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Thursday, August 17, 2017

After the appearance of the petition for the resignation of Medvedev politicians called changers

The global online platform for social campaigns appeared a petition demanding the resignation of Dmitry Medvedev. As promised the resource, after collecting signatures, the petition will be delivered to Vladimir Putin. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that while the petition did not read. It would be naive to assume that Putin will listen to any petitions, when it comes to personnel, governing the country, however, this community initiative gives a reason to think again: if not Medvedev, who will? This is what we asked leading political scientists.

photo: premier.gov.ru

Alexei MUKHIN, Director of the Center for political information:

– According to my information, and according to indirect data, which I using political analysis feature, Medvedev will retain the post of Prime Minister after the September elections. That is, in the foreseeable future it will not replace anyone.

At some point it seems that Medvedev may soon “leave”. But now I venture to suggest that he will retain the post of Prime Minister after the 18th of September and until December 2017. So I can’t make you happy fresh names.

– In principle there is a person able to replace Medvedev or Dmitry Medvedev at this stage is absolutely essential?

The work of Medvedev in a position to do Igor Shuvalov. In different emergency cases he can perform the duties of the Prime Minister, with the same functionality. I understand that that is why Shuvalov such attention manifests our non-systemic opposition in recent times.

And to name names that will be discussed and a half years, I now wouldn’t want.

Alexei MAKARKIN, first Vice-President of the Center for political technologies:

– Before the elections to the Duma in any case, the Prime Minister will Medvedev, and then traditionally the ruling party will get less votes than she would like, and start talking about changing the Prime Minister.

People who reject the existing liberal economic policies will begin to offer a version of the Cabinet of Ministers headed by Glazyev or Rogozin. Will require a Patriotic approach to the economic model of strict government regulation.

At the same time, the liberal part of society will insist on the continuation and strengthening of market-oriented reforms, weakening the role of security forces in politics and the economy. They prefer quite different names, for example — Kudrin.

But I think that all these options exist only in the information space. Speaking carefully, the option or Rogozin, Glazyev is too sharp a turn. Besides, it can be built on a huge, ambitious state program (for example, based on the military-industrial complex), and it is now not enough resources. Such dripping is not in danger to revive the economy, and to finish it completely.

At the same time, the arrival in the Premiership Kudrin or other people with this field will require not only economic but also political change. Among their demands will reduce the impact forces in business, and the reform of the judicial system… I don’t think the government is ready to reform, which will focus on the foundations of the government itself.

So I assume the person who will replace Medvedev (and most likely it will take place after the presidential election in 2018), will be different. His name is from the experts, but it is not at the hearing. It will be a completely different type compared to those that are heard in the media.

After the presidential elections of 2018 will have to carry out optimization of the reforms, we have all kinds of cuts and downsizing. Will have to raise the retirement age. Accordingly, the Prime Minister will be appointed the person who curses in his address, to the rejection of its activities. That is, the person is not a party nor public opinion. It will be the Prime Minister, who is not going to make a political career and has nothing to lose in the electoral sense. Missing their own political ambitions will not stand in his way to fulfill the President’s goal. It will be more dramatic than Medvedev because the latter was constantly afraid to expose his party.

I think the Prime Minister after Medvedev’s facial features will be similar to the early Serdyukov in the defense Ministry. Serdyukov was not afraid of becoming an allergen. Came to the army from the outside, from business and tax services, he did not suffer from the hate of the military class. And reformed the army, carried out a very serious organization, not paying attention to the attitude and protest military and veterans.

This type and will replace Medvedev.

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