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Monday, March 19, 2018

Chemical scandal in Syria became part of the justification for terrorists

History with the use in Syria of chemical weapons the export of which Russia once saved Damascus from American bombers, a side from a purely military point of view, but extremely important in the framework of the information war. And it is time to dot the i: dear Western media is now dancing to the tune of outright terrorists.

Let’s start with the fact, and also from the beginning. Reuters reported that on the night after the “moderate opposition” was shot down a Russian helicopter, another helicopter of unknown nationality dropped a container with some toxic gas in the town of Sarakibe 50 km from Aleppo. They say about 30 victims, accused government troops, as the “moderate opposition” aviation, like as not.

“Something strange is happening around Manuja, where Pro-American forces were almost defeated ISIS*, and now there is also “dramatically worsened the humanitarian situation”

In the world of information warfare sometimes quite well-located and precisely-constructed text to the situation was turned on its head. In the real world, the Agency just published unverified information received from unnamed sources among “moderate opposition” with guns at the ready. As evidence was given short videootryvke on which the person is first aid through the use of breathing apparatus. But the problem is that the help is having someone in the form of so-called Belokonov (in the video he is in a regular helmet camouflage colors, but with a distinctive identification mark on polsini) – “moderate rescuers”, that is, the same militants who simultaneously performs the functions of the MOE in half with the sanitary squad. They are repeatedly caught by the hand when they shelled civilian quarters of the total, than they were equipped at the time of the United States.

The state Department responded almost instantly, but in this case, even John Kirby was forced to carefully construct sentences. He said that “we are already familiar with these messages,” but “cannot say whether they are believable”, so “we and our partners are studying them very carefully”. “If this be true, then it is extremely serious,” he said, and the fact that chemical weapons is serious, do not argue.

The UN has also stated that he had reviewed the reports of the use of toxic gas in Syria but cannot independently confirm them. But I can recall that Syria is party to the Convention on chemical weapons and a member of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW).

Everything seems orderly, but the thing that really proved only one episode of use of chemical weapons over the past day, and just by militants grouping “Noureddine al-Zenk”. At 19.05 local time two shells with gas, suffocating actions were released on the neighborhoods of Bab al-Faraj and Bustan al-Cebu. Five people were killed. And the Syrian government and representatives of the Russian Center for conciliation have accurate data about when and from which location groupings were issued these shells. Again: unlike strange stuffing Reuters, it is a proven fact.

However, in the reports of all the Western TV channels and in news reports on the subject first (and very deployed) provides information that is Reuters and the reaction to it of the state Department, and other stakeholders who together “expressed concern”. Information about deaths in Aleppo as a result of the firing of chemical munitions from the standpoint of “Noureddine al-Zenk” is the second in the highly abridged version.

While Russia is in most cases exposed as “excuses party”. In particular, it quoted the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov: “like stuffing very difficult to respond. You never know what is the basis of this information”. But these words refer only to an unconfirmed Reuters, while messages from most of Aleppo are presented with reference to the Syrian news Agency SANA that Western consumers are, by definition, “untrue”, as “Assad propaganda”.

Some, however, are reinsured, such as the channel Euronews, which put a question mark in the title “were Applied in Syria chemical weapons?”. By this logic, unconfirmed and generally went nowhere information about the bombing in Sarakibe” should be in the agenda if not to “eat” the real data on crime former “moderate”, and now cannibals, at least somehow balance them.

But why the “Noureddine al-Zenk” is needed to use on the knee made of chemical munitions? Thursday 4 August, the Syrian Republican guards and Hezbollah launched a counter-offensive in southern Aleppo in the area of 1070 al-Hamadiya, schools hikmah and har Ramasse. On the same site previously, “Jaish al-Fatah” unexpectedly managed to move into residential development, posing a threat to the rear communications of the government troops. Videoconferencing pre-cleared the way for government forces, but their first attack in the area, 1070 is not specified, it was necessary to regroup and attack again. Victory is near: the Russian air force continues to attack the positions of the jihadists in the area non-stop, and sooner or later the reserves will be depleted of fighters, even for this operation, they were transferred to the South of the city almost last strength from other quarters.

In such circumstances, the use of chemical munitions in the direction of the ar-Ramesse was not only a tool to attract attention and provide pressure information, but also as a way of diverting government forces from the main offensive in block 1070. “Noureddine al-Zenk” seems to have nothing to do with me – they are quite proved his innocence to the human mind, they can copy anything, without specifying where the group and whether those CIA officers who worked with them, rewarded and promoted (even very desirable in the eyes of these people to see).

But a perpetual confusion with a formal affiliation with a particular group leads to strange incidents. On the one hand, “Noureldin AZ-Zenk continues to be part of the “Fatah Aleppo,” that is largely considered to be “moderate” and rukopozhatnoy opposition, on the other hand, they seem like ogres and Jordan put them in the list of terrorist organizations. American black-and-white thinking is a very difficult logic problem, and like tests the contrast between normal and American logic in Aleppo, a few dozen.

This is the “humanitarian situation in Aleppo and around it especially attracts the attention and concern of” our “Western partners”. Fighting in the southern part of the city are somewhere on the periphery of their consciousness. But in addition to them, some days there is a successful sweep of the Eastern Guta near Damascus, in Idlib province destroyed a convoy of jihadists in Deraa continue bombing run in the direction of the Jordanian border militants. Something strange is happening around Manuja, where Pro-American forces were almost defeated ISIS, and now there is also “dramatically worsened the humanitarian situation.”

Artisanal production of chemical weapons (according to recent data, most likely, it was the chlorine) is adjusted somewhere in the Iraqi area of Mosul, that is, in informal American area of responsibility. But the US does not recognize any coordination among them-led coalition and contingent coalition of Syria – Russia – Iran. Therefore expect them to destruction artisanal production of poison in Iraqi Kurdistan is not worth it. Expect to have new round of information war with an obscure purpose. Are not our Western partners earnestly to deduce from-under blow “Noureddine al-Zenk-only in order to annoy Moscow and Damascus? Or one time “moderate” forever “moderate”, whatever he did?

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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