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Monday, March 19, 2018

Ukrainian officials make excuses for athletes, in solidarity with the Russians

Ukrainian officials are trying to smooth out an extremely unpleasant circumstance – who arrived to the Olympics Ukrainian athletes to show solidarity with their Russian colleagues. Thus, they recognize that the real attitude of inhabitants of the country to Russia and Russians do not want to impose on the Kiev authorities, saying that “Russian aggression”.

The Minister of youth and sports of Ukraine Ihor Zhdanov said Friday that Ukrainian Olympians strictly instructed about the need to avoid contact with the Russian press.

“In Crimea, I am supported in all of Russia I have a lot of supporters. In principle, I do not agree with our peoples, because we are Slavs”

“Conclusions are made, instruction is carried out, all Ukrainian athletes – ed.) is recommended to avoid… (Russian – ed) media”, – quotes Agency UNIAN Zhdanov. “And there was not one such conversation and warning. This is the first. Secondly, it is not necessary to label the whole team for the fact that Russian propagandists were able to lull to provoke the individual athletes who were not aware of the political implications of his words,” wrote Zhdanov in his Facebook.

According to him, “we need to understand – the team we recruit, not the scientists and journalists and athletes who 90% of the time doing exercises in half-and don’t really follow politics and information field. Without a good mounting and distortion from the rostv is also not done. The situation is unpleasant. The team is sorry that it happened. But we do everything that more is not repeated.”

We will remind, on Wednesday the TV channel “Russia 24” there was a story in which it was reported that the Russian and Ukrainian Olympians flew to Rio de Janeiro on the same plane. Ukrainian athletes spoke about good relations with Russian colleagues and stated the unfairness of the dismissal of Russian colleagues from the Games. The story sparked a wave of negative comments in the Ukrainian press and blogosphere.

The commentator of the Ukrainian edition Depo.ua called the Olympians “inadequate”. “Why inadequate Ukrainian Olympians became friends with Russia. Ukrainian Olympians struck his banal, excuse me, stupid,” confessed the Ukrainian author.

“At this moment in a head the thought creeps in: how am I still on these athletes on their performance at the Olympics. Somehow, it seems that this is a common collaborators in costumes of the team. Because even in the head does not fit, that can be so simply and naturally, after so many lost children in the war, to drown in the toilet dignity,” said Ukrainian journalist.

The statement of the Minister was convinced not all athletes. Thus, the famous Ukrainian professional boxer, Olympic champion 2012 in the category up to 91 kg Alexander Usik did not avoid contact with the reporter of the newspaper VIEW. “I think if people chose who to talk to, then he talks. I talk with everyone, so I care. The people and the people. Sport is sport. You can not say that someone should not be allowed on the Olympics, and someone can. Athletes should always come together, because sport unites. So too much politics, I think,” said Usyk.

“They only drive the country to a standstill”

However, the Russian Olympic team boxer not included – he refused to play, citing sporting reasons. However, in April, the Tendril was in the center of a political scandal. At a press conference, boxer, born and raised in Simferopol, suddenly refused to answer a direct question about who owns the Crimea. Previously, he has repeatedly said that Crimea remains part of Ukraine.

“People are quoting me out of contexts what I do to show myself. They shout “Glory to Ukraine!” and how do they celebrate it? No way. They only drive the country to a standstill,” said this time the Tendril. The boxer also denied reports that he was denied entry to his native Peninsula. “I banned in the Crimea? I was in the Crimea usually an entry after every battle. In the Crimea I am supported in all of Russia I have a lot of supporters. In principle, I do not agree with our peoples, because we are Slavs. Let’s just say – the Slavs. There are no obstacles, obstacles are only someone in the head,” quoted the portal Ipress.ua.

Usyk is not the first time disappointed with Ukrainian nationalists. Last year on the eve of Victory Day, he decorated his page in Instagram the St. George ribbon with a red star and the words “Thank you grandpa for the victory”. The photo caused a number of angry comments. As noted then, the newspaper VIEW, there were those who supported the boxer, claiming he did nothing wrong and remains a true patriot of Ukraine.

“Almost the entire coaching family is originally from the USSR”

“Hostility to Russia is still high enough in the active part of the population that determines policy. Therefore, the decision of the Minister is clear, it is to some extent protective to athletes not under information pressure, are justified Zhdanova, Director of the Ukrainian Institute of policy analysis and management Ruslan Bortnik.

“The Olympians are not oriented in politics. In addition, over the two years of the conflict a positive relationship in this circle, as athletes and coaches, not torn. So athletes remain in positive communication with the Russians. Therefore, they refused to communicate with Russian TV channels. You have to understand that almost all of the coaching family is originally from the USSR, they have retained corporate communications,” – said Bortnik newspaper VIEW.

According to the expert, many of the coaches and athletes corporate thinking prevails over the claims of the Ukrainian press about the fact that their country is “Patriotic war” and “Russia – a country aggressor”. It is for this reason that they so willingly and massively spoke with Russian journalists, expressing the sympathy of the Russian colleagues-athletes.

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