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Thursday, March 22, 2018

The killer who planted the explosive under the car of Sheremet — glued beard

Two weeks after the killing of the journalist Pavel Sheremet in Kiev, clarity about customers of a crime and the motives did not appear. The only can boast of the law enforcement — bleached shots of the surveillance video showing criminals allegedly planting the explosives under the car Sheremet. But even the composite pictures with the video data until done. Citizens propose to identify the wicked for the blurred frames.

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The killer was a man with a neat brown beard and woman athletic. Both by sight 30-35 years, but the face of criminals are hidden under the cap and a hood. Law enforcement agencies are searching for a group of four musicians who have been on the street of Ivan Franko shortly before there were killer. The police believe that these passers-by could be valuable witnesses. The social networks are already trying to define the blurred HR, who looks like “the killers”. “Mosiychuk and Savchenko similar” joke on the Internet.

Support group the FBI is also not very helpful to the investigation. Half of the experts had already left the Ukraine, and the rest continue to advise local investigators. While the only thing they managed to do in two weeks is to establish the type of explosive device, says the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko.

In addition to the Prosecutor General’s office, which is occupied by the procedural guidance of the investigation, the matter has been the Main investigation Department of MIA of Ukraine. Security officials complain that they are difficult to collect sensible information because of the advertised reward of 200 thousand UAH false witnesses lined up to militiamen in a long queue. Sources in the Ukrainian police reported that often people are accused of killing their neighbors, so that, on the one hand, to earn, and with another — to keep with the man personal. But the investigators are required to work all incoming information, which they spend a lot of time and effort wasted.

The basic version of motive of murder Sheremet remains his professional career. Meanwhile continues to gain momentum the theory that the crime was involved the Ukrainian law enforcers. Verkhovna Rada Deputy from BPP Arkady Kornatsky joined the chorus of those who believe that the day before the murder for Sheremet was kept by the staff of the National police. The MP wonders what in General not to disturb anyone, the journalist has caused such interest among the security forces and why the interior Ministry did not want to talk about it. In his opinion, the elimination of the journalist could become the stage of a conspiracy.

In turn, the former Deputy editor of “Ukrainian truth”, and now a parliamentary Deputy from the PPO Sergey Leshchenko argues that if Russia wanted to sow chaos in Ukraine — she could choose another target. He stressed that the “Ukrainian truth” long pressure: MIA sets the surveillance of its employees and listens to their phones. Leshchenko said that once they managed to catch the security forces, watching their leader Alena Pritula, but the Department refused to explain their actions. Murder Sheremet turns out a similar situation. The head of Department Arsen Avakov called all accusations of spying fake, but no investigation for this reason is not carried out, although prosecutors promised to pursue the matter.

Meanwhile, the video frames that apply to identify the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine, “MK” was appreciated by the expert, the operative employee of criminal investigation Department:

— Despite the fact that the does not give an accurate display of the face of the killer, there is enough precise signs, which can match the appearance of the suspects, which will appear in the investigation. And they are now likely to be very much, because after the publication of the photos the phone police will literally break off the calls of those who knew the killer of someone from friends or neighbors. In the picture it is possible to accurately determine the location of a person’s ears, the cheekbones, shaped faces — you can see that it is oval, not round. Beard and mustache too obviously striking, it immediately suggests that they glued their color, with a high probability, does not match the color of the hair, rather contrasting. You can also determine the approximate age limits of wanted. But the body type to determine that the photo is not so simple — it is possible that body weight the culprit visually increased. But on videos, which show how he moves, it is possible to identify the peculiarities of his gait. And it can also help search.

The Murder Of Pavel Sheremet. Chronicle of events

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