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Saturday, February 17, 2018

The military of Russia organized a culinary duel and “the Formula-1”

Competition in the international Army games army-2016), which take place in landfills and military units almost the entire territory of the country, has entered the active phase. Moreover, the participants try themselves in the unusual role.

Photo: mil.ru

So, on August 4 at the site of the artillery engineering Institute, branch of Military Academy of logistics behalf of the army General A. V. Khrulyov, located near Penza, launched an international competition for specialists in repair of missile and artillery weapons “Master gunsmith”, where the ability to compete the repair of the Department of artillery and tank weapons teams from Russia, Kazakhstan and China, each of 32 people. Participants have the time and precision to perform a series of tasks: to find the breakdowns of 23-mm anti-aircraft installation ZU-23, towed it on the car “KAMAZ” for technical position, to fix, to bring in the firing position and perform a test firing.

Simultaneously, at the site of “Volga” in the Volgograd region are competition engineering troops teams from China, Belarus and Kazakhstan. In speed competition “Engineering formula” competing crews of machinery for excavation of MDK, puteprokladchik BAT-2, engineering machinery obstacle clearing IMR-2, and a floating conveyor PTS. The team consists of 8 people. In the competition “the Safe route” with a length of 2.5 km on the engineering machinery for teams of 14 people.

The main judge of competitions Alexander, Lieutenant-Colonel Black told “MK” that the competition this very complex and dynamic. It is close to the “Formula 1” — here also it is necessary to show the mastery of the machine control on obstacles. According to him, “first, second, and third place will split seconds”.

His words actually confirmed the results of the first qualifying session, which took place on the track of 4 km with obstacles: ditch, bridge, escarpment, a direct restricted passage, a Ford, a plot of overcoming water obstacles, a passage in a minefield and slide. Here the winners are the soldiers of the 14th separate engineering brigade of the Eastern military district with a score of 5 minutes, 1 second. Second went to the Chinese, breaking the track for 5 minutes 10 seconds, the third — military engineers of the 187-th training center of engineer troops of armed forces of Russia with result 5 minutes, 16 seconds speakers out of the contest. Kazakhstan national team showed a time of 5 minutes 29 seconds. August 9 will be the final of the competition the international engineering competition “Engineering formula”.

And in the Voronezh region in the city of Ostrogozhsk Saturday demonstration performances of pilots of the rally “silk road-2016” from the team “KAMAZ-Master” offers an international competition of military motorists “Masters of tank-automotive equipment. Here the main rivals of the Russian military motorists will be drivers from Venezuela, Kazakhstan and China. This is one of the most spectacular events “Armi-2016”, where at the final stage of the competition organizers expect more than 2,000 spectators.

Each country will compete in team relay and individual race. Individually the participants have to perform the most complicated elements on the accuracy and speed of driving: “eight”, “overall yard”, “viaduct”, “railway platform”, “hillside”, “shelter”, “bridge”, “the ditch”, “hill”… as part of a relay team they have to overcome obstacles: “stubble”, “plowing”, “track”, “gravel”, “swamp”, “quicksand” and “ground streamer”.

The organizers have calculated that in order to prepare this entire volume of exercises, the teams in a period of training every day I had to burn on the track over 1500 litres of fuel.

To provide objective judgment and impartial analysis of mistakes, the competition will be used unmanned aerial vehicles “Granat-2 that will be overflying the highway, maintain a continuous survey of all phases of the competition, providing live video in real-time.

In addition, to observe the preparations of the participating teams and their participation in competitions in Ostrogozhsk arrived military observers from Iran, India and Pakistan.

Participated in “Armi-2016” and the military cook. In the suburban Alabino passed the first stage of the competition. And competed not only cooks the ability to cook, but also in the accuracy of shooting parties struck the target with a Kalashnikov rifle from a distance of 100 meters.

The winners here were the representatives of China, with 113 points (best result was shown by Sergeant Gan guessing who got 30 out of 30 possible), Mongolia — 109, the Russian team won 104 of the ball.

Now the teams will have to compete in your core skill — this weekend 6 and 7 August, the military chefs will conduct cooking control. In turn, the Russian military chefs will prepare more than 3,000 servings of buckwheat porridge with meat and bake the most delicious bread for the army participants and guests of the international Army games-2016 in the suburban Alabino.

Army cooks and bakers of Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China and Angola invite admirers of the culinary competitions and a master class, which will be held on the closing day of the international Army games on August 13. On this day, military chefs will show their skills in cooking of national dishes in the field, and will also show modern technology of cooking. Guests of the contest will be able to appreciate and enjoy a variety of national dishes of the participating countries. For those wishing for the venue of the competition has already deployed around 400 seats.

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