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Friday, February 23, 2018

Vyacheslav Lysakov: “Socially important laws should not only be accepted but also to work effectively”

An important role in the work of the lower house of Parliament has control over law enforcement practices of the adopted laws, especially of social significance. About how he should be, in an interview with “MK” told the Deputy of the state Duma and co-Chairman of the Moscow headquarters of the popular front Vyacheslav Lysakov.

— Vyacheslav Ivanovich, deputies initiated bills, take requests from citizens, and is there any control over the laws?

In the work of the deputies of the state Duma not less important is the role of law enforcement practice, especially the laws of social importance. Simply put, it is not enough to be the initiator of a bill aimed at improving the specific situation, you also have to see how this law will work. The state Duma before the summer recess has adopted a number of bills aimed at improving the living conditions of citizens. They include, for example, the law about the ecology and preservation of forest Fund of the country, create forest green belts around major towns and cities.

The law on the so-called “green shield” needs to save around cities forest areas that risk to be significantly reduced because active cottage construction. The new law regulates deforestation, thanks to him, it will be impossible to remove timber from state forest lands. However, we must understand that the law on the “green shield” affects certain interests of the timber, resisting, for example, the initiative of creating a registry of unscrupulous tenants of the forest, not taking the necessary measures for reforestation, fire protection, etc. will Suffer, and the interests of developers who intended to build cottage villages in the forest areas. That’s why you need to control the situation with the development of land around major cities, especially big cities like the capital, as well as to ensure that the Federal government claimed the regulations that should be very hard to regulate the use of forests, their protection and recovery. It is equally important to exercise public control in the sphere of forest conservation, to involve environmental organizations. These measures together will provide additional protection from corruption risks at the organisation of protection, protection and reproduction of forests.

— What environmental projects you consider a priority?

— We talked about the need to preserve the forest around the cities, but it is equally important to protect water resources, groundwater. I mentioned that in recent years it has become fashionable to build cottages in the forest areas around large cities: it is obvious that there is independent water supply. For several reasons, individual wells are operated without respect for the rules of use of such water sources, which leads to fast local groundwater pollution in a given region. To minimize such risks, it is necessary to develop transparent schemes of water resources, to introduce the latest environmental safety standards use of groundwater, to monitor the implementation of legislation in the field of protection of underground water bodies.

— Forest zone, clean water — all the elements of a comfortable environment, but what to do with electrical problems? Growth of tariffs of housing and communal services, for example?

— You are right, the housing sector ranks first among the problems that concern citizens. As for growth rates, three years ago at the initiative of “United Russia” was adopted changes in the Housing code. According to them tariffs for municipal services were established at the regional level is not above the limit of the indexes provided for each subject of the Russian Federation. The index of change of size of payment for utilities is determined based on the level of inflation. It is fixed at the Federal level. Actors can deviate from the index data, if they need to “bring the tariff to economically reasonable”. Regional authorities in most cases withstand this requirement. However, I believe that it is necessary to understand in details with the payment obschedomovyh needs. To decide what for citizens easier and cheaper: to pay directly to the provider or through a management company.

The other question which concerned citizens, the fee for the overhaul and actually conduct the repair. It is extremely important that the procedures relating to the expenditure of funds for the repair, was transparent. The results of a survey conducted by the onf, confirmed the request of residents and information about who, when, and in what time frame, work will be performed.

In this regard, the Moscow headquarters of the popular front this spring launched an initiative on open data on the progress of major repairs. Onf, in particular, recommended to place in apartment houses information boards about the planned timing and types of repairs, and also publish on the website of the Fund information about the performed works on capital repairs, including design documentation and acts of the executed works. These proposals were taken into account by the Moscow authorities. Specialized agencies have developed models of information boards and launched on the website of public services of Moscow the section “Personal Cabinet”, which has data for each facility overhaul. These measures will provide residents the opportunity to obtain all the necessary information and monitor the progress of the repair in their homes.

This situation is another confirmation of the fact that the public monitoring helps to improve law enforcement practice on the one hand, and the mechanisms of effective work. But it will have the following convocation of the state Duma.

— What will distinguish the future the state Duma from the previous one?

— The lower house of Parliament is now on a different principle: one half of the deputies of the state Duma will go to elections on party lists, the other in single-mandate constituencies. Voters in the regions will be able to vote for a particular candidate who is willing to solve their problems and knows how to do it. From future members expect a degree of professionalism. They need to understand the different areas of life: economy, industry, social sphere, politics and others. The value will represent candidates who are ready to work continuously with the needs and problems of the people. Thus, the voter will receive a personalized MP, with which you can communicate directly. With the election of such candidates in the new Parliament will change the quality of the representation of regions.

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