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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

“Italian”, which was arrested by officials of the TFR: “start Talking, 50 people fired”

51-year-old (he will not give more than 30), a handsome man with delicate features Andrew Kochunov nicknamed Italian – the main defendant in the biggest scandals of recent times. It is for his release the first Deputy head of GSU SK across Moscow, General Denis Nikandrov and chief of CSS RCDS Mikhail Maksimenko (both arrested, now in the “Lefortovo”), according to investigators, was to receive a bribe of $ 5 million from representatives of the criminal world. Human rights activists met Kochanova in jail.

This is between his “brigade” and “brigade” lawyer of the former commander of the Moscow SOBR, once a KGB officer Edward Budantseva 14 Dec 2015 gunfire at the restaurant “Elements” on Rochdelskaya.

Italian — as the trigger mechanism that launched power is so serious that can lead to a fundamental change in power. He barely survived the shootout and got the intensive care unit “Matrosskaya Tishina”.

Source — social network

When there is a war between the law enforcers or law enforcers and crime — chips flying in all directions. And if nikandrova now defenders even don’t care, for those who are on the “other side” – there is a reason. And human rights, recall, is the same for all.

From the intensive care unit of the hospital “Matrosskaya Tishina” Andrew Kochanova was transferred to a regular camera the other day. While in intensive care he got after a seizure (like an epileptic seizure) that occurred in the cell. It is the consequences not the December injury, and a blow to the head during the arrest in June during retraining of criminal case. But beginning Italian conversation with members of the PMC with the question about General Nikandrov.

– Just read about it in the newspaper. Like him in prison it became easier? Such conditions are not usual, so that the initial stress is understandable. [For me, a man from another dimension, from another planet.

– What can you say about your conditions of detention?

– I’ve had 9 cameras. When have translated in “butyrku” on “thieves” corridor (although I am not a thief) there was a chamber 16. When I went there, in depression, of course, have not fallen, but was a bit scared. 4 steps in length and 2 steps wide. Doghouse. And huge cockroaches.

– What are you saying, that we usually call “inhuman conditions”.

– This is not a complaint. I suggest you just go to the camera, check. Maybe you will come to view that it must not be real people.

– How do you feel now?

In General, normal. I was lucky that not killed during a firefight. Kostrichenko (former detective Moore, associate Budantseva — “MK”) I was shot in the back. The bullet entered behind the left shoulder blade. So I think that’s where people were aiming for – he wanted to hurt or kill? Me a bullet knocked like back whacked with a shovel. I then thought to myself, “Dying is not so painful, it turns out”. The doctor said that the heart was two centimeters. And, by the way, the bullet was made of iron.

Just on the scene of a shooting found 54 bullet casings belonging to them. 10 minutes they shot. And we are not military weapons.

Our first shot (of trauma – “MK”) is my personal guard, Alexei Kitaev, who later died. And Philip Damascene died, pulling me out of the line of fire… When Budantsev and his men began firing at guys first covered me, and then tried to pull out of the fire.

And here’s a look at the difference in attitude to us and to them. The victim’s car Damascene (it’s not new, not expensive – brands “Kia”) is still the family did not give, told that passes as evidence. And the gun Budantseva returned a month later. Me out of the hospital, where I spent 20 days, once in the cell, and Budantsev – under a subscription about not departure. Although immediately after the shooting, we will not run away, seated in carriages “ambulance”, and they disappeared from the scene.

You will forgive my frankness, but you initially stood on the wrong side of the law.

– I now have investigators all the time asking, “what do you live?”. It’s simple. After 90 years still have some money, invest in real estate that was leased. It is not a crime?

Wait. Let’s see how many times you were in prison?

Twice. The first term of 22 years for that “bet” with two police officers. It so happened that I have not finished Institute. Bauman began to “misbehave”, if the wrong incentives. The second time, he got 3.5 years. Then I was tried on 10 articles of the criminal code.

– You see, past you have a…

The Lord did not mind (smiles). Otherwise wouldn’t have got into such troubles. But I in any case, I think that everything should be fair. Now everything goes to the fact that I will impute 210 of the criminal code – “organization of criminal community”. Thank God that they can’t be accused of giving a bribe for my release, because at this point I was behind bars. A cast-iron alibi! And they’d sure do it.

– It is clear that the best method of defence is attack. But to release you from prison, judging from the official version, like the times illegally.

– If we follow the letter of the law, about which you say, then why am I not released from “sailor’s silence” after he was handed a certificate of exemption? I and Novels (one of participants of firefight on Rochdelskaya, too, was wounded — “MK”) both received such a document. The measure has expired. And we are at the checkpoint was not released. Two hours stood.

Told us, well, Yes, we are free, but there is a special us release of the area. And then came the masked men, saying: “Andrey, take a bus. We know your abilities, but we ask to keep things calm and peaceful.” The time was two in the morning, the interrogation is carried out not allowed to. But still put on a bus with Riot policemen and taken to the investigation Department. 14 crews of traffic police accompanied us.

And here on the way from one whether the helmet is dropped, or a bulletproof vest on my head. The blow was strong. He told me: “Sorry, accident!”. Actually after that, the head and began to hurt. I have not asked for help. And the other day the attack occurred. Fell and passed out. The inmates say that it was epilepsy. I called for an ambulance so I ended up in intensive care. The initial diagnosis for me to put “overdose”.

– How so?

– I never in my life not even a “cifial”. Smoking quit in his first term.

– You take a drug test?

– Yes, but I do not believe that the results will be reliable.

– We will check that this has not happened and will insist that you had the MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) to exclude life-threatening condition.

Comments of the head of the SIZO “Matrosskaya Tishina” Vladimir KLOCKA:

“He had an initial diagnosis of “overdose”. Apparently, he incorrectly explained, or not properly understood. In the near future at the request of the PMC, he will make MRI diagnostics and other diagnostic procedures”.

-You recently in jail was his birthday. And I know that prisoners “sailor’s silence” staged on this occasion almost flash mob — shouted greetings to the whole insulator.

– June 18, turned 51 years old. The lawyers tried to convey in jail a cake, but failed. I don’t celebrate my birthday since I lost my 17-year-old son under mysterious and tragic circumstances. I’m not prone to depression, saw many things, will never kill myself as a believer, but in my life there were moments when I wanted heart stopped. I truth not shy, though it can be unsightly.

Now I want to see how this will end. I wonder.

– The whole history of arrests?

Yes. I want to make to testify. They do not understand the consequences. If I start to talk, at least 50 officials will be dismissed. And about my friends. They want me on they testified. Ask: “And you yourself did could bring friends?”. In response to: “Depends what”.

The irony is that this whole story started because of women. Remember, as the hostess of the Asian restaurant Elements on Rochdelskaya street Jeanne Kim had an argument with a fashion designer-woman of Fatima and has not paid her 9 million rubles for the work? The designer appealed to the boss of the underworld, and Jeanne is my lawyer. Because of the two women met in battle so many people! Two killed, eight wounded, and how many ended up in jail… And a fight that, apparently, is still in full swing, only now on a different level.

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