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Sunday, March 18, 2018

A former ISIS fighter told about the plans of simultaneous terrorist attacks in Europe

Harry Sarfo serving three years in Germany on charges of terrorism, gave an interview from prison The New York Times. In it a man who a year ago joined the so-called “Islamic state” (ISIS/ISIL banned in Russia as a terrorist organization), said that the group planned a series of simultaneous terrorist attacks in Europe — even before the attacks in Paris in November last year, before the attacks in Brussels in March 2016.

photo: twitter.com

The attack on 14 July in nice, which claimed the lives of 84 people, has become one of the largest attacks by ISIS in Europe.

As reported by The New York Times, Sarfo joined ISIS last year, going directly to Syria. However, almost immediately upon arrival, he held a conversation masked men — representatives of the “secret service” groups, who explained that they no longer needed the Europeans are on Syrian soil and it is better to go back to Europe to “help” the terrorists there.

“He (the representative of the secret service) spoke openly about the fact that they have a lot of people living in European countries, and awaiting the command to attack the Europeans, — quotes the edition Sarfo. — It was before the attacks in Paris, to attacks in Brussels.”

“They always said that I would like to implement something at the same time,” he continues. They wanted to carry out several simultaneous attacks in England, Germany and France.”

The secret service, ISIS, the publication, known to European intelligence services called Emni is a multi — tiered structure headed by the “press Secretary” of the group, Abu Muhammad al-Adnani. The main task of the structure — the implementation of terrorist attacks abroad, recruitment and propaganda.

He Sarfo before to join ISIS, regularly attended a mosque in Bremen, where in Syria, according to the German intelligence services, was sent at least 20 people.

According to the prisoner, the representatives of Emni in conversation with him, also admitted that they had so many supporters in Germany, ready for the attacks, but many in France. “My friend asked them about France. They began to laugh. But laugh seriously, with tears in his eyes. They said, “don’t worry about France. No problem. This conversation took place in April, seven months before the attacks in Paris that claimed the lives of 130 people.

For terrorist attacks in Asia and the middle East “Islamic state,” said Sarfo, actively recruits former members of “al-Qaeda: “as soon As they come in the IG, they immediately ask about experiences and relationships.

In Europe, in addition to those who directly are going to commit a terrorist attack, there is a category of so-called pure people: “They do not support direct contact with those involved in the attack, because they know that if the last speak, and they will be caught”. The aim is to submit the artists call to action. Most “pure”, says Sarfo, these are people who have recently embraced Islam.

Sarto also spoke about the rigid discipline in the ranks of ISIS from the grueling physical training “recruits” collapses, food and drink were strictly divided; guilty of what is-or could be tied to a post and write like this.

The main disappointment in the ideas of IG Sarfo experienced after participating in the filming of another movie with a penalty — he saw the footage he thought was real, watching the video in Germany, removed several times, until you reach the desired effect.

Then Sarfo began to build an escape plan. He managed to reach Turkey, where he flew to Bremen. At the airport of the German city he was arrested on 20 June this year, and then convicted and sentenced to three years in prison.

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