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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Ambassador non grata”: Kiev has blatantly refused to appoint Babich

The rare bird will reach the middle of Dnepr – especially if this “bird” newly promoted Russian Ambassador. As expected, the former messenger of the Kremlin in Kiev Mikhail Zurabov remained without a full-fledged successor. Ukraine refused to accept the new Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation Mikhail Babich refused deliberately crude, in the form that absolutely is not accepted in diplomatic practice.

A famous diplomat and head of Protocol Department of the Soviet foreign Minister Boris Kolokolov said in his fascinating memoirs, among other things, that’s what history. In 1971, the day of his birth the king of Morrocco, as usual, staged in a country residence a dinner for foreign ambassadors. At some point the Soviet Ambassador, former Minister of foreign Affairs of the Ukrainian SSR Luka Palamarchuk could not stand the heat and quietly went away – I went and missed the “nail program”. The Royal residence was into the rebellious military forced all the participants of the dinner to lie on the floor and shot trying to protestovat Belgian Ambassador. King Hassan II miraculously managed to escape and quell the coup attempt.

But as Boris Kolokolov described what happened next: “I came to visit the Ambassador of Morrocco. The conversation was very friendly. Then he handed me a note from the Embassy, which reported that the king consents to the appointment of the new Ambassador of the USSR in Marroco was given an unknown name…

I immediately went to the Minister of foreign Affairs – “MK”), Andrei Gromyko, Gromyko…, reading the note, said that we did not requested the agrement… Thus, the Moroccan diplomacy, the flexibility found delicate way to actually declare Palamarchuk persona non grata. Obviously, they could not leave the suspicion that Palamarchuk knew about the conspiracy.”

Here’s how to deal with the objectionable ambassadors of the powers who know a lot about the diplomatic politesse. But as with undesirable ambassadors received power, for which the most important is to get nasty. Quoted by RIA Novosti news Agency: “Kiev is not considering the issue of the appointment of the Ambassador of Russia in Ukraine, – said Deputy foreign Minister for European Integration Elena zerkal on the air “the Fifth channel”: “ This issue is off the agenda…At least the way he was raised.

As they say, feel the difference – feel, but not particularly surprised. From my point of view, the failure of Kiev to host the new Russian Ambassador is absolutely logical and predictable phenomenon. Will clarify my position once more: the word “nasty” in the previous paragraph I used not in order to Express their indignation at the behavior of the Ukrainian diplomacy. I used it because it most accurately describes the aims that put the officials in Kiev.

Demonstrative brutality against Russia and Mikhail Babich allows the current Ukrainian authorities to simultaneously solve two problems at once. Problem a: the easy way to score political and propaganda points. Petro Poroshenko is in power in Kiev for more than two years. He is expected to present the country with at least some achievements. As well as real achievements no, he has to bet on a virtual “achievements”, saying that once again we have put in place Moscow, slapped her a resounding slap in the face, showed that we are not going to put up with its aggressive action!

Objective B: to protect themselves from attacks by ultra-nationalist part of the Ukrainian society. From the point of view of international diplomatic norms, the appointment of a new Ambassador by foreign powers is indicative of the friendly attitude of the host country in relation to the state, which represents the Ambassador. But the mass consciousness, especially the current Ukrainian mass consciousness operates on different laws. If Poroshenko has agreed to accept the new Ambassador of the Russian Federation, he would certainly have become the object of attacks from the local “ultra-patriots”, saying that our President groveling before Moscow, trifling with a messenger of the aggressor!

Of course, the failure of Kiev to host the new Ambassador of the Russian Federation was not predetermined 100%. If Moscow sent to Ukraine the status of a political heavyweight, so even with the special negotiating powers, he would have all the chances to get the coveted approval. But the “ special negotiating powers” have meaning only when there is a subject of negotiations. Apparently, the Kremlin believes that now such a thing does not exist. And so it turned out that the Russian Embassy in Kiev was left without a full-fledged owner.

Should we consider it a tragedy? Oh, definitely not. In the system of relations between Moscow and Kiev, or rather, what remained of that system – the Ambassador is not indispensable figure. If something is really important, nothing prevents Putin to pick up the phone and call directly Poroshenko. Before such telephone contacts took place regularly, although they are not always reported to the public. Contacts can be made through the head of the Kremlin administration Sergei Ivanov with his Kiev counterpart Boris Lozhkin. Contacts can be made via the envoy of Russia in the contact group on settling the situation in Eastern Ukraine, Boris Gryzlov.

I’m sure if Putin can find – and may have already found another channel of direct communication with Kiev guide. So the Ambassador is definitely not important. Important is what we and our parents told older people: the main thing that there was no war. Recently from Donbass again, alarming news come about the intensification of the clashes. Russia’s interests demand that the clashes subsided. Our leaders must pursue this goal – and it does not matter whether in Ukraine, Russian Ambassador or not.

And the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Kiev will appear as part of a package of decisions on refusal of Kiev from many other nonsense such as the cessation of direct flights between the two countries. Differently simply can not be: sooner or later the course of official Kiev on the escalating negativity in the relationship with Moscow will run out of steam and exhaust themselves. But when there will come this happy moment, yet no one knows. I suspect not soon.

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