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Friday, March 16, 2018

The Russians hooked on cheap chemical sundae

Even in a crisis we can’t afford to abandon your favorite treats — ice cream. For the second consecutive year, its sales are growing, adding 6-7% in volume terms and in value by 23%. Not afraid of the Russians and the appreciation of the product. According to estimates retail audit Nielsen, over a year the price has increased by 15%. Now 1 kg is already an average of 360 rubles. In turn, the impoverished people dictates new rules of the game producers and trade. The most dynamic development over the year (+13%) showed the economy segment, mid — plus 10%. But the premium declined by 4%. However still mid-range ice cream has half the market for the poor — 30%, for the rich of 20%.

Photo: AGN “Moscow

Another trend noted by analysts. Implementation of ice cream under its own trade mark (STM) gave growth for the year was 13%, which were not previously observed. One reason: the STM has risen by 9% (versus 15% others). Russians are patriots, therefore, prefer (70%) of domestic brands. And only 10% in the West. But to understand now who is who, is difficult. For brands known since Soviet times, as a rule, are international companies have introduced in our production of their “advanced” technology.

Now look at the composition of the packs of ice cream weighing 221 g at a price of 84.5 rubles (the owner of the trademark — Switzerland). In the first place is water. Then butter, sugar, nonfat dry milk, dry whey, glucose. While all innocently. Read more: inulin (dietary Supplement), flavor, natural (cream plus), emulsifier E471 (mono – and diglycerides of fatty acids), stabilisers (E412 — guar gum, E410 — carob pulp), E407a — carrageenan from Euchema seaweed, flavor identical to natural (vanilla). The packaging proudly bears the inscription: the recipe does not use artificial dyes. So lucky, there are still times and such.

In eskimo (83 g 55 RUB.) is present all the same milk and substitutes of milk fat: palm and coconut oil. Another emulsifier: soy lecithin (E322).

It becomes clear, due to what ingredients the ice cream production has increased over the year by 7.5%, whereas in whole milk products gained a modest 2%. And no positive grandmother, a soaring hot air balloon in the sky, not able to convince us that the Soviet ice cream was a modern taste.

Since already long time I remember cream waffle Cup with yellow or pink icing on the cake at the top of the 19 cents, a tube with chocolate brownies for 28 cents a Popsicle in chocolate 11 kopecks. and fruit at all for 7 kopeks, And of course, ice cream (250 g) for 48 cents. Even in a restructuring of the composition remained more Soviet. The tourists were happy as children, getting dessert for dinner balls of creamy ice-cream. Praised him for the natural taste and lamented the fact that they have completely tinted “chemistry”.

And where this is forgotten, creamy taste come from, if the dairy industry was in full decline? For fourteen years (2000 to 2014) under the knife has got almost 4 million cows. And now the situation has not changed, the milk crisis is only getting worse. Where is the promise of a million cows, the acquisition of which was planned to stretch for five years? The explanation suggests one thing: no money. Although it is obvious that without state support, the situation can not be saved. Meanwhile, the population continues to decline. According to Rosstat, from June 2015 to June 2016 it has decreased by 2.1% and now stands at 8.4 million head. But in 2014 was 8.8. So lack of natural milk and, consequently, ice cream (without additives) for a long time is guaranteed.

Experts say that the country needs 40 million tons of milk per year. Over half of 2016 made a little more than 15. So, by December, again get nadodi. You have to get an import 10 million

For milk, the “tail” is difficult to resist, if “mane” had missed.

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