by order of Onishchenko.

A logic continuation of the Prosecutor’s offensive looks and message center. In principle, exactly her words, but also video Matios regarded the defendants and their lawyers. The defendant, a former second-in-command of the “Tornado” Nicholas Tsukuru called the video of the Prosecutor of the installation, and the testimony on which it was given, – slander.

The slander he accuses Chornovil, and she was supposedly completely personal. The fact that on 10 August 2014 during the fighting under Ilovaiskaya killed her husband Nicholas Berezovsky.

“Cascade is very upset with “Tornado”. We “Azov” (referring to the battalion “Azov” – approx. OPINION) was near Ilovaysk, stormed the fortified area, came under direct fire, where wounded her husband. One of tornadovtsev took out her wounded husband from the fire, but Nicholas died from loss of blood. Tatiana blames us” – Tsukur wrote on his page on “Facebook”, adding that “to Tatiana offended sin.”

He wondered how the street could get access to the criminal case. Because it in any capacity it does not pass, and therefore, can not be familiar with his materials.

By the way, the secrecy of the case gives room for a variety of applications and interpretations. So, Semenchenko published in his “Facebook” is an excerpt from the indictment, which States that any articles that punish crimes against sexual integrity, in the list of alleged Tsukuru and Onishchenko not.

Meanwhile Chornovil in his speech has called Semenchenko not just a protector but also an accomplice to the crimes of the “Tornado”, since he knew about the contents of video recording on the phone. She recalls that part of the violations of the law and the ex-the battalion commander “Donbass” are not all pure. “For these crimes too. I believe that this is the last straw. He will sit down” – that is predicted, or promised Chornovil.

It should be noted that the Deputy can not be called a law-abiding person. RIA “Novosti-Ukraine” cites an extensive list of stories whose hero was a cascade, it is no coincidence deserved reputation of being the most outrageous policy of Ukraine. On the basis of the struggle with Yanukovych, and subsequently with the corrupt (or, rather, those whom she regarded as such, as it charges most often not confirmed) she was jailed for administrative offences several times. Now against it investigated the case of infliction of light bodily injury to the Secretary of the MP from the Opposition bloc Oleksandr Onishchenko.

However, that claim to Semenchenko law enforcement agencies appear to be unfounded, it is quite hard to believe. In may, the decision of the Vyshgorod court of Kyiv was acknowledged that it illegally appropriated military rank. By education he, as it turned out, not the military, and a failed Director: not graduated from VGIK. In addition, the Ukrainian journalist Vladimir Boyko published data on convictions for fraud Seeds Semenchenko. Supposedly to hide this fact, he took the pseudonym, who then became his first and last name (before the war his name was Konstantin Grishin). In General, the life of people’s Deputy in the presentation Boyko is very reminiscent of the picaresque novel. Grishin-de in the pre-war period traded scams in Sevastopol and Donetsk, with the beginning of the military conflict was pondering who to side with, chose Ukraine and created the battalion “Donbass” under his guise to pull off various shenanigans. Earlier fighters of a battalion Semenchenko was accused of several crimes committed on his orders in the Donbass. Including robbery and embezzlement.

For the case of the “Tornado” should be in the DNI. “I would like to held a military court, as it is a war crime,” said lock operational command of the troops of the Republic Eduard Bacurin. According to him, most crimes against civilians taking place in the locations of “volunteers”. “That’s where they are on the line of collision, this happens,” he told the channel Life.


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