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Friday, February 16, 2018

Saboteurs, scratched the Carpenter, wanted to hit at the same time in Lugansk and Crimea

The day after the assassination attempt on the leader of LNR Igor Plotnitsky law enforcement authorities of the unrecognized Republic, called the perpetrators of the attack. According to the representative of the LPR militia, intelligence reports show that the bomb near the car of the leader of the Luhansk undermined saboteurs of the security Service of Ukraine, who were trained in Severodonetsk under the guidance of the unit commander “Rubin”. “Ruby” is a special forces unit of the foreign intelligence service of Ukraine.

photo: youtube.com

In the photo: Igor Carpenter

The car Land Cruiser of the head of DND was undermined on Saturday at 7.55 am with explosives, mounted on a pole near the traffic lights at the intersection of Karpinskogo and Vatutin. Igor Plotnitsky was in the car along with a driver and a guard. Another car with the guards moving behind. The explosion severely damaged the pole, which just smashed to pieces. Carpenter’s car was severely damaged, but not so much that being in it was severely injured. The blast occurred on the other side, where he was a Carpenter and a security guard. The driver almost did not suffer. Most of all, of course, went to those whom attempted, the leader of the LC. Ukrainian media on Saturday, contentedly reported that Carpenter was injured, incompatible with life. On Sunday there were reports that Luhansk leader received injuries to the spleen and liver. But social activist from Lugansk Rakhmetov posted on his page on the social network detailed the diagnosis: “Burns of the chest, the defeat of the cornea (slightly, seeing will), a shallow wound on his forehead, shrapnel in the forearm by shrapnel from the glass of the car… Yet the consequences of Baroda, severe concussion.” Immediately after inspection, cleaning of the Carpenter brought from the blood, the doctors said that threats to his life. Sunday, according to some, he has already been transferred to outpatient treatment.

However, at the request of the investigation team LC, the attack was professionally prepared. “The charge was placed on the outer surface of the pole on the opposite side of the carriageway, at a height of 1 meter from the ground. The charge capacity, it is estimated that up to 10-15 kg in a trotyl equivalent”, — reported in LNR MGB. The leader of the DND Alexander Zakharchenko, the attempt which was prevented in April, stated that there was nothing unexpected in the attack there. “Ukraine a month ago said that the plot to assassinate the leaders of the DNI and the LC and our Ministers. All expected”. According to him, this suggests that Ukraine is preparing for military action against the republics. The official representative of the presidential administration of Ukraine on issues of military operations in the Donbass Alexander Matusevich has said that “the Ukrainian side was not involved in the assassination, because it is devoid of logic and it will not solve any question…”

Although the Ukrainian side never gave up trying to deal with the leaders of the unrecognized republics by force. In early 2015, Zakharchenko shot some “Ukrainian partisans”, was in the guard. In July, 2015 in the car was blown up by the Secretary of the head of DND Elena Filippova. It was assumed that the car had to go Zakharchenko. In April this year, MGB DNI detained in Donetsk subversive group that planned to blow up the Donetsk leader in shooting complex “Artemida”. The explosives disguised under the guise of “piece of furniture”. In June and early July of this year was a series of assassinations of commanders of the militia. In the yard of the national trauma centre was trying to blow up the car of a known commander of the armed forces of the DNI Arseniy Pavlov (Motorola). A few days riddled the car of another commander with the Callsign Machete. On July 3, the mine was exploded near the vehicle of the commander of the seventh brigade of Alexander Bushueva (Callsign Zarya). He died.

In Lugansk Republic after several attempts in may 2015, was shot by renowned commander Alexey Mozgovoy. And in December of the same year during an assassination attempt killed the Cossack ataman Pavel Dremov. So attempts to eliminate the political and military leadership of the Republic being taken regularly. What was behind the current attack on Igor Plotnitsky, “MK” asked the expert:

Konstantin DOLGOV, social activist DNR, Donetsk journalist:

The information I have, suggests that working professionals. And the fact that Carpenter was still alive, is, in General, a miracle. For what purpose is this done? First, as you know, preparations are underway for elections in the territories of the DNI and LC. And by calculations of organizers of the attack, the murder of the leader was to destabilize the situation in the Republic. And secondly, let’s not forget that the signature of the heads of the DNI and LC are under the Minsk agreement. For Ukraine not complying with these agreements, the elimination of one of the leaders is the ability legally to cling to the document. They say that the person whose signature costs under the agreements, no. We need a new one for this it will first need to choose. And so on.

P. S. meanwhile, in the night of Sunday was an attempt of provocation on the border of the Republic of Crimea and Kherson oblast. “The border guards, national guard and military work the border area. On the island, strengthened passport control at the posts, usual for such cases, the inspection and verification of documents. Actions proceed”, — reported in social networks known Crimean journalist Oleg Kryuchkov. Rumors about the shooting and the dead have been greatly exaggerated. Looks like someone decided unsuccessfully to repeat the Russian-Georgian scenario in 2008. The timing is right — the opening of the Olympics in Rio.

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