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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

American suddenly broke the plane

Spoken (and sung in couplets and arias) come true. The words gradually begin to materialize. Say “paste” and the mouth will become sweeter. Say: “We are their caps threw” — and before you know it, burst out a military conflict.

photo: Alex geldings


Trumpeting the change of the political elites in Europe. At least we have something changed! But maybe there is nothing to change, because there is no elite, entirely homespun day laborers, haulers, up a sweat pulling the cart, barge, limousine without the motor and knowing in advance the null effect of its labor service, however, not inferior to the strap to another out of fear that it will move out and the positive result will be achieved.


Sometimes it begins to seem: here in a world quarrel settles, and the life will enter in a reasonable track. Still bare-naked and welfare will straighten out and will flow as it should flow, peoples would achieve blissful harmony.

Alas, people are not in control, it is today obvious that the element of enmity governs as he wants. Happens turvy is not as it should be, and in the best case curve, approximately, to the eye, and even unnatural, criminal. Because of the trifles, misunderstandings, rastolkovali used as a pretext for bloodletting and killing thousands and millions of innocent people. The emerging tension can easily result in a global war. Private conflicts merge together. Who is to blame?


Each declares itself the right: “to accuse Us of conquest? Then we’ll charge you triple standards. We are accused of exploitation of man? Then we’ll blame the tightening of our border troops.” Actually the blame for everything. And not everyone bothers to look in the mirror — first of all at myself — and see: I hung with weapons the Scarecrow, suggestive horror in the whole world.

Prerequisites to fear each other is at all: Hitler in Germany was banned, and now his “Mein Kampf” printed an impressive circulation. Our bloodthirsty as Stalin had splashed on banners and flapping to this day.

Stalin’s Propaganda

I wish to use the law on inciting ethnic hatred, sending it against the use of Stalinist symbolism. Because Koba killed? After all, persecuted and eradicated entire Nations — were discriminated against Tatars, Chechens, “the doctors” was organized against certain minorities. Therefore, glorifying Stalin, promoted discord, who now are struggling.


And you need not to wag, and just say: in the Second world war Russia won not thanks to Stalin but in spite of him and his military amateurism. Suffice it to read the meanest of the resolution on the report of a Soviet agent from abroad that the war is about to break out, to be sure: the great leader hadn’t a clue about the military situation were either paralyzed with fear. While the main incompetent head of the idle, who knew military business sense nepostroennye gave them military need helped a little bit to effectively take the first blow of the enemy orders.

Morality is when a knife in the back

It is strange to hear about the high morality, which supposedly is rampant in our country. It is, according to some politicians, hurts others, immoral States. These countries turn on us and. What is our all annoying morality? That ceased to purchase medicines for, say, cancer patients and deceive them, forcing to be treated poorly replacing the genuine drugs counterparts?

Morality would be different: not the evasion of problems, and in honest recognition of specific difficulties. Not excuses shared by the words “not everything is fine”, and in the Cathedral dealing with people (as in the Novgorod Republic) and the development of joint solutions. We need to tell people: “we cannot cope”. But no one would say that. Politesse, the upcoming elections, the infallibility of a single leader.

By the way, if you take a glance polenovskoy our history, we would find that in Russia was not worthy leaders, all with horrible flaws. Not going to understand the bones of the kings, they are now idealized, and in recent times has resulted in long lists of negative traits, but modern to many of us, Soviet and post-Soviet leaders of the bulge obvious limitations, half-hearted, inconsistent, fear (rightly so) of their own entourage. A knife in the back, characteristic symptom of the autocratic regimes. So it is not stuck in the place of residence, it is necessary to blame the aggression of distant foreign enemies. Yes, we again set foot on the road, which we were for years.

Portrait of the leader

Using the immortal recipe of Nikolai Gogol, draw up a generalized portrait of the ideal ruler of the Russian land. If the education of Alexander II to add religiosity of Nicholas II and season obsession Lenin, but multiplied by furious thirst of good for Russia (it is, of course, understanding) of Stalin, Yes, we add the open-mindedness of Gorbachev and Yeltsin immediacy, will make a wonderful ruler. See the opposite: from experimentation strangled by Paul I subtract the obstinacy of Nicholas I, to the near of Nicholas II the admixed bloodlust of Lenin and Stalin and ofencive the conglomerate Cuban raketonosci Khrushchev.

If David Cameron sings…

What is the song sang by forgetting to turn off the microphone, British Prime Minister David Cameron, saying goodbye to their high post?

Can you imagine Yeltsin or Gorbachev or Khrushchev Primakov fun humming after resignation or voluntary renunciation? For us power — something sacred, Holy, inviolable. To leave them is tantamount to parting with life. Of course, if the Palace had to leave the British Queen, maybe her reaction would have been different, not Kemerovskaya. Yes, and Thatcher was full of tragedy: her betrayed colleagues, and all she has done for his country was booed. But for the young arrogant skeptics of modern formation and policy, and public service, it seems, so, trifles. Tired of the Downing street worse than a bitter radish! And Obama is also moving out of the White house of not doing the end of the presidential period drama. And Sarkozy, though, and fought for the extension of the powers conceded to their current French talker meekly. The law is the law. Habit to the fact that no immutable and can not be, they are there, in the West, it seems, imbibed with mother’s milk.

When configured that on you will be unshakable to Shine the sun of one and the same leader, of course, a solar Eclipse is experienced heavier. And for the “sun” sunset is also terrible: if Cameron’s singing, then, is not afraid of the future. Children will not go hungry, the wife isn’t going in the dishwasher. Probably preiskel a spot in a commercial or banking institutions. Earned the image of a thoughtful economist, a reformer, and now will exploit it. Our leaders where to settle in case of early dismissal from indefinite of its vertices? So it does not get them to look at things in a simple, easy, flexible, and dialectical.

Our song

Comes to mind a little song from my childhood times:

There was a feast of Pervomayskiy

And the people rejoiced

And to us American

Suddenly broke the plane.

We hit the STU,

Spoiled slightly.

And wrapped ruchenki,

Sent in the Cheka.

Find out there exactly:

Interfere with the airplane

We execute ahead of schedule

Our seven-year plan.

Aerial photography

Wanted to, the bastard:

Had a needle

And a dozen rings.

And the world we said

Responsibility entire:

Tagged details

Stamp “Made in USA”.

And we have the bomb

A hundred million tons.

And that’s enough

To destroy Washington,

Where every third person

The bandit or the spy

And their leader

Colonel sly John.

And we have enough forces

Weapons and people

To immediately destroy

Theirs West of Marseille.

One-to-one what we hear now in the speeches from high tribunes. Even now do from the stage at the festivals in Sochi, Sevastopol and Jurmala. Or at “Slavianski Bazaar” in Belarus.

The scenery of the theater of operations

Military decorations again on stage. The show is in full swing. On the stage of the politics out of large and small caliber and utter passionate monologues. Engage in discussions, defend the integrity and peace of their countries and their armies and threaten the enemy with new weapons. It is very easy these stage tricks can migrate from equipped with loud acoustics of the halls in the reality, and the decorative gun plunk already not blank shots.

Playing with words, juggling with threats and cannonballs is fraught with irresponsible incarnation of the ephemeral in the genuine theater of war. One wrong step, one wrong move and soskolne into the abyss of carnage.

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