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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The execution of Iranian nuclear physicist associated with the attempt to embroil Iran and the West

Family of Iranian nuclear physicist of Shahram Amiri, who was detained at home and convicted of passing secrets to Iran’s nuclear programme to the us side, said that he was executed. As informs “bi-Bi-si”, the family had received the body of the scientist, which were the signs of violent death. However, if Amiri betrayed their country really is – remains a big question.

photo: morguefile.com

Amiri, who was born in 1977, may well have known the intricacies of the “Iranian atom: he was a member of the University of Malek-Ashtar and worked on the “Iranian organization for nuclear energy.” In 2009, he went missing during a pilgrimage to Mecca (Saudi Arabia). And in June 2010 it became known that he is in the territory of the United States: there was a kind of video where people like Amiri, said he was forcibly removed to the States and that he is forced to cooperate with intelligence agencies using torture. July 13, 2010, the nuclear physicist came to the Embassy of Pakistan in USA, asking them to send him back to Iran. A few days later he arrived in Tehran, where relatives and officials greeted him as a hero.

Then, Amiri claimed that he was offered money for cooperation, but he refused. “They (the American forces “MK”) said he’d give me $ 50 million and will allow me and my family to live in good conditions in one of the countries of Europe, if I refuse to return to Iran,” he said on arriving home. According to him, he was also offered 10 million dollars for a short, ten-minute interview with CNN, during which he was supposed to be the United States voluntarily. However, the U.S. government claimed the opposite. According to them, Amiri, he voluntarily left his country and managed to give them the necessary data about the Iranian atom. As one version of the return of Amiri to Iran, “bi-Bi-si” refers to the pressure that the Iranian authorities had on his family. In 2011, the Iranian authorities have arrested a physicist and, according to some, condemned for treason.

“This is a dark story – like “MK” senior researcher, Institute of Oriental studies, Professor Vladimir Sazhin. – Evidence for one side or the other is not. Reasons why he was executed, can be a lot. I see one is a political situation. In 2017, Iran will hold presidential elections, from which much depends. The expectations of the vast number of the population pinned to the lifting of sanctions are not justified. It is objective: to impose sanctions is easier than to remove them. Around Rouhani and his associates were facing a difficult situation. One of its main opponents is the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps (IRGC). This is a very powerful organization, and intelligence, military, propaganda and economic. During the sanctions they have established excellent ways to circumvent these measures and saddled the grey and black financial flows. According to the IRGC hit the lifting of sanctions.

In their speeches, Rouhani said he was ready to restore relations with the EU and the world, including the US, unlike the Supreme leader — Ayatollah Khamenei. But, of course, such statements are not liked by the IRGC and other political opponents. It is likely that intelligence agencies just organized this penalty is to prevent the improvement of relations with the West and, in particular, with the United States, because Washington, D.C. was involved in this story of a nuclear physicist”.

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