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Monday, March 12, 2018

Mitina Cicola on Rashkin

One of the leaders of the “Left front” and the candidate in deputies of the state Duma from the party “Communists of Russia” Darya Mitina accused the head of the Moscow city Committee of the Communist party Valery Rashkin in a crooked election campaign. Mitina already filed a complaint to Rashkin, the Central election Commission (CEC).

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Mitina sees in the actions of the main Communist of Moscow’s violation of the law immediately after the registration of his candidacy. Right at the entrance of the CEC Rashkin was met by a noisy crowd of his supporters with campaign posters. Activists praised their leader and called on Muscovites to vote for him in the upcoming Duma elections in September.

By law, campaigning can be carried over a distance not closer than fifty metres from the election Commission. In the complaint Mitina writes that the rally was held literally at the door of CEC. Moreover, it is unclear whether coordinated events with the city authorities as required by law.

And whether the posters, which met Rashkin, agreed beforehand by the CEC, as required by law? Moreover, the production of campaign materials are not able to be paid for from the electoral Fund because it has not yet established.

Gross violation of the law is the involvement in the election campaign of a minor, if you are hired teenagers for distributing Newspapers and leaflets, as well as for agitation. Of course, adults are sometimes more expensive.

Politicians are often criticised in that they do not do this invite extras who wave flags and placards at the rallies in their support. And recently, at a rally in Lublin, several young people asked Rashkin to pay them and even unfurled banners “Rashkin, return the money”. “In response to a statement about the alleged hidden money Rashkin, a Communist, as usual, into a megaphone said that these people are liars and alcoholics,” says Reedus.<url>. Culling took him to the police.

A scandal recently erupted in and around TAPR. According to the Internet media Days.<url>: “we are Talking about the Centre of economic and political reforms, which are enshrined on the official policy site of the Communist. That on the website, CEPR, in addition to interactive maps socio-economic hotspots of Russia, advertised sex services, online casino.., reported in his blog of Maksim Kolobov. What is it — error, network failure, or…?”

Rashkin said in an interview that he is a scientist and doctor of Economics. The data is there and in his official biography. Blogger Maksim Kolobkov recently went to several libraries asking him to read the abstract of the thesis of the famous scientist economist Valery Rashkin.

The fact that the thesis is not only a writing of scientific work and its defense before a panel of qualified professionals, this is a rather complicated bureaucratic procedure. A mandatory part of this procedure is to write a brief summary of the study of the abstract and sending it to the main library of the country, primarily in the RSL, that is the famous “Leninka”. If dissertation is not in this library, it is likely that it is not in other places. With thesis Rashkin, apparently, to see the blogger and failed. No thesis, no thesis, he found neither the Russian state library or in other libraries in which it is applied.

This question should be put the Higher attestation Commission at the Ministry of education, which has already addressed the “Communists of Russia” with the request to check the doctoral dissertation of the Deputy Rashkin.

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