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Friday, March 16, 2018

Carsten Vogt: No hunting Gaddafi no

A German politician called for the holding of special in Libya ground operation

30 APR 2011, 13:25

Text: Tatiana Marshansky,


“The German participation in the mission Eufor Libya will attempt to fix the perfect political mistake”, – such statement in interview to the newspaper VIEW was made by German politician, former Chairman of the NATO parliamentary Assembly, Carsten Vogt (Karsten Voigt). He commented on reports that the European Union may send ground troops to Libya.

The European Union has developed a plan ground operations in Libya. We are talking about the military mission Eufor Lybia to ensure the security of the international mission to provide humanitarian assistance to the population. In a secret document, caught in the disposal of the German newspaper “Bild”, the area of responsibility of the peacekeepers declared the entire country up to the borders with Sudan, Niger and Chad. However, the question is, when operation starts, is still unclear. According to the UN, Libya is yet to be ready. That hinders the military mission of the European Union Eufor Lybia and why Germany should take part in it, the VZGLYAD newspaper said the former coordinator of German-American relations at the Ministry of foreign Affairs, member of the Bundestag from the opposition party of social Democrats, Germany Carsten Vogt.

Carsten Vogt (Photo: Reuters)

OPINION: Germany plans to send troops to Libya. Why she made this decision?

Carsten Vogt: While the implementation of the Eufor Libya unclear. For example, will the EU request for it from the UN, and if so, when? In my opinion, in the current situation this is unlikely. Recently the UN said that the situation in Libya is still very tense.

That is, risks will be related to Eufor Libya, are quite large. But if it takes place, then Germany (with the approval of the parties represented in the Bundestag) should take part in it. While her actions connected with the participation in the conflict, we can only criticize.

First, I do not understand the political isolation of Germany in this regard. Secondly, the fact that it abstained in the UN security Council on resolution 1973. It was a serious political mistake. As you know, this resolution has allowed the provision of a no-fly zone over Libya and air strikes on Gaddafi’s troops.

OPINION: How cost behave to the German government?

C. F.:I Remember like it was Gerhard schröder during the war in Iraq. Then the situation for Germany was even more difficult – Germany, like France, did not share the US position. To be honest, we all thought that the Americans deceive us.

The other scenario is even worse: NATO will not win in the war against Gaddafi. Then some parts of the country will be monitored by his troops, others rebel, others something else.

VIEW: Recently in Libya was carried out the bombing of the residence of Muammar Gaddafi, even though the UN resolution of such right does not. It is obvious that it was committed to his physical destruction. Do you share the view that Gaddafi began a personal hunt?

K. F.: No, not hunting Gaddafi no. What is happening today in Libya, can be interpreted in different ways, but cannot be called hunting. I think that if the allies wanted to kill Gaddafi, you’d have already done it.

LOOK: IN mid-April, the head of the Federal intelligence service of Germany Ernst Uhrlau said that revolutions in the Arab world could lead to strengthening of positions of “al-Qaeda in North and West Africa. What is the role of al Qaeda in the overthrow of authoritarian regimes?

K. F.: Any change in the country associated with the restoration of democratic values, and with them, human rights is associated with certain risks. They concluded that uncontrolled criminal and terrorist organizations can start to be active.

So I understand the concern of Mr. orlow and his statement. However, those that I have not confirmed that al-Qaeda plays a role in the revolutions in the Arab countries. Notice that this information may at any time change, but today it is clear: the activity of “al-Qaeda” in Egypt or Libya, no question. There is evidence that some Muslim organizations have played a role in revolutions, but it is not dominant. And Mr. orlow his statement only expressed concern, but again, specific data confirming the increased activity of al-Qaeda, no.

OPINION: Berlin spoke against the proposals in Rome and Paris on reforming the Schengen agreements. In particular, Italy and France have proposed due to the large flow of refugees from Libya and Tunisia to temporarily restore border controls within the Schengen zone. Do you support the decision of Berlin?

K. F.: Yes. I’m definitely against the imposition of control on the territory of the Schengen zone. If the Italians and French have some suggestions on this issue, they should discuss. But I am opposed to the radical measures proposed by them.

Remember the war in Yugoslavia. Germany then took three hundred thousand refugees. And no country we did not help because, apparently, no one regarded the situation as critical. Compared with the flow of people who arrived in Germany during and after the Yugoslav events, the flow of refugees heading to Italy and France, in my opinion, should not cause concern.

I think that the fear of these two countries for refugees to explain their internal problems. In particular, the possible revitalization of right-wing extremists.

OPINION: When it comes to refugees that come to mind autumn debate in Germany about the failure of the idea of a multicultural society. Tell me, since then something has changed? Managed to find a way to improve the integration of migrants into German society?

K. F.: There are both negative and positive changes. In my opinion, the debate about how to proceed the integration process began in Germany in other, not as liberal as two years ago. Now, increasingly, they can hear the negative populist ideas.

On the other hand, a positive change in our society, which I am happy to see people with so-called “migration background” are playing an increasingly important role in the country’s politics and in public life. The situation with the integration of people who came to Germany for permanent residence from other countries difficult. The good news is that we, unlike France and England, in relation to them, people do not show cruelty and violence.

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