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Sunday, March 18, 2018

As Obama “has made” US to the 55th anniversary of the American President

It happened on a desolate Eastern edge of Cuba. Guantanamo covered the night of the presidential election of 2008. When it became clear that the Democrat Obama defeats Republican McCain, the prisoners with increasing force began to chant: “Obama! Obama! Obama!”. They believed that with the victory of Obama will come to their deliverance. It belonged to him the passionate words: “In the dark corridors of Abu Ghraib and the prison cells of guantánamo, we have compromised our most precious values.”

Such informal images of Obama were made possible by his personal photographer, Pete Sousa, who met the future leader back in 2005. It is known that Souza also worked as a photographer during the second presidential term of Ronald Reagan. Photo: whitehouse.gov_Pete Souza.

On the second day of his presidency — January 22, 2009, Obama issued an Executive order stating that Guantanamo would be closed within one year. It seemed that this ugly legacy of the Bush—Cheney ordered to live long.

But the last — eighth — year stay of Obama in the White house, and Guantanamo is still there. In fairness it must be said that in its dungeons now is not seven hundred and seventy-nine prisoners, but only seventy-six. However, the jail — the shame of a democratic America — still disfigures the Eastern extremity of the Island of freedom.

In March this year, Obama visited Cleveland, capital of Ohio. Student-seventh-grader asked him a meeting with him, what advice he would give to himself if he the third time became President? Obama replied: “I think I would close Guantanamo on the first day of his stay in the White house.”

The Megillah continues…

Richmond, Virginia, was before the end of the Civil war between the North and the South of the Confederate capital. At the end of the city, where over the infamous “Trail of slaves”, stands the building of the NINETEENTH century from red brick with a Greek Doric columns. Here once was America’s first Negro Baptist Church. When African American Douglas Wilder was elected the first black Governor of the United States, he decided that the best building for the National Museum of slavery in the United States simply did not come up.

Photo: whitehouse.gov_Pete Souza.

But it’s been 25 years, 8 of them under the presidency of Obama, and things are there. Two years ago, frustrated Wilder said at a press conference in the Capitol of Richmond, he decided to settle for a more modest project. But this modest project casts only his shadow. How to show tax documents for 2014, “a modest proposal” was “donated” $ 0!

The mayor of Richmond decided in defiance of the Governor to establish a Museum of slavery on a former slave market called “half-acre of land of the Devil.”

The Megillah continues. That’s just bull black!..

In the 2008 election, Obama struggled not only with Hillary Clinton and John McCain. He had to fight with mid-America version of racism. Without this, his victory was unthinkable. This battle was very peculiar. It consisted of concessions Obama. From the chessboard policy disappeared first, radical shapes, and then quite “respectable”.

During the election campaign of 2008, Obama had to sacrifice his mentor Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Rivals beat on Wright and ricochet on Obama. They required him to renounce Wright. The situation is a crisis. Only by abandoning Jeremiah Wright and pitting it in Dante’s Inferno, Obama could count on the continuation of the presidential battle.

Detachment did not notice the loss fighter. But enemies, Obama noticed and identified his next victim. They became a Harvard Professor Cornel West. The police, suspecting him as a terrorist, was not allowed in his own house. Unlike Wright West was not a radical and more like another Harvard Professor who became President.

Not to respond to the incident with the West and Obama could not, especially since he already lived in the White house. The bullets went too close to him. And here he has resolved the conflict with humor. Obama invited to the White house and West, and a police officer for a “beer summit”. The incident was washed down with beer, but West disappeared from the chessboard of Obama.

At that time I wrote a portrait of Obama in a pamphlet called “the Bat”. Following in the footsteps of La Fontaine and Krylov, I called the President of the United States, “bat”, around which there was a hole. Neither bird nor mouse for her she did not believe, and no concessions either can’t change this “alpinism”.

And that’s the whistle to end the second term of the Obama presidency. There is another ideologist of proamericanism — Michael Eric Dyson. Between the Dyson and Obama it makes no difference, and inspired by this Dyson writes political biography of Obama. The book just came out. It is called: “Black presidency. Barack Obama and racial politics in America.”

Counterpoint books is that Americans live under a black President not so much because of the color of his skin is black, but rather because Obama’s presidency is due to rules and ritual “black respectability” and “white supremacy”. Even a person who is considered the leader of the “free world”, have to obey the expectation of white. (Dyson does not exclude the fact that Hillary Clinton, in case of victory this year may do much more for black Obama.)

But black Obama’s convenient and lucrative white America, for it helps her to better perceive the “national democratic ideals and promises.” The achievements of Obama, writes Dyson, “point to something that does not allow the government at the highest level before he appeared, — equality of opportunity, fairness, democracy and justice in society.”

Optimism Dyson shallow when it comes to the attitudes of white America on racism. Rather, the author almost does not affect. Dyson pins its hopes on a rather impromptu show Obama’s racial solidarity.

But among these “impromptu show” I know and remember only one thing, when Obama finally broke through. It was after the murder of the Negro boys of Trayvon Martin. Obama resistances, said that the slain teenager he sees himself. His anger was genuine, broke out.

But in General, Obama’s speech built on the principle of “ours and yours”. It is no accident that among his speechwriters no one black. The speech is a good example of mixing, white guilt in the cultural pathology of blacks, the result of which is blaming black folks that de is responsible for the antipathy of the whites.

The last time gives a fairly vivid examples of such racial swinging “swing”. No matter how Obama tries to maintain a balance between the murders of black boys and police officers, the balance is still leaning in favor of “blue” and not “black”. Anywhere Obama does not support the slogan “Life black also mean something”.

In his book, Dyson writes that “the indifferent anti-racism” Obama stems from his pragmatism, rather than any deep ideological twists. Moreover, he believes Obama is a “antidialogical” and writes that his antialergy made his “election”.

However, the principle of separation of powers hits hard at the dark skinned President. Here is what this says about Obama himself: “I have to allocate dollars for any programs through a number of congressional committees are dominated by people who do not read or Cornel West or Michael Eric Dyson”.

About Cornelle West I said. What was Obama’s relationship with Dyson? If attentively to read the latest book, it Obama does not spill water. Here they are together at the Californian castle of Oprah Winfrey during a fundraiser for the election campaign of Obama in 2007. Dyson exchanged remarks with Barack and Chris Rock. But the Dyson on a private jet and SUV, giving advice to Obama on how to “sacerdote” his style of rhetoric. But Dyson in the VIP section at the ceremony on the occasion of the March on Washington, or at the dinner of White house correspondents. And so on and so forth. The reader is convinced that Obama and the Dyson one. They Pat each other on the shoulder, joking, smiling. Thus, Dyson appears to the reader as conversing with “you” with a Story that is Barack Obama.

But in reality, Obama pushes away Dyson as last Wright and West. Dyson has almost no access to Obama as the President who has very different goals. Dyson can meet at a party with Obama, but not at the Desk of the Oval office.

Photo: whitehouse.gov_Pete Souza.

When bill Clinton has been chronicling his stay in the White house, he called to his speechwriter and Taylor Branch stayed up with him 150 hours during the 78 meetings. That Dyson not even dreamed of. He sat in front of the Oval office, but in vain. Obama finally took pity and assigned Dyson a 10-minute audience. Dyson “politely refused” — he said. Instead, he began to pester the nearest counselor to Obama, Valerie Jarrett, and through it begged the 20-minute meeting with the President which lasted for half an hour. And it’s all for books 350 pages…

What President Obama was for America?.. If we put a dot instead of dot, we get a portrait of a black man who the White house has pre-sold the soul to the Devil and took his people — black America — only 10-20 minutes of your time, extending them to an hour.

But eight years is not 10-20 minutes, not even half an hour. Eight years, on the other hand, not 55 years. That said even 20 years ago, Obama photographer Mariana cook: “All my life I stitch together their family stories or memories of friends and my ideas.”

Stitch Obama was. Its gone beyond the horizon of his father-a Kenyan. His Indonesian stepfather Lolo Soetoro. Their ordeal through various names and geographical names. On the father’s side he was a Kenyan, with the parent white. He spent his youth in Asia, adolescence in Hawaii, College in California and new York, advancing maturity in Chicago.

But more importantly, he was “made” your character, kind of unifying the idea and refrain — United States of America. Speaking at the Democratic Convention in 2004, he said: “in No other country on earth the story of my life impossible.”

It was his first appearance on the national scene. “There is no black America and white America, a Latino America and an Asian America. There are only the United States of America,” he said at the Congress in Boston. Country “opened up” Obama.

Since then it has been 12 years, but the message of Obama has not changed. Speaking recently in Philadelphia at the Democratic Convention, he again spoke of American values that guided his Kansas grandparents and the family of his wife Michelle. They showed the world that the children of immigrants are Americans, like their own children, no matter what hats they wear — cowboy hats or yarmulkes, baseball cap or a hijab.

Obama was at the top of their “craft”. He discovered America and after many years of wandering the ocean “made” it with their experience and passion of a traveler and intellectual. And he did what many others only empty words — life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

But Obama does not believe in the selfish and empty “saviors” such as Donald trump. “We don’t want to be ruled,” — said Obama in Philadelphia and cited the first words of the Constitution: “We the people”. This is the strength of America. That’s the power of Obama. He received it as a gift, or rather, won, and even conquered.

America was always the country of Tomorrow. Yesterday is of little interest. Have to pay for everything. No wonder Lessing said: “the Present born from the past, is the parent of the future.”

So Barry Soetoro gave birth to Barry Obama, and that Barack Hussein Obama, who initially was the “skinny guy with a weird-sounding name”.

But this “skinny guy” went to the bridge of America in those years, when the split of America was much deeper than expected.

That’s why he was hated the white working class of the country that loses jobs, loses security, loses his pride and loses the war. The white working class feels that he was left somewhere behind, in the train. And he blames President Barack Obama.

Obama has not had time to fledge, when he was awarded the Nobel peace prize. He understood that this is only an advance. But the advance that you need certainly to pay. He understood that he was not like Martin Luther king or Nelson Mandela. He tried. But it didn’t always work out the Nobel peace prize. More than two and a half million American troops were thrown into Afghanistan and Iraq over the past 15 years. In the eyes of the vast majority of the two and a half million and their families, Obama was unable to evaluate their work. He couldn’t say “sorry” each family wars claimed breadwinners.

Photo: whitehouse.gov_Pete Souza.

Obama is not lucky with the economy. The global economic context of his presidency, which took over many political and cultural realities, almost crushed the President. He was not able to magically bring the country out of the great depression.

Not sure would survive Obama this tension, if not for his wonderful family, first and foremost, the first lady Michelle. Many years ago she said that her husband is “too nice a guy for such a brutal policy.”

Without a family like Obama without a shell. And Michelle, and his two daughters, Malia and Sasha always come to his aid. Sometimes they charge it and sometimes, on the contrary, relaxes. This knowledge is a great power. How to lead the country, if you can’t lead your family? Because Obama runs the country that he can guide his family. And Vice versa: he knows how to lead his family because he knows how to lead his country.

Obama is often accused that he apologizes too much for America. He even called the Supreme glabrousness. But in reality, he apologizes for the past, not the future of their country. He apologizes for slavery. He apologizes for Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We must not forget the figure of Obama on that piece of coast from which America took ships loaded, it loaded slaves. And how was he then not apologize? The same can be said about Hiroshima. Where it is not formally apologized, but did everything to make it clear to Japan and humanity that America has committed the crime of dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Obama has to stitch together not only the private with the public and the state. It “stitches”, or rather, trying to stitch together what is now threatening Donald trump, and he threatens the American motto, “E pluribus unum” — “One from many”. Trump is not one of many. He’s one of the few who really threaten America and which rises against Obama.

After Obama leaves the White house, he will move to the house is from the White in a half to two miles. It is difficult to speculate on what his future will be. But it is noticeable that he is making Hillary Clinton the successor of his political line, to ensure that she did not shy away from it.

The struggle for equality of the black population in America is not over. I think with the departure of Obama from the White house it will further increase, as it will not weigh down presidential armor. Without this armor, I hope he will be more persistent, “stitching” that broke America’s racism.

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