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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Our favorite Ogre

The war, of course, Stalin won. This simple idea is now trying to invest again in our heads: what to millions of fallen — so in fact under the wise leadership of Leader and Teacher. In fact, do not start in recent years, this creeping Stalinization, do not come one after another in Russia, the monument “generalissimus”, there wouldn’t be another shameful history with Orel statue of Ivan the terrible.

Of course, it’s funny to see what a solid man, a Governor, suddenly blushing like a schoolboy, not learn homework history, and begins to tell that the terrible’s son was not killed, that he died on the way from St. Petersburg to Moscow. But this nonsense in the spirit of Saltykov-Shchedrin revealing. From there they went — even from new-Vasyuki, ultimately not so important. It describes only the author of the quote.

But the fact that seriously begins to discuss the candidacy of Grozny on the monument, is a symptom of a much more important. “Sergeant in Voltaire”.

That appreciate modern tyrants officials? Of course, not what they have shed rivers of blood. Some of our leaders, and know something I do not know, because in school favorite subject had a change.

“The condemnation of the Volkhov bridge thrown from a height into the water, bound hand and foot. Threw women and children, babies tied to their mothers. On the river in canoes rode the guardsmen and gaffs, spears and axes finished those surfaced”. If someone took a collective official even though the same Veliky Novgorod on tour, where he told this episode from the biography of Ivan, the tripper would be greatly surprised. The official’s not an Ogre, he does not dream hooks to drown women and children. In Grozny, he, again, appreciates more.

A strong hand. Iron fist in a kid glove, as is still nostalgically write a guidebooks about the Arab leaders, swept away a few years ago, from Gaddafi to the Tunisian Ben Ali. And all the sacrifices (which, I repeat, any official knows nothing) seem to be kind of episodic, small and casual, wood — chips fly.

But the terrible took Kazan! Astrakhan took! Shpak… No, Shpak still did not take, but, as you know, to holes read the whole library, it’s that his portrait hung in schools under the slogan “knowledge is light”.

No, I’m serious. No need to look for conspiracy where it is much easier to find stupidity. This is the same Stalin, he’s Koba, he Dzhugashvili. Why the Duma and the government so opposed to our Konstantin Dobrynin, the bill on the de-Stalinization, that is, a ban on all statues, portraits, street names and stuff like that praising the “father of Nations”? It is not because the government wants to repeat the 37th year. There, in a quiet office, believe me, one does not expect black Maria. In these offices and are now uncomfortable and look to come in the morning of the FSB to look for the box from under the Shoe.

The other: Stalin, as terrible, I see the “strong hand”. Not knowing and not wanting to know the history, live by myths. It’s no wonder allegedly, Churchill reportedly said of him that he took a plow and left with the atomic bomb. And let Churchill never said this, but what, after all was, nothing will come up. Someone said, the collective official exactly remember.

And not only the official. Many of us instead of trying to create order around himself (no, not the theory of small Affairs, but the simple observance of the law to begin with), expect the government to come and create. Looking forward to it even with some degree of self-denial: now, I’m not paying for travel or parked on the lawn, or even stand out of the store the product in detail. And let them come strong state, I will ban if punished in a fatherly way, then I will cease and begin to live under Stalin. Then, because — no, no.

The myth about this “no-no” firmly entrenched in the minds. The ancient Greeks had a wonderful Golden age, remaining untold the past, and we have Stalin. For aesthetes — Ivan. For snobs — Peter. Tyrants in the history we have, though enough, but to a global scale — perhaps only these.

It is no coincidence that it was under Stalin, Alexei Tolstoy wrote his “Peter the great”, and Eisenstein directed “Ivan the terrible”. Like is drawn to like, they found each other.

Once I was in the tiny town of Vologda, safely tucked away on the map. Went to the Museum. It was unexpectedly interesting town with history — the salt pans, wooden toy. But in the end, of course, a room devoted to the war. Biographies of the survivors and never returned, their belongings, stories about the defense of the city and large, on the main wall, a portrait of Stalin surrounded by real heroes, but with small photos. In the center — he in a white tunic and a lush mustache.

In the Museum, of course, all knew. And about the true role of the “leader”, and that the war was won the people, not the author of the theory about a little blood and someone else’s territory. But did not dare to go against the wishes of the visitors. This is another motif on which to build the cult of the tyrants. First, they are told to fear. Then he melted in love (was right!). And those who can tell the truth, already intimidated into silence by inertia. Because to tell is to go against the majority, headed by the governors, exactly who know, what terrible good, loved to ride on the “Peregrine Falcon”, and indeed, granted the coat of the Director Akino. Broad, mean-hearted man.

Well, you might say. And do what? Where is the way out of this shameful vicious circle, when “don’t know and don’t want to know”? And the output have been invented. It is difficult and slow, but no other. Education. The same classic education, as in some of the eighteenth century. However, now it’s easier. Just need the political will. To switch the TV from propaganda to information. With shouts on the conversation.

Ban to ban a truthful conversation about the history sounded instead of accusations of falsification of documents.

At the same time — to remove Russia from the needle “statehood”. Let people make their own. Not in words but in deeds not to interfere with small businesses. The more a person works on himself, the more he thinks himself. The less he needs a hand, strong in the weak glove or without it.

In a free society, anyone and would never the idea of the monument to the tyrant. For the simple reason that there are other heroes: ordinary people who actually did the deeds, and not those of the Royal villains, which they themselves attributed.

So the present monument terrible though outraged, but important. As a symptom of the disease. As another bust of Stalin somewhere near Tver or portrait of the chief on the Desk in the office. All links in the chain, which we are now wrapped so that neither to sigh, nor to sigh.

Ivan would have approved.

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