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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Savchenko is the fury of the Ukrainian elite and the approval of the people

Recently entered into the policy of the Ukrainian Hope Savchenko once again made a series of emotional statements, using the address of the Ukrainian commanders, the words “geeks” and “bitches”. Kiev and politicians sharply respond to her statements, but it seems that Savchenko says only what she wants to hear from the people of Ukraine.

Former Ukrainian pilot, Verkhovna Rada Deputy from the “Batkivshchyna” Hope Savchenko announced another hunger strike.

“It causes the rejection of most of the political class, which focuses on the war and the receipt of dividends from happening,”

Speaking Tuesday at a press-conference in Kyiv about the situation in the Donbas, Savchenko once again repeated the thesis that “the war must be ended, to stop the mess”. “I have already said that the priority issue consider the release of prisoners,” she continued, reports TASS. – So today I again go on a hunger strike… until a positive result (for the prisoners)”. Savchenko also accused the Ukrainian authorities of inaction in addressing this issue.

“You bastards, not eternal!”

In addition, the Deputy sternly spoke against the Ukrainian military command. “For war crimes and the collapse of the army must meet the generals, not just soldiers, which is now crammed jail Ukraine. But no one does not want to hear, because they have argued and proved that no “coppers” was not. So you know, bitch, the people will not forgive you!” – said Savchenko, reports Gazeta.ua.

She added that the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and the defense Minister Stepan Poltorak personally prevent the punishment of those guilty of large-scale losses. “I saw the secret materials of the investigation. Spoke to the guys, they know what “pot” was, and know who to blame. You, geeks, are not eternal,” – said the MP.

Note that Savchenko, answering the question of whether it will support a new revolution in Ukraine, if it will happen said: “I have probably to organize it I will.” On Tuesday she called to rewrite the Constitution of Ukraine with the purpose of the “reset” state.

A series of statements

The statements made Savchenko this time, not the first in a series for her extravagant modern Ukraine public statements. Recall that soon after his pardon in Russia and return to Ukraine, “the prisoner of the Kremlin”, to the surprise of her support group, stated that the problem of Donbass should be resolved through direct negotiations with the leaders of the DNI and LC.

June 20 meeting of the PACE Committee Savchenko (in absentia included in the delegation during the stay in prison in Russia) moved from Ukrainian into Russian and expressed readiness to talk with Russia and with the representatives of Donbass. A July 14 ex-servicemen of the Ukrainian army called for a national referendum on decentralization and federalization, noting that it achieves this independence and this, in fact, achieves now the Donbass. Later she supported the legalization of economic relations with the breakaway republics of Donbass.

Speaking on the air owned by Poroshenko Fifth channel”, Savchenko said that “we may have to ask for forgiveness. Not maybe, for sure. Need to ask for forgiveness and to forgive, otherwise the world will not.” The question of who exactly need to ask for forgiveness, Savchenko replied: “the mother who lost a son. No matter which side”.

“I hope it will not interrupt the hunger strike”

Statements Savchenko at the press conference has already provoked a strong reaction from Ukrainian politicians, however, not the first echelon. Anton Gerashchenko, adviser to the Minister of internal Affairs and member of Parliament from the party Arseniy Yatseniuk “popular front”, said that Savchenko after returning from a Russian prison in Ukraine should engage in personal life. “And it is better to refrain from active participation in Ukrainian politics, in the Parliament, because it is harmful to health,” he added.

In addition, Gerashchenko said that “Savchenko was released by Putin for a reason.” Earlier the adviser to the interior Minister claimed that Savchenko had seen the Russian TV channels and came under the influence of propaganda.

“I hope this time it will not interrupt the hunger strike,” wrote on his page in Facebook the head of the charity organization “Mir and Co” Miroslav Gai. He was commenting on Savchenko’s statement that “the Maidan and antimaydan had the same values.”

Earlier, the leader of the Radical party, Verkhovna Rada Deputy Oleg Lyashko said that Savchenko should refrain from commenting on the events related to the Donbas conflict and the situation in the “occupied areas”.

From “captive of the Kremlin” to “the Trojan Mare”

In General, the Ukrainian expert community is experiencing from statements Savchenko a state of near rage. On the website of the people’s Deputy Dmitry Tymchuk’s “Information resistance” the former “political prisoner” called “Trojan horse” and respond as follows: “Many talk about the release of the pilots as a Trojan horse – a gift to Putin or the success of diplomacy Poroshenko. Each phrase Savchenko is hundreds of deaths in the future. From her mouth flows the blood of murdered Ukrainians”.

“Due to the current methods of Russian FSB intelligence any foreign intelligence and the manipulation of man can be realized in various ways, including medical and psychological impact. I am inclined to think that Savchenko is on “manual control,” develops a “conspiracy theory” political consultant, President of the Foundation for national strategies Taras Berezovets on the website of the newspaper “Novoye Vremya”.

The reaction of the other “Ukrainian patriots” to statements at variance with “the General line”, followed even earlier – in late July on the website of the Ukrainian President appeared petition with a demand to deprive Savchenko the title of hero of Ukraine and to appoint her medical examination. Earlier, on 24 July, the Deputy tried to throw eggs in Odessa.

The trust remains

However, it seems that the opinion of citizens of Ukraine on this issue is significantly different from the point of view of the Ukrainian elite. Published in mid-July, the poll group “Rating” has confirmed the results of other studies that today among the Ukrainian political elite, the highest level of trust is precisely Savchenko, released from Russian captivity pilot”.

As announced on 12 July by the Ukrainian portal “Strenia” about a very positive attitude to Savchenko said 13% rather positive – 32% of respondents. Also Savchenko and the lowest indicators of confidence – about the very negative attitude towards it said 12%, rather negative – 22% of study participants.

For comparison, the actions of the President of Petro Poroshenko is supported by only 19% of the population, with only 3% positively evaluated his work.

From inexperienced politician to showman

The head of the Ukrainian Center of sociological and political studies “Sotsiovymir” Serhiy Taran said that the polls in the Ukrainian public is a radical change in relation Hope Savchenko. Its no longer perceived as a politician. If, after returning to Ukraine, the attitude of the inexperienced policy, now as a showman, “it is deeply disappointing”.

“Today’s press conference called at best a good-natured laughter from those who listened to it. The announcement of the hunger strike, about the fact that Poroshenko does not release the Ukrainian hostages from Russia, are at best ridiculous, and at worst – it sounds just crazy,” said Taran newspaper VIEW.

As for the attitude to Savchenko among the masses and political elites, the latter, says Taran, more conservative. “Ukrainian society is very bad accept the idea of federalization, which imposes Savchenko. Also society is very badly perceived idea of the liberation of the terrorists, who before his arrest was the representatives of Ukrainian authorities. Among the political elites is perceived a little easier, because at their level it is possible to explain by rational calculation, that is, they say, will be our first step, which will allow you to take a step towards the liberation of our prisoners. But at the level of the masses it is generally impossible to explain”, – the expert believes.

“Today, “alone”

However, the Director of the Kiev center of political researches and conflictology Mikhail Pogrebinsky believes the opposite – Savchenko loses political prospects, acquires them, and she says that is welcomed by the population, but opposes the Ukrainian elite.

“Their statements it is responding to public demand. Another thing is that it causes the rejection of most of the political class, which focuses on the war and the receipt of dividends from happening. But Savchenko is not satisfied, it does not suit and the common people. It is as if their voice says: “Look, our people are there, more than a hundred people. Why don’t you do to release them? We need a law on Amnesty? So take to hell with the law that people are free!” And they say, “No. Are we going to grant Amnesty to these terrorists?” – Pogrebinsky said the newspaper VIEW.

In addition, the analyst believes that the phrase “decentralisation of power” advocated Savchenko, compromised in the eyes of the people, although its essence a support.

“When people are asked in opinion polls: “are You for it to the governors to elect yourself?” – the vast majority says Yes. Ask them if they want to regional chief of police is appointed not from Kiev, they themselves chose the Sheriff? I am sure that most will say: let’s elect the Sheriff, and the judge, as Americans. Don’t call it decentralization. Savchenko says about the same thing. She has naive things, frivolous, particularly from the government, but what she says about the choice of police and judges – all supported by the people! And is not supported by the elites, because they don’t want to give. They decide matters of their people in the regions. And Savchenko – the voice of the people. The problem is that today, Savchenko a loner. But she answers the queries of a large number of people”, – said the analyst.

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