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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Aria let jubilee “Blood”…

Last weekend variegated and motley fans of heavy music, despite the heat, gathered at Aria fest”, which during its existence has grown, “Mature”, turned into an international event and was first held in the format open-air. For metalhead played their sets, the leaders of the scene — the legendary German Doro, “Cruise”, for the first time in 25 years, the audience in classical composition, and, of course, “Aria”, celebrated enchanting a fiery speech 25th anniversary of the album “blood for Blood”.

Photo: Vladimir Astapkovich

One hour before the start of the tournament, the entry dragged a huge metal place. The pioneers are members of the Russian power metal band arktida, founded in 2003 in Ulan-Ude. “We are scandalously unknown group, which after “Aria-fest” will be infamous!” joked musicians.

In contrast, the group “Slot”, with which on stage were guitarist “Aria” Vladimir Holstinin, not flirting with the audience and worked “seriously”: the vocalist Darius Stavrovich, despite the apparent fragility, shattered the audience with powerful vocals and energy.

“Aria.” Photo: Vladimir Astapkovich

The playful manner in his speech was supported by Sergey Efimov with the team Hippy Chaos, whose music, despite the name, was not “hippie”. Guys pleased with the “early birds”, flying to the scene, downhole rock hits in the style of AC/DC. The performers managed as to stir up the fans: the dance floor lives up to its name, but special excitement was caused by the song “Shake”. Sergey Efimov — the singing drummer, which is rare for the metal scene. He managed not only to rostinawati”, but also to cheer the audience by staging a small performance with improvised interlocutor on the phone. Almost after each song the musician released a fun joke at the end asking to find the band a new singer, as he was very tired. However, judging by the scenic activity of the actor, do not say: later, he again appeared on the scene — in the original line – “Cruise”, group-a dinosaur from the list (along with Aria, of course) of the founding fathers of the Patriotic hard-n-heavy. In the crowd was a huge number of fans in clothing with symbols of the legendary band and they were looking forward to performances of the Golden composition “rasia—Efimov—Vasilyev” for the first time since last century!) and, it seems, are fully satisfied with even the young metalheads singing along to old hits — “Hit For MTV”, “pilgrim”, “Knight of the road”.

“Cruise” has gathered in the gold composition. Photo: Vladimir Astapkovich

Valorises a hundred, “Cruise” lost scene Doro, which, unfortunately, has played a slightly less songs than planned, but made up for it with its frenzied energy, only proving that brevity — the sister of talent. German sang his most vivid hits — “Metal Racer”, “All We Are”, “Burning Witches”, constantly moved around the stage and seemed to be trying to look into the eyes of each viewer and with each to share emotions. Doro as close to his audience this evening (literally — out in the dance orchestra seats during a performance) and sincerely thanked for the warm reception: “What an amazing night!..” One of the fans gave the actress a huge bouquet of bright red roses, after which the already overly impulsive singer has melted completely. “Oh! This Is Russia!” gratefully she exclaimed, referring apparently to the fact that usually heavy gigs roses artists in the world will not give. Anyway — don’t give. This lovely, purely Russian peculiarity of the relationship of the audience with the artists will always cause emotion from visiting guest artists.

The culmination, of course, was the performance of the “great and terrible” “Aria” on the background of the covers of the jubilee album “blood for Blood” — on the back of the stage unfurled a huge banner with a grinning monster. The group put on an impressive fire show — if not Hello to the colleagues of Rammstein, but in any case, an exciting amusement, which caused a thundering audience’s delight. “This is our little gift to the guys!” — not without pride, said Nikolai Zinovenko, another “dinosaur” of the genre, who heads his own stage company, “recanted” in countless ambitious productions in the history of the domestic like rock and pop music, including the festival “Sound Track”. And then exploding pillars of fire did a concert similar to a mystical celebration. No wonder the album “blood for Blood” is the most conceptual album of the group, all of the songs are dedicated to the subject of the supernatural, and what’s heavy metal without mysticism. So the program was even fun intimidating but endlessly fascinating: the audience could not stop from happening, spellbound listening to the idols.

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