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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Syria: radical change is coming after the capture of Aleppo by government forces

The situation in the Syrian city of Aleppo, where he continued active clashes between the Syrian army and the terrorists, now resembles a gutted anthill. The battle for the city, considered Syria’s second most important after Damascus has entered its decisive phase. The terrorists are trying to break through the encirclement, in which they took the government forces. According to the expert, “MK”, in order to fully take control of the city, the army will need about two months.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Before the civil war, Aleppo was a major economic and strategic hub of Syria, which lived more than 2 million people. With the outbreak of war he was almost completely under the control of the opposition to Bashar al-Assad forces. If Palmyra, which was recently recaptured from ISIS, was considered a key point for control of the desert, Aleppo is the capital of Northern Syria, through which are strategic supply routes.

Now two-thirds of Aleppo is under the control of the Syrian army. Fighting in the South of the city, in the Northern and North-Eastern parts, also in the suburbs, where opposition to Assad troops and the terrorist groups of ISIL and Jabhat al-Nusra” (banned in Russia).

The Syrian army has concentrated in Aleppo, about 13 thousand troops, armored vehicles and artillery. From the air the position of the iron fighters of the Syrian air force and the suburbs, where the logistics, the routes on which the city receives weapons, ammunition and food, treat Russian planes. At the same time the North-Western border of Aleppo controlled by Kurdish groups.

From fighters in the battle involved about 8 thousand people, several dozen armored vehicles, including tanks, 50 artillery units.

Judging by the fact that the intensity of attempts to break the militants has waned, we can assume that their powers are on the wane. But according to Syrian sources, under Aleppo will be shifted groups of terrorists from other parts of Syria.

— The environment and blocking militant groups in Aleppo was not a surprise, ” says military expert Viktor murakhovski. — Syrian government troops carried out gradually pinching, and finally the ring is closed. I think that attempts to break through the encirclement hopeless, but the sweep area will take a long time.C of Course, the Islamists will throw in a breakthrough new power, but they have also not dimensionless.

In case of success of the government troops and the capture of Aleppo operational-strategic situation in Syria promises to change radically. It is understood by the terrorists who are trying to break through the encirclement. And now they are fighting very fiercely. According to the Russian General staff, on a narrow plot, the terrorists have concentrated large forces. They also began to actively use suicide bombers that send bombs cars and heavy equipment on a Syrian army position.

This Russian VKS dense group concentrated on a narrow area, is an easy target, given that the air defense systems of jihadists, and they are unable to withstand air raids.

The establishment of humanitarian corridors, which are organized in Aleppo, primarily designed to reduce the concentration of militants in the city. Surrendered promise pardon. But to expect a quick and decisive assault, as well as the capture of the city in the near future is not necessary. The Syrian army will not force the issue and hold the conquered positions, will gradually, block by block, to squeeze the militants.

— At the pace that now is, to see the city be in about two months — said murakhovski. But if it will actively intervene, the US and its allies, this process may be delayed.

It is also known that Turkey actively supports groups in the region, so we can expect that the Turks also begin to resent the “inhumane methods” of warfare and exert pressure on Russia and Assad.

Aleppo and the suburbs — a key region on the Syrian front, where the largest concentrated military groups like the one from the other side. The capture of the city would free up considerable forces of the Syrian army for attacks on the North and North-East, towards the Turkish border. It is known that in Aleppo from Turkey is one of the key supply routes of the militants, and if the border will be able to take control, the rebels urgently need to change the logistics, and to implement it efficiently is almost impossible. We can assume that after the capture of Aleppo in the Syrian war will come a radical change.

The war in Syria. Chronicle of events

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