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Monday, March 19, 2018

Turkish coup left a mark in the Kuban found the autograph of king Darius

A unique testimony of the suppression of the militant revolt of the Persians of the ancient Greeks has been discovered by archaeologists in the Kuban. They unearthed a stone slab with inscriptions made by the formidable Persian king Darius the First.

The excavation, which was found Stella the Persian king Darius. Photo courtesy of the Phanagorian expedition IA RAS.

As told to “MK” head of the Phanagorian archaeological expedition Vladimir Kuznetsov, during the excavations was discovered a large fragment of a marble stele. Historians have dated the plate the second quarter of the 5th century BC According to the scientist, the stone covered with cuneiform, which was used as the official medium of written language only Persian rulers. In the ancient artifact preserved not more than 15 percent of the original text. However, the researchers were able to determine that the message was written from the person of Darius. First, on the plate clearly read his name. And second, the text specifies the name of the city of Milet – the largest Greek center in ancient Ionia (modern Asia Minor). As explained by the historians, during the reign of Darius the first in this city, connected only one event – the revolt of the Greeks, which was brutally suppressed by the Persian soldiers. According to archaeologists, in honor of the victory over the rebels and was a stele. However, then the evidence of the triumph of the Persians was broken and delivered to the territory of the Taman Peninsula, where she found the members of the expedition. Here the historians there are two versions: either the stone was brought to Phanagoria as ballast for a ship, or scarce for these places, the marble was planning to use for some construction.

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