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Sunday, March 18, 2018

“Rozovsky jumped up to the ceiling and shouted, “Sanya, you opytny actor!!!”

“Touching, some warm and joyful, sending the audience a positive and grace,” — this is about Karpov viewers and colleagues in the theater “Nikitsky gate.” In fact, in the theater he is already 30 years out of a role, and Rozovskim friendly almost 60… but “career” with the chief engineer in the workshop of the Institute (as usual) — of course, thought not wondered that for many years to become an associate of Arkady Raikin. And those who Raikin laughed 80 years — never a problem!

“With Arkady Raikin, I worked for 17 years, and Mark Rozovsky know almost 60!” Photo: teatrunikitskihvorot.ru.

What’s that you entered the building? Not immediately acting cut?

— Yes, we’re a family of builders. But Missy, fortunately, formed the drama club, took the title of national theatre. And then one day comedians from different universities were invited to one big concert in the First honey, sechenovskiy. Incidentally, we met Alik Axelrod, who has already worked as a doctor and was also a member of the comic collective. The concert was made by the students of journalism faculty of Moscow state University, at the head of which stood Rozovsky… When we all made friends, took me (through the exam in three rounds) in the famous Studio “Our house” at the University of Moscow.

— Work has begun to boil?

— 27 Dec 1958 showed our first performance of “We are building our house”. I was born here as an actor. On view, incidentally, was attended by Arkady Raikin, which also did me a service in the future… All we have called “engineers of the Amateur.” Indeed, for 12 years I worked in the shop of spare parts the same research Institute. At work in the specialty we were paid, but the soul remained the activities in “Our house”, where, of course, no salaries were not given. I repeat, the whole soul was there. And when “Our house” closed from the top down (and the times of strict censorship), we could not, of course, feel no engineers…

— How to combine managed?

— All the way live: night of rehearsal, then went home to sleep for a few hours, and by eight in the morning was ripe to work in the Institute. And not just for work: I designed the object in the shop. Head from sleep fell on the Board. I went out of the room, where sat our whole team, and ran through the corridors a few hours to stay awake. Five of us were released, I ran to one of closest friends for an hour to sleep and in the night “stand up” in “Our house” on the rehearsal… 12 years in this mode is no joke. And in the summer on tour in Sochi, Yalta… to Sakhalin…

— Passion to acting?

— Acting career was sitting in us from the neck to the fingertips. It was impossible to do anything else. It became clear that engineering needs to stop. But after the closure of “Our house” to work in other theatres we didn’t take no acting diploma. Took only Yuri Lyubimov and Arkady Raikin. So I began with 1971 to work at the Leningrad theatre of miniatures under the direction Raikin. We worked in total 17 years! I am often asked the question: “What are you sitting in the theater Raikin? This one-man show. Who’ll notice?..”

But what school probably!..

— Of course. First, it’s not just the theater Raikin and not just a one-man show. This is the greatest artist of our time, on a global scale. At first with him I felt insecure. The theater rattled and was at the peak of fame, I at first it was hard to fit in. But I got good support from the Raikin, in many ways, it helped me… besides I tried to do the tasks he put in front of me. Although it was difficult to do exactly as he asked. Had to get my organics at least once he was satisfied and it was worthy. I think towards the end of our contact with him, I still reached.

— He was a tough leader?

— No, hard wasn’t. When he began to direct their performances in recent years, it is brilliant actor always scored Director. And probably in this respect it was hard. Here he is directing some kind of miniature. And shows everyone HOW to play. Shows clear, brilliant. But again this genius, no one could, that’s the problem. I’m not Raikin and could not repeat everything that he demanded. So they had to compromise.

How Raikin worked with texts!.. In other theatres the plays were mostly written in the original text. And Arkady Isaakovich started to govern the author’s text. Sometimes 20 times copied. Then the authors themselves did not recognize. But Raikin and the Raikin, that all changed. He tried different options at different audiences. The text was in his blood, and she was the most important part of the production. No, seriously: reached hundreds of alterations! And this is its most brilliant feature: it is exactly caught, as in this place I must say. And all the rest of it was easy to make out in public, say… All that I learned.

— Raikin the audience loved? No, well, you know, maybe another contact, different motivation…

No no, the audience for Raikin was the main criterion. He vividly felt the reaction of the audience. Much in already rehearsed, made the room it was fixed or removed in the course of the play, if you have not seen the reaction. But if in the scheduled areas of impact is still not there, behind the scenes always said: “Yes, the room today was hard…” For him was happiness, when the energy flew from the stage to audience and back. So I have now: when the intended areas there is a reaction, like a second wind. But no — next time I try to play differently.

— A Comedy the way he found you in life?

— Of course, look at me! My texture, a sense of humor, grotesque in my plastic. So all my life I was considered an actor of the Comedy genre. And only in recent years, the role of a more serious, built on the poignancy, drama, role Bashmachkin or grandfather Solomon Thor in the film “the Life and adventures of Mishka Yaponchik”.

— Speaking of movies, do you accept any role you are offered?

Depends on the role or the episode. The episodes I agree are almost always: why not play, if the shoot lasts for 2-3 hours? Almost not even thinking. But if the role is already trying to choose. I have them fifty in a movie.

— Well, time in the theater Mark Rozovsky, where you love so much…

— Yes, it’s the last third of my life. The words, “my years — my wealth”. And mark Rozovskiy we as summary to undertake. The biggest curse Rozovsky at rehearsal, when I’m doing something wrong, he jumps to the ceiling and shouted, “Sanya, you opytny actor!!!”

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