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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

“Leningrad” has forced Medvedev to think about the obscene songs

“To repeal the law banning the Mat in works of literature, art, media and entertainment”! The so-called petition, addressed to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky. Signatures under it are going on one of Internet resources, and pioneers of ideas have become adepts of the cult band “Leningrad”. It is written, by the way, absolutely without a Mat, but with pathos and poetry. Here’s how they sound the timing of the first paragraph:

photo: Elena April

“Let us not dissemble and honestly admit to ourselves that the Mat is the soul of the Russian people, his pain, and nature. Ban expressed the poet can only be a person without craving for the beautiful. An attempt to intervene in the development of culture, we only hurt the talented people who without the help of officials can figure out what words and metaphors to use in your speech!”

The law about swearing it was finally decided in the summer of 2014, and it was born in pain and laughter. Initially it was not clear why we need new laws on the Mat, if the responsibility for swearing in public places and so was spelled out in the law on hooliganism for a long time. But supporters insisted the stories: Yes, a drunkard, foul-mouthed if he is at the fountain, sometimes punished, but the media, bloggers and cultural figures for the use of obscene language while do not bear any responsibility. Opponents immediately raised the question: how to punish Pushkin, Dovlatov or Venedikt Erofeev, if they had the vocabulary used? The developers, thought, said: the law is not retroactive, that is, the classics can still be. Moreover, the authors of the bill for the second reading came to the conclusion that the filmmakers with a theatrical figures have a right not to be deprived of colorful music and not only) characters in their native language, but distributors and TV data words must zapisivat.

Of course, immediately raised the question: what words need to zapisivat or edit out from newspaper texts? Their reasonably demanded to publish. However, to name this list, no one could, because it was forbidden by law. And inappropriate to list these words column. Therefore, the discussion of the bill and its application to parliamentary and other committees and commissions regulatory bodies looked mysterious and awkward.

The essence of awkwardness easy to trace, for example, books Pelevin, published after 2014 in accordance with the law. Instead of “forbidden” words the author now puts an asterisk and a footnote, which describes it in detail so obscene that it would be better said directly. But Pelevin does specifically, and the deputies and officials, it wasn’t on purpose.

Behind the smiles and the awkward unanswered was the question of whether, in the public space to use the phrase “your mother”, and the moderators began to replace in the Network the word “baby” to “p***the NOC.”

Another caveat. The ban on swearing was mainly carried out through amendments to the law on the state language, which is prohibited to pollute everyone’s mind. Therefore, to insert swear words into other languages are not prohibited. I want to tell the mother to health, only go first on the French lepi and there is even a word. Or, how does our intelligentsia — first swore, and then note: pardon my French.

Back to the band “Leningrad”. They, like the artists sing about louboutins in full not prohibited, because in this case the law recognizes the profanity of artistic reception. To the broadcasters no complaints — those in turn, this artistic technique safely zapikivayut. Accordingly, claims can only be to the concert organizers and by the audience. The organizers and fined. By the way, is not very strong — up to 50 thousand rubles for legal entities. Against the background of income that brings them Cords, a drop in the sea.

In General, the law turned out to be absurd as a matter of fact, and enforcement. By the way, the authors of the petition is reasonable to remind the Prime Minister and the head of the Ministry of culture that is inconsistent “fined for obscene language and at the same time to invite the group on the events of the servants of the people. After all for anybody not a secret that his love to hire for private parties as much as ministries, administrations and close to power”.

And at the St. Petersburg economic forum “Leningrad” performed.

“We are not asking to return the abuse on television, especially as the “House-2″ are you still allowed us to look at. Let’s just won’t encroach on the freedom of expression recognized and respected in the society of artists” — say the signatories.

Maybe lawmakers should heed the petition and to rewrite the law? This “MK” asked the Deputy of the state Duma, coordinator of the popular front Mikhail Starshinov.

Very often, the idea that what the meaning of is laid down in the law, was one, and the practice of law enforcement is quite different. This is bad, but this is a fact of life, ” said petty. — This law is no exception. This fact should not be of obscene songs. We now have on television and on the stage sometimes seem such works that… They are without a mate, but it would be better performers swearing, as demonstrated by what we see. The idea was to put a barrier before aggressive trash and bad taste. To the master culture was carried good, light and useful, rather than God knows what. And went the simple way: that we eradicate the Mat, and everything will work out. The problem sause to the limit.

— Does it make sense to revise legislation on mate or it will be a waste of budget money? Let somehow the written law and is…

— For the revision of the law of large money is not necessary. MPs get a salary, and to engage in lawmaking — their direct task. Let rewrite. There are things more shameful than obscene songs. There are so-called performances in red square, don’t want to name any. And if it is children see? You need to think what to do with them.

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