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Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Perseids this year will set a record for the number of

The most important of the famous “shooting stars” the Perseids this year promises to surprise a large number of falling meteors than usual. In the night peak, which have from 11 to 12 August, they will fly to the Earth for 150 instead of 100 pieces per hour.

photo: pixabay.com

As reported by “MK” in the Moscow planetarium, the increase in the number of Perseids was recently revealed by the international meteor organization.

This meteor shower, which began July 17 and will last until August 24. The particles is combusted in the earth’s atmosphere fragments huge is 26 km in diameter, comet swift-tuttle, through the plume that the planet is like once a year in August.

The source which is visually sent to us the Perseids is the constellation of Perseus, in what context was invented the name.

The Perseid meteors are known as the most bright and fast, leaving behind a pretty big trail in the sky.

The Northern hemisphere, where is located our country is the best place for observing this star rain. To start watching him you can have 22 hours on 11 August, however at this time, the process can prevent the light of the moon. Therefore, astronomers are advised to begin the process after midnight and enjoy the show until dawn.

You need to find unlit place somewhere outside the city, lie on your back, feet to North-East and a few minutes to look carefully in the sky to eyes accustomed to the darkness and began to distinguish between common lights — meteors.

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