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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Why the Bolshoi theatre ballet takes the picture of your “bad phone”

A hundred years ago, the theatrical poster was: (a) the most powerful means of communication and b) absolutely independent genre of art. It’s hard to argue, looking at a Ton such as Anna Pavlova (ballet “La Sylphide” in the framework of “Russian seasons” Diaghilev) brush Valentin Serov, as posters with Sarah Bernhardt sumanirole Alphonse Mucha, and Vrubel, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec… tongue-tied, not having time to pronounce all the names that have become icons of design.

And today? Where the current Toulouse-Lautrec and Vrubel? Is there a need for them? Or enough of the Internet to communicate with young people? Last night (and fewer traffic jams, and the facades are illuminated), we walked about twenty of the Moscow theaters, just about ready to open the season. Alas, the bottom line — three or four posters that really touched us to the quick.

photo: Yan Smirnitsky

Stylish poster with Evgenia Simonova theater. Mayakovsky.
Designer Pauline Pavlyuchenko.

So, go on Tverskoy Boulevard, taking a pen — here it is, storm the stage! — renowned designer, Illustrator and artist Pauline Pavlyuchenko. It is our strict censor”, from the point of view of the viewer who does not know, unlike us reporters “MK”, the background of each theatre, whom it delighteth the Sands…

■ ■ ■

The Moscow art theatre. Bitter: with the orders and swirly

…Every time, passing by the creation of architect Kubasov on Tverskoy Boulevard, 22 (1973), there is the idea of a crematorium in the town centre: something dark looms over you, forcing you to run away. Doroninskoe Mat is very proud of is the successor to the award-winning arts theatre, and therefore of the order of Lenin, the Revolution and red banner hanging pompous as on the facade, and on billboards, coming into conflict with flourishes of art Nouveau, also taken from the heritage of Stanislavski (fonts and ornaments designed for the “total” Theater, even Fyodor Shekhtel).

— When you look at it, shakes her head Pauline, looking like a poster in the window or on the curb, standing on the left — I understand why the youth ran in the movies: the best designers “conjure” over the posters of the films, assessing audience expectations. And a mystery to me why these designers are not going on the theater field…

photo: Natalia Muslinkina
Gorky Moscow art theatre in his repertoire.

Ms. Pavlyuchenko came close, considering the sea of black and white pictures from the performances in Windows, does, however, is not “playing” in the distance, not visible from pedestrian areas.

— At parties see that this is a one-man show — Tatyana Doronina, she advertised more than others. Why are there two identical Pontius Pilate? The pictures are very static, no flight. Composition uptight, no air, heroes closely inside. Doronina raises his hand up in an expressive gesture, for example, but the frame is supplied clipped, the whole meaning “great soul” artist is killed.

Finally, we examine the pedestal, also included in the General ensemble (but, sorry, the 70-ies!), with two classic images: Vassa Zheleznova — Doronina, Ranevskaya — again Doronin.

— “Come at me!” — call on all posters. Unique thing: the theater is kind of professes in the design of modern, but does it somehow Soviet-style skimpy, no bother with the right emphasis fonts, borders, photos. These two posters on a pedestal generally never fit with the overall style of the building (a must!), and third-party employees did not immediately realize what is here at this table, to which institution it belongs…

■ ■ ■

Theatre. Mayakovsky: Hooray, common style!

The Responsibility of the individual poster in the spirit of Pirosmani (“Caucasian chalk circle”) artist Andrey Bondarenko on the facade on Bolshaya Nikitskaya and pieces of eight is the half of the posters on Small Kislovskom.

— Oh, well, that’s another thing — Pauline points to the play “Berdichev” staged by Nikita Kobelev — the same as if the actors, but let’s see how competent the composition: they look out of the window-frame of the closed glass doors. No one did, not sliced, served in a warm cosy light, no one is tense…

The chain considering the performances — from “Last” to “Osage County”. When there is a strong style, can afford the fine things in halftones, palmirani: so, the poster says “blah-blah-blah academic theatre named after VLADIMIR Mayakovsky. The place is small, could be reduced to names, no one would notice. But the guys gracefully extended the sense of theatre inside the Billboard. Bravo!

…Poster of “August: County Osage” we suddenly discover Yevgeniya Pavlovna Simonova extreme bright red short hair and standing over her Anna Ardova.

— Yes, it’s the finished book cover! Shine. This is no photo from the show, but special shooting exclusively for street, with stylist, makeup artist, lighting designer… Here soaked everything. With this Billboard and abroad to tour not ashamed. How interesting: the blurry gray background in the center of the composition links the red hair Simonova coral beads Ardovs — that is the artists not the characters offer the viewer, and the detailed composition. This — the level! Mayakivka — offset: with different Directors and different production styles out there has made a single design of the atmosphere in the posters, and it is obvious that Karbauskis (artistic Director) wants to communicate with the potential audience and respect his opinion.

■ ■ ■

Theatre. Pushkin: glass wouldn’t hurt to wash

Again forced to do a serious discount on the architectural solution of the building: poster Windows of different magnitude, hence the visual noise, not a single evolving visual contact with the theatre that is compounded by the two legs of the canopy, tearing poster General view of the facade.

However pushkintsy (they are — firouzi) tried to make their posters in the same style, using a popular solution with a common bottom plate (of the theater’s logo, title, details) and the total fonts: “Tartuffe”, “the House that swift built”, “Joan of Arc”…

photo: Yan Smirnitsky
Unusual Joan of Arc guards the theater. Pushkin.

— They’re all kind of in the same vein, “says Pauline,” but are very different by design techniques; probably, they were done by different artists. And if one touches me (in particular, Jeanne Nude, rewound elastic sports bandage), while others do not cause any feelings at all. In a classic “plum”, where a figure without a photo of the artist, something is clearly not enough, Billboard excessively faceless (unless, of course, is the idea of the decorator).

It is clear that the season will open in September, but slightly annoying that poster glass all stains, not washed for years. But many are judged by the theatre, exactly when it is closed…

■ ■ ■

Gogol-centre: what was it?

Theatre Kirill Serebrennikov and so often comes under fire by critics, we did not want to heap a “rinse” and its Billboard: on the website it’s pretty funny filed.

But what was our surprise when, arriving at night on the street Kazakova, we saw no signs with the name of the organization, nor, indeed), except for the miserable pictures the size of A2. And it is the whole rather big house! The theatre, in which he can not refuse, very active with the public on the Internet, even in Bastogne posting their news on social networks.

But, gentlemen, — our critic engorged with blood, you need to understand that the season is not the season, but the summer in Moscow is the most gelatelno, the most rich the human flow of time, and just spit on the audience, removing any information about the performances — it is very, very wrong. “Cover” should always be! Here it just creates a feeling of a powerful, which Gogol center has to move.

■ ■ ■

The theatre of Nations: one poster, but what?

With the theater Yevgeny Mironov — the same story as with the armor: the wings of the historic building “allowed” to post on the red brickwork only one poster (standing on both sides at the entrance of the poster stands with scrolling doesn’t count). So, under a gold sign “the law” we find the gorgeous collage painting “the Honest conman” (Director Iskander sakayev).

— Review — is connected Polina is one of those jobs that stays in your memory (among other, even if made on the level). Here really bother, and make it a complete work of art. Like it or not like it — we are not discussing a matter of taste; but here we see the artist’s work with a given theme and with meaning. And only then on the finished picture superimposed poster fonts, dies, and caps. A very competent thing. All blur, all combinations…

Just a little advice from Polina: top brick edge allows bit to raise the poster for twenty centimeters. Better to do it, because the center of the composition should be at eye level, not below (it’s the law: in memory printed something at eye level).

■ ■ ■

Studio of theatrical art of Sergey Zhenovach: the ideal out of competition

…We would be very wrong if not looked in a cozy, literally licked the courtyard of the former factory zolotokrylin family Alexeyev, the Director which in the late nineteenth century was itself Konstantin Sergeyevich Stanislavsky (Alexeyev in the world). In Soviet times the factory was called the plant “electric cable”, and since 2006, the architect Sergei Kuzevanov and set designer Alexander Borovsky has been learning to use this space for theatre Zhenovach is now one of the most respected theaters in Moscow.

The famous “La Sylphide” brush Valentin Serov.

Now, there are no billboards. At all. And space for them is not provided. I was walking up the brick walls of the factory with difficult terrain. But given the General over-the-top bad taste here, everything is so organically and clearly, hats off to some silent delight.

— There is no question, says Pauline, — about some outstanding visual solution, but a solution is simple, obvious and healthy (from “health”). And the lack of posters here — the best poster.

■ ■ ■

The Bolshoi theatre: “Faust” — cool, the rest not correspond to the status

Big was frankly surprised. Plus it’s a brilliant work, “the damnation of Faust”, which masterfully taken on the facade of the New scenes in three different projections.

— “Faust” is made on the inspiration, says Pauline, — he artistically READ. If the rest is typical, without any chips, and even made a bunch of design mistakes, “Faust” corresponds to the level of the main theater. No need to look, think, guess instantly grab the image, and the image is very plastic. Alas, this is the only exception. Large need to look for your style, there to the fortuneteller do not go.

Particularly struck by the glowing glass pavilions (cover the subways), standing right in front of the colonnade. Emphasize that they are the most noticeable in the dark. Ballet pictures on them — below any criticism. No work of the designer here is not in sight: the logo of the theater that gets on someone’s head, it is generally invisible…

— No, you didn’t; could play on the posters with a relief of a historical building, from which all trudge to fit everything into a single ensemble. And they created the base photo taken on the old phone. Without a plot, without a song, without a soul.

■ ■ ■

Satire theatre: the feeling of a single family

To Date we pulled up at the last moment — and glad that I can honestly complete the report on a positive note. During the day from metro to metro Mayakovskaya on the garden held a thousand people. Go literally in metre close to long solid showcase theatre under the direction of Alexander Shirvindt. The images of these — Shirvindt Derzhavin, Vera Vasilyeva, Yuri Vasiliev etc. — always raise mood, as a kind of theatrotherapy.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina
“Without dominating the billboards of the theater of satire.

Our Pauline Pavlyuchenko softened:

— I have to correct you: this Billboard is created not so much positive, how much emotional mood. Composite all built brilliantly. Posters don’t look like separate elements, but felt like the overall picture of the life of the theatre. One family! What we haven’t seen anywhere else. Like tea at grandma’s consider a thick family album. But it (the feeling of family, closeness) today people need as never before. By the way, and glass is very clean, mind you. The rest of the note! Moreover: “though the artistic Director, and where a lot of plays, but only appears once, in a narrow photos, it is not dominating. So respect the theatre who loves his audience. But it was love for his audience — in fact, the most important thing. There will be love, there will be posters.

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