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Sunday, March 18, 2018

“Spanish Manager”, suggested the attack of Ukraine for MH-17, was blocked by the woman

Network users drew attention to the transformation of the account of Carlos the air traffic controller from Borispol airport”, nalkowska in 2014 that the flight MH-17 over Ukraine was shot down by the Ukrainian air force.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

Recall that the Malaysian Boeing 777 was shot down over the territory of Donbas 17 July 2014. However, there are several version of the catastrophe. The Ukrainian side was accused of the attack on the plane militias, allegedly used came to him from Russia complex “Buk”, whereas the Russian Pro-government media have launched a number of other versions. While initially one of the most common was a version of the attack plane of the Ukrainian air force.

As proof he cited the reference to the account of a “Manager Carlos” on Twitter and the first news with the link to it has published the state TV channel Russia Today. The entry that was quoted in the news, was as follows: “Military aircraft flew close to 777 three minutes before it disappeared from radar, only three minutes.”

Later, after doubts expressed in other media due to the fact that “the Manager Carlos was unable to find in Borispol, and the account was not in any way confirmed, the website of the TV channel corrected his own text. It has a line that, according to other media reports, “the Spanish account Manager with the alias spainbuca on Twitter is a fake and blocked.

A new development theme received a year ago when the account spainbuca began to belong to some “Lyudmyla Leptysminae”. While her blog contains a lot of meaningless lines, interspersed with tweets about the “Ukrainian junta”. RIA, the FAN, which was previously suspected of having links with the so-called Pro-Kremlin “trolls”, then reported that “Russian girlfriend” just “got user name” blocked account, and it allegedly has nothing to do with politics.

A new wave of attention to the transformations of the account occurred today, after journalist Paul Gingerbread asked about the fate of the “Spanish Manager”. It turned out that now Twitter has blocked the account “Lopatkina”, although his data remained in the “Internet archive”.

Recall that today the Prime Minister of Malaysia expressed hope the outcome of the investigation on the crash of the Boeing before the end of this year.

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