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Monday, October 24, 2016

Russian coin recalled Lithuanian foreign Minister about “the Soviet occupation”

Lithuanian foreign Minister expressed his indignation in connection with the production of Russian coins dedicated to the liberation of Vilnius from the Nazi invaders. Political Director of the Ministry Rolandas, Kucinskas believes that this only confirms the unwillingness of Russia to the historical truth about the occupation”.

Source cbr.ru

Commemorative coin silver nominal value of five rubles, the Bank of Russia issued 1 Aug. It depicts the sculpture “On guard for peace”. Last year the Lithuanian authorities removed her from the Green bridge, explaining it to the emergency condition of the sculptures.

The coin also has the inscription “Vilnius” and “13 Jul 1944”, the day when the Red army liberated the city from Nazi troops. However, the Lithuanians did not agree to consider it as a release.

“The position of Russia we know, and the issue of coins only confirms that Russia is not yet ready for the historical truth about the Soviet occupation,” said Kupcinskas Wednesday the Agency BNS.

In his opinion, in this day of the Nazi occupation of the country was replaced by the Soviet”. “We have no doubts about the role of the red army and its place in the history of Lithuania”, — said the diplomat.

Dedicated to Vilnius commemorative coins Bank of Russia came in a series of “City States, liberated by Soviet troops from Nazi invaders”, reports RIA Novosti.

Among them are coins dedicated to the Belgrade, Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, Bucharest, Warsaw, Vienna, Vilnius, Kiev, Chisinau, Minsk, Prague, Riga and Tallinn.

On the coin in commemoration of the liberation of Tallinn also shows the monument dismantled by the authorities and transferred to the cemetery of the Bronze soldier.

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