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Monday, March 12, 2018

The Russian Parliament has withdrawn the land

We have a very easy to fall into the hands of the fraudster. And it is very difficult to restore justice and to return that rascal robbed.

The law enforcement system in such cases, falls into a strange stupor. If it sticks, freezes, and make it work can’t even people with high position and great opportunities.

Our story is just about these people.

photo: Alexander Astafyev

The State Duma has its own camera. It is office workers, responsible for legal, organizational, financial, transport, residential, medical, therapeutic, Protocol and other collateral members.

In the apparatus of the state Duma a large staff — about 1500 people. All people serious, respectable, well-paid, with relationships, opportunities and privileges. Not the most powerful, but those close to them. Anyway, in the bureaucratic hierarchy, their place is much more prestigious than the other office plankton of the public sector.

The apparatus of the state Duma there is a Union. The Union, accordingly, there is a trade Union.

In 2007, the trade Union appealed to the then Governor of the Moscow region Boris Gromov with a request to allocate land for the garden to guide system and the best employees.

Not entirely free to allocate, but for very little money. For the “state” of the inventory value, which in those days was ten times below the market. In fact, for pennies.

Apparatchiks were allocated land is almost 60 hectares in the Klin district of the village Maluhina. From Moscow, about 100 km near the reserve Zavidovo. Nice place. Now officials of the land should issue to divide and begin to explore.

The order of registration of land designated for collective suburban development, involves a series of steps.

Future vacationers should come to the meeting to make a decision on the establishment of its legal entity — say, a country non-commercial partnership (DNP) and to choose the Board and the President.

The Chairman registers of DNP as a legal entity. The land transferred to members of the DNP in the joint property, and they share with each other. Each member of the DNP gets into private property, individual land, and public lands off — road, fire pond, the area under the trash — are transferred to the ownership of DNP as a legal entity.

The Chairman his of DNP (it is just a simple name — “the Forest”), the apparatchiks of the state Duma elected the Chairman of the trade Union Olga Troitskaya. Energetic woman, a good organizer, a lawyer.

The choice was not very good. Energetic Olga Nikolaevna, later identified as “pulled” Duma apparatchiks, as the last suckers.

History is silent about how it happened, but all 60 hectares were registered as the property of the legal entity of DNP Lesnoe — instead of having to be transferred to the joint property of all members of DNP.

Due to this technical mistake (or was it not a mistake?) the Chairman of DNP had the opportunity to build a scheme that ensured her a comfortable existence.

But at first nobody knew, of course.

Initially, on the contrary, everything looked very optimistic. Trinity immediately took up the development of collective land. For this the members of DNP handed her the money — 450 thousand from the nose. Instead, she issued receipts of funds and membership books of the cottager. However, no documents confirming the rights of ownership of the land, members of the DNP was not. Their areas have not been decorated. Part of the put money intended for registration of ownership rights, which was supposed to be the President.

In addition, the Chairman had raised money to drain the swamp to build roads, electricity, water supply, and to enclose the territory of the “Forest” fence.

If this was implemented, the “Forest” has acquired majestic and noble appearance, typical for country partnerships respectable gentlemen with money. A high fence, smooth asphalt, perfect lawn, prosperous inhabitants of the bows, giving each other the road.

So it all and see. After all, the Duma apparatchiks really are not poor people. Even if judged only by the contributions that they gave to the development. 450 thousand is a lot of money. New cars you can buy. And in 2007, it certainly was a huge amount for the vast majority of honest workers. Not that even a huge, and simply unaffordable.

* * *

In DNP Lesnoe came in, of course, not all fifteen hundred full-time staff of the state Duma, and only the best people — hundred-odd people.

On the development together, they passed 100 million. For such money it was possible to build on 60 hectares of Paradise. But three years have passed, and tabernacles all did not grow.

Something has been done. But not what was expected for 100 million. The road was made but somehow. They slept with debris, began to sink, this destroyed the drainage system, technical wells stood filled with water, because there was no waterproofing, swamp remained, fences were installed in violation of the technology and threatened to overwhelm.

There were rumors that the Chairman of DNP bought an expensive car, and her son was apartment. The leadership of the state Duma demanded a report: how much money is spent from the collected 100 million and what.

The Chairman gave an asymmetric response. Resigned from the state Duma, throwing off the burden of service based on the members headed by its country partnerships. But the Chairman remained, of course.

A clear report on the money spent, the Duma apparatchiks never received. Invited experts according to their rating out: carried out work worth less than half. However, the President announced that the money ran out and we must now all pass for 200 thousand rubles.

Given the experience with first put money, not everybody wanted to invest.

Those who did not want the President of the Trinity was to exclude from DNP.

If they had issued title to the land, they would lose nothing. The plots were left to them. They could sell or keep the line up there and make DNP the contract for use of its infrastructure. The law provides for a form of relationship.

But they didn’t have formalized ownership. They did not own their plots. Due to a technical error, which we wrote at the beginning, the whole earth partnership was owned by DNP.

To issue the right of ownership to individual plots was Chairman.

But she was only doing for those who gave 200 thousand additionally. And those who did not pass, the areas actually selected.

From the “Forest” was, therefore, excluded more than 50 members. Someone returned 450 thousand, and someone did not return. Said no money, so sell your land, then ivernel.

* * *

photo: Julia Kalinina

The scammers in recent years has been the chairmen of garden societies so often that they and their schemas to write a multivolume study.

The Chairman of DNP Lesnaya” in this sense is of no particular interest.

Interest the best men of the state Duma apparatus.

When fraudsters use to cheat just simple people, former farmers or workers of a textile factory, it seems clear. Former farmers do not know the laws, bureaucratic procedures do not understand. They are easy to cheat.

But the Duma apparatchiks — serious, solid, professional people involved in the support of the legislative process. And here, too, have been fooled, as the most simple simpletons. Entrusted his property energetic lady and was left without property.

* * *

Expelled from the “Forest” the members decided not to forgive grievances and has mobilized all forces to restore justice: to expel from the chairmen of the Trinity and about to punish her.

Complaints to the police and the Prosecutor’s office, though not immediately, but still had an effect — though it had to resort to the help of deputies. At the request of the state Duma parliamentary inquiries in all the ‘ sent deputies Valenchuk and Khinshtein. After that, WITH OMVD on the Klin district was prosecuted for an unidentified person who by fraud and abuse, stole money from the members of DNP Lesnoe, causing material damage in the large size.

It happened a joyful event in February 2012.

No development it is, however, not received. The investigation bogged down, failing to start. “An unidentified person” continued to roll out millions of members of DNP Lesnoe and require supplements.

In this mode, it took another two years. In desperation, the apparatchiks of the state Duma has again brought his heavy artillery deputies.

After another Deputy’s request, the criminal case was withdrawn from the Klin WITH OMVD on the area and transferred in Investigatory part of GSU GU MVD of Moscow region.

There’s something finally moved, and in November 2014 the Trinity was charged with abuse of authority. The victims were found 52 people with damages of 20 million rubles.

The case was heard in the Klin city court.

Duma apparatchiks were preparing to celebrate. But during the trial it turned out that the investigator who led the case, made a lot of stupid mistakes. The indictment did not match the materials of the criminal case. The victims indicated not the amount that was called in the indictment. In General, turned out to be porridge of some sort, not a case.

In February 2016, the judge returned the criminal case to the Prosecutor for a redrafting of the indictment.

And again everything mired.

The third time started to click by the staff of the state Duma deputies.

The Chairman of the security Committee Hinstein again responded. Wrote letters to Prosecutor Zakharov in the Moscow region and Deputy chief of GU MVD of Moscow region Voronin. Investigation conducted superficially, the accusation of Trinity O. N. not presented in full. These shortcomings must be eliminated as soon as possible, please take control, to organize proper investigation.

In edition “MK” got answers and Zakharova, and Voronin. They don’t argue, they agree with everything. “Investigative actions are carried out aimed at eliminating identified by the court of violations of the code of criminal procedure, “oversight guaranteed,” “the investigation is controlled by the leadership.”

But the output is still zero. The Chairman of DNP Lesnoe stays in its place, and exiles — on the.

* * *

The chairmen of the country partnerships of machinations usually work out. This happens because of the imperfection of the legislation regulating the activities of garden and country associations.

Usually presidents gather with members money, and money is disappearing, but where — nobody knows. To force law enforcement authorities to investigate as difficult as to jump above the head. What can I say, if the Duma apparatchiks — with their connections and opportunities — and what you can not.

The law enforcement system as a half dead frog. From the Deputy receives a request — it seemed to be electrocuted. Move the frog a couple of times and again stuck. Lies there, not moving until the next request.

And how many truckers are able to attract to his showdown of deputies?

The law “On horticultural, gardening and dacha non-commercial associations of citizens” are subject to constant changes. But he still does not give the cottagers real levers of control over the chair.

In July adopted new amendments, according to which each member country of the Association at its request shall be submitted all the accounting documents.

And if they are not presented?

No action in law provides. Complain to the court that you are the Chairman does not give documents.

And what can the court? He will say: Yes, the President is wrong, should give documents. But to force him to give them the court would not be able.

To remove the President from office is also inconceivably difficult. Such decision can accept only the General meeting. Quorum — 50% of the members. But many never going. Especially in country partnership, where nobody lives permanently. Someone just built, someone his land is sold and someone gave, and in the end no one will find. Contacts only from the Chairman, which was planned to remove. And of course he doesn’t want it, so the contacts will not.

Such moments very much. From afar they seem insignificant. But when it comes to real problems, the insignificance become insurmountable. And gardeners, even those as powerful as the staff of the state Duma, — are powerless.

* * *

On public cadastral map of the land plot of 60 hectares of DNP Lesnoe marked as removed from the register. Form of ownership — public. Boundaries are not clarified.

On individual sites with specific owners, as it should be at country enterprises, it is not divided.

To buy land in this murky DNP Executive realtors do not advise. Risky. Buy and then get stuck in a bad a story.

Areas in the “Forest” meanwhile, many are offered for sale. In the Internet dozens of ads. Apparently, these are the areas that the President of the Trinity took away the Duma apparatchiks.

The ads listed their advantages: “round-the-clock security service, access mode, the whole area of DNP surrounded by a capital fence, made roads, near the forest, respectable neighbors”.

Something of the above is probably true. A forest, for example.

But the sound of the neighbors already very doubtful.

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