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Friday, March 16, 2018

The birthday of the architect Melnikov said in the yard: the house is not let

Apples and jazz Arbat celebrated the 126th birthday of the original architect Konstantin Melnikov, still do not fit into the stylistic framework and distracting from his time. Understand that, when you look at his house, around which there is a mass festival. Around because inside because of the fragility of structures in large groups are not admitted. But with the ingenuity of modern architects all right, and they found how to rectify it presented a model of the house, and in the context that, in principle, all satisfied.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

In Krivoarbatsky lane among Khrushchev and Luzhkov piles huddles Melnikov house: at first glance the curve and falling into the earth, and on the other hand, a confident and aspiring to heaven. These two perceptions arise simultaneously, as the structure doesn’t follow any pattern — consists of two uneven cylinder, one-third embedded in each other, without a single corner and nail, in the form of elongated hexagons.

From the facade dizzy, what about the inside — there is generally a the habit faint from the round space. However, start here strictly tour groups of 5-7 people and not every day, preserving the old building from premature damage.

Even in the celebration it is closed, but this does not stop guests flocking to the sound of a jazz concert in the garden, which is decorated with young Apple trees. Right now they have a season, so the fruit so much that branches from the weight of the bend and stretches the fruit almost in your hands. And now with apples in my mouth visitors surround the table of openwork metal, where their eyes finish sculptural white-gold model of the Melnikov house.

It is made in the incision, so he gives a non-standard layout and interior details. The authors of the project — Mikhail Beilin and Daniil Nikishin, young, but already managed to learn a few of the capital grounds, the architects of “Citizens”, do not depart from their offspring for a minute, carefully control what with him doing hired the workers. But when is the last bar — installation of furniture — guys relax.

— The sculpture will live in the yard, they say. We made it from durable materials, so she can survive all weather conditions. Size (60 cm in height and 90 cm in width) is also not random: I stopped it, so that people with impaired vision were able to see all the details. Here is generally a lot of visitors, because the courtyard is open daily until dark. By the way, this sculpture is only part of our work with the Melnikov house, which in 2017-18. museefication on our project.

Model, though intricate, but still small, so guests quickly after watching her wander around the garden. And here another installation under the open sky — the exhibition “Outdoor Melnikov. Translucent fabric with frames of the projects of the architect hanging on plastic sticks, sticking out of the ground. They are interconnected and allow the photos to line up in a creative chronicle of the wizard. Just watching her meet her granddaughter Melnikova.

— Elena Viktorovna, you are alive and well?

— Yes here immersed in memories. Then at home I find it hard to live in the modern concrete boxes. The square room seemed to be very upsetting, even claustrophobic appeared. The daylight is not enough, it is because dozens of Windows through which light penetrated, even at night, especially before they have built around tall “coffins”. And the heat somehow, and without batteries, all thanks to the competent masonry in two rows and the screed. However, with the red ants have long suffered, had to have cockroaches, ants that they ate, then etched them.

Batteries in the Melnikov house is not so far as gas and water. And from April 1 and the Director will not be here, as told “MK” a source in the Ministry of culture. The house is part of the Museum of architecture. Shchusev, who decides, and what will be. Until he decided to close achievement constructivism 1 through September 30 for prevention. What? All communications are hidden in the basement, where you do not lead tours. You can check them at any time, without prejudice to the visitors. The house is heated by the air heater chamber, which undergoes a regular maintenance inspection. The last thing here, you can check the ducts, but they are constantly cleaned.

The main thing – the abolition of the post of Director of the Museum contradicts the will of Viktor Melnikov (the last owner of the house), according to which the Museum should be either completely independent or to be independent of another branch of the Museum. But the trend in the state is that to manage multiple merged into one institution the same person. With him it is easier to negotiate.

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