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Sunday, February 18, 2018

The new Governor of the Kirov region revealed the details of the appointment

The new acting Governor of the Kirov region, Igor Vasiliev gave “MK” first interview since his appointment. The last two years Vasilev was head of Rosreestr and, by his own admission, the President’s proposal to lead one of the most difficult regions, the former leader Nikita Belykh sits in “Lefortovo” on charge in bribery, is perceived as a promotion.

Photo: gov-vyatka.ru

— Igor Vladimirovich, you have traveled to Kirov?

— Did not go to Kirov, and I’m working in Kirov.

— How are your first impressions of the city, from the team, which will have to work with?

— The most pleasant. A city with a long history, beautiful. Already held the first Cabinet meeting, plus a meeting with municipal leaders. Now decide on the priorities on which we will work.

— You perceive it as a promotion or a demotion? Ready for a new challenge?

Is primarily a lot of trust on the part of the government. And then, exactly a promotion. The situation in the region was a difficult after the events with the previous Governor. In the lives of almost 1.5 million people, of course, talented and self-motivated. They all deserve a good life. A region with rich potential. There is a chemical industry, dairy farming is well developed, the forest sector. I think this is an interesting and serious challenge. I feel a responsibility to the people.

— Unable to disclose the details of the appointment?

— Proposal received from the President. Many of these personnel decisions seem surprising. In fact, the speed of action dictated by the need as quickly as possible to get to work, to intervene in the situation. I hope my experience in Rosreestra, the chamber and the Federation Council will help solve the accumulated in the Kirov region of the problem.

In the examination this year earned service “Letter head”, through which citizens could write an e-mail to you personally. In Kirov such will do?

— And why not? Feedback from people is very important. Look, in February, I wrote nearly 7 thousand of electronic applications. I as the head immersed in the details of each of the problems, which is very useful. We give quick feedback, set up our work in accordance with the wishes. You can say, implemented the main principle — not people for the law, and the law for the people.

On that first of all people are complaining about and from what regions?

Leaders, of course, is the most economically developed regions where performed the majority of real estate transactions. Interested citizens primarily valuation issues of e-services.

— In the first half of 2016, the citizens began to challenge the cadastral value of real estate often 1.5 times compared to the same period last year. What is the explanation?

— First of all, more subjects passes to the levy of property tax based on the cadastral value of the property. Secondly, the procedure of challenge is pretty simple. The Commission in the examination this year received almost 15 thousand applications for review of results of the cadastral assessment 30 thousand objects of real estate (mostly land). By the way, the number of decisions in favor of citizens — more than 52%. The total amount of the cadastral value of objects has decreased almost 30%. This figure is not easy to realize. It’s those 30% who were “stranded” by independent appraisers. Rosreestr has helped citizens and businesses to reduce unfair to set the cadastral value of their property.

— From next year under the new law “On land valuation” credentials by definition of cadastral cost is fully passed the state budget institutions. How will this affect the quality of the evaluation?

— In the house in which you live, how many apartments?

— More than three hundred. What?

— Imagine, in your home, someone challenged the cadastral value, and the result was detected error, most likely in a big way. The cost was reduced only in respect of the applicant, and other apartments — no. Now everyone must deal with this issue: to pay the independent appraiser, to apply to the Commission, etc, to spend money, time, energy, some of its own nerves.

Next year none of this will do not need. If the precedent is created, the adjustment will happen automatically from tenants of the house. To go anywhere is not necessary, the fix is free.

— Rosreestr is a definite leader in the provision of services via the Internet. In the first half of 2016, the share of services of Rosreestr provided in electronic form, amounted to 64,5%. What basic services are not yet covered when up to 100% will bring?

— We have all the public services provided by Rosreestr, in e-form: registration of ownership rights, cadastral registration, an extract from the register of rights and real estate cadastre. Appeared the possibility of extraterritorial submission of documents for registration. For example, a resident of St. Petersburg buys warehouse in Vladivostok the person who lives in Moscow. Early to make a deal, everyone had to gather in Vladivostok. Now it is not necessary. Everything can be done via the Internet, assuring documents with electronic digital signature. Given the scale of the country, the cost of tickets is our tremendous accomplishment.

We have received international recognition. Last year Russia took the 8th place among 189 countries in world Bank’s Doing Business indicator “registering property”. In the previous rating, the country ranked 12th place. And started generally in the forties.

Rosreestr is trying to “virtual” experience to spread to other countries. Recently a Memorandum was signed with the Chinese colleagues.

As for 100%. This is because of the desire of Rosreestr depends. See, we must create opportunities so that people could easily receive the services via the Internet. But to use these opportunities or not — it is the desire of the client. There are a lot of factors play a role — the mentality, habits.

Kirov — a city on seven hills, that they will lead Igor Vasiliev. Photo: gov-vyatka.ru

— Last year the inspector of Rosreestr engaged in so-called remote survey of land. Tell us what it is and how it affects the performance audits on the use of land?

— Many agencies talk about the risk-oriented model of inspections. We must strive to come only where you already have a violation. Thus to minimize the number of idle trips, less to bother people. Now, without leaving the office, the inspector may impose satellite images from space on our cadastral maps, which are located on appropriate sites. If the employee sees that erected the fence encloses a lot more square, owned by natural or legal persons, it is a chance to check. In the photo, the inspector also will determine the nature of the buildings, make a conclusion about the target land use. We don’t have to climb over the fence. Can see everything from above.

As a result, the number of inspections in first half of 2016 decreased by 12 thousand to the Level of violations remains the same, but the amount of fines increased almost two times — up to 586 million rubles. And statistics are stubborn things.

And most important. The higher the efficiency of our TEMNOZOR means more protection of the interests of honest property owners.

— Under the state program “far Eastern hectare” Rosreestr is the operator. Some regional MPs, for example from Yakutia asked to freeze the project until 2018. Afraid of free distribution of land — it would infringe on the rights of local residents, will start a conflict. Plus went to the complaint that the program is barely started, and the most attractive land in Primorsky Krai (near the reservoirs) someone already reserved. Have you checked this information?

— Let’s start with the fact that the whole procedure for acquisition of these acres is in electronic form. Absolutely without officials, which supposedly can be something to negotiate. If you are on public cadastral map staked the land, before the registration it is up to you. Now the program works only in pilot regions. Rosreestr appealed to people that if suddenly appears somewhere, “rascaldom”, complaints please send directly to our office.

In General, the interest is there. From 1 June 2016, almost 400 thousand people visited the website “the far East”. While served around 250 applications for the cadastral registration and the Federal registration service has registered at least a hundred contracts of uncompensated use of land.

From January 2017 the earn unified register of real estate. It would give ordinary citizens?

— Now you have to apply to the registered bodies twice. First put the estate on the cadastral account, and then register the right to it. When you combine the register and cadastre of real estate people to contact the references only once. Therefore, the procedure will become easier, faster and cheaper.

— Rosreestr has initiated changes in the legislation concerning the registration of ownership of vehicles. Will not it, the attendants, those businessmen who offer services to Park cars in General Council will not?

On the contrary, relations will become more civilized. I see only advantages. Next year we will withdraw from the shadow of a huge market. We consulted with consumers, construction companies. People can finally get a normal way to dispose of your property: sell, lease, inherit, etc. Earlier in remote areas, where garages are inexpensive, people could spend more money on making the so-called “stake in the law.” The price of the garage was less.

— How do you in General evaluate their stay on the post of head of Federal registration service?

— Assessment of my work can give the country’s leadership and citizens. I can only say that the staff of the office managed to do very, very much. And in terms of registration and cadastral registration, and in development of legislative initiatives. Much we have advanced in the quality of service is to make life of citizens more convenient. These words are confirmed by sociological surveys, the opinions of experts. Without a doubt, Rosreestr just a couple of years was different. I am very grateful to the team of the Ministry, which I headed. We have achieved significant positive results.

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